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Want to hold a hologram in your hand? Try a MERGE cube!

Hi everyone this is Brad today we’re taking a
look at augmented reality we’re taking a look at emerge cube you can find merge
cubes emerge cube calm you can also buy them at Walmart and at Amazon now I’m
also going to show you that merge has a headset looks like this it’s quite
comfortable to use my children really like using this it is nice because the
headset will stay on so you can see what goes over the top when it goes around
their head so what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna launch an app and this app
here it’s a free one it’s called Explorer it deals with the
solar system so it’ll start up looking like this and then it’s going to ask you
if you are using this on your phone or if you’re going to use this in VR so I’m
just gonna select phone and now you just put the merge cube in front and you’ll
see what happens so now you can see how the solar system right in my hand so if
I want to go ahead in and I want to select let’s just say her and then what I can do nation and I can go around and take a
look at the moon I can record as well and if I’d like to get back what I can
do just go ahead and tap it go back now if I want to check out the Sun you can
have some information on here as well definitely a lot of apps that you can
you can check out and it is a great way for students and anyone to get involved
in learned a bit more using augmented reality so there you go if you have any
questions let me know thanks for watching enjoy take care

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