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We Went to Kings Island VORTEX | OG Road Trip Part 4

to regain life that was exhilarating we went to kings island so this music is amazing
I’m ready to go Kings Island in Mason Ohio that’s good smoke on the right and
all the way around start to the right go all the way around ladies and gentlemen
that’s Ben’s right that’s King Michael Chiklis what my allergies are going insane I
think this is where the kids go right we need the big blur on every ride in
the park what do you mean like we had to ride
every ruff I know I every ride every Rock every ride in the park are you ready mad get your shot I might
be ready but again then again it’s just just all the anticipation you could ever
want I’m just afraid that it’s gonna be
really cold up there no comment at the sea see if I can handle it not so
much trembling it’s not anxiety I’m very anxious getting it all together but that wasn’t
that bad actually my eyes are still watering yeah
those that was exhilarating you never know Matt never knows that’s
what I hear he doesn’t you never know I never know you never know who knows oh good yes yes leave good
yes it’s all part of the plan yes go away I tried the backlot movie stunt coaster
ladies and gentlemen I’m right behind them then there I was huh Oh


  1. The Justin Roth Show Author

    It's sad that Vortex is no longer there. Even though it wasn't my favorite because it was a rough ride, still sad to see a classic ride torn down.


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