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[XTO Red Dot Sight – Theta Optics] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs | Gunfire

Hi everyone and welcome to this presentation of the XTO red dot sight from Theta Optics This red dot sight is available in 2 colors: black… … and tan This one will be delivered in a box with a beautiful finish You will find on the front of the box, a content illustration On other sides of the box, you will find all the features of the red dot sight, in English and Polish written Inside, you find, to begin, a small user manual Polish and English written, but no French A small cleaning cloth in a plastic pack Furthermore, you will find a CR123A type battery And finally, protected in a plastic packaging, the red dot sight, with its little humidity absorber bag Notice that retention foam is very good, the content is very well protected External markings are painted and the false warning logo is a sticker that can be removed The setup indications buttons markings are engraved but unpainted To insert the battery, unscrew the cap at the front of the red dot sight Insert the battery in the right way and screw back the cap At the rear, as recalls the ON marking, the right button is used to power with a simple pressure The crosshair is very clear, no image disorder worries even if my camera is struggling to focus correctly 2 colors are available: green and red One will be toggled to the other by a pressure on the central button, NV marked The brightness can be adjusted, the left button marked with an arrow down will lower it and the right button with up arrow will increase it Many pressures are necessary to achieve the maximum or minimum brightness To manually turn off the red dot sight, press the 2 brightness setup buttons together To adjust the aiming vertically or horizontally, you must use the 2 setup screws on the side with a screwdriver This XTO red dot sight is equipped with a standard 22mm RIS rail attach system A screw on the side allows to tighten and loosen the fastening system This one is big enough to use only his fingers if necessary, but you will still need to ensure the fixing by giving a final screwdriver turn Visually and to the touch, this red dot sight is very well finished, it is mainly made of metal but the outer protective case that is made of a very thick plastic In conclusion, I have very few negative points to say about this XTO red dot sight Maybe just the lack of French documentation Excepting this point, I’m very pleasantly impressed by the quality of finish of this one Aiming is very comfortable, the product is solid and the contents of the box is generous for a very reasonable price This XTO red dot sight will be perfect for the player seeking fast and compact aiming assistance for an excellent quality price ratio See the description of this video to get the direct link to the XTO red dot sight on the Gunfire website Thank you to you for watching this video If you appreciated it, do not forget to like it and especially to share it around you Do not forget also to subscribe to the channel to avoid missing any future publication And see you soon in a next video


  1. MiniShadow416 Author

    je sort la pelleteuse ^^ , je voudrais combiner ce genre de red dot avec mon magnifier, mais sur un GBBR, est-ce que les tetha optic ( comme les vector optic) peuvent resister au recul d'arme ( et du coup de gbbr)?, merci


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