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Virtual furries holographic show

Hi! I’m Kreic. Many of you probably know me from
my time as a virtual vocalist, and some of you might know me from my works as a VRChat
avatar maker. Today, I’d like to share a recent project I’m very excited about. As someone
from Mexico, going to a furcon is particularly hard. But thankfully, our community expands
and grows. And just last year we had the first of a constant set of furry conventions that
will likely happen every year around here. As you may know, I come from a very recent
community where people interact through a 3d metaverse designed for virtual reality,
which is VRchat. Just like in Ready Player one, people can get any body they want and
be whatever they want. It’s more like the spiritual successor of second life. This place
is a virtual heaven for furries. I mean, you can wear a custom avatar like it was a fursuit.
You can smile, talk, look at your hands. all that as your avatar. You can play laser tag,
Slender, truth or dare, and have a drinking night with your friends. All that in VR and
as your fursona. It ‘s an incredibly immersive experience.
The VR community is growing, and just as there are users, there are also artists and creators
that make beautiful works in the form of avatars. for the sake of this explanation, let’s see
furry avatars as “virtual fursuits”. If you’ve been in one of these places like VRChat or
Neos, you know what I’m talking about, and this video is for you!
You know what it feels like, you know how steadily the community is growing. This is
gonna be big. It already is for some of us! You’ve made friends here, and in some cases,
some of you have actually met in real life. The social metaverse will play an important
role in the furry community. Wouldn’t it be nice if people from the metaverse could actively
participate in a furcon? the problem is.. how?! Well, here’s the thing I wanna make: A holographic
virtual furries show. I’ve made many holographic shows in the past. And my works
have been showcased in Expo TNT, Campus party MX, The National Center of Digital Culture,
and even in Japan’s Embassy. I know how to make this happen. And you might ask, what
will be seen in this show? Well, since its purpose is to be part of a furry convention,
The virtual furry community would be able to participate in some activities physical
furries do, which are mainly two: Fursuit parades, and talent shows. Let’s start with fursuit parades. The holographic
equivalent to it would be an Avatar Showcase. Like a virtual fashion show. If you made or
got a custom avatar, you can display it, wave at the public, do a small greeting. Basically
a group presentation of all the awesome avatars there are in VRchat. a small parade on the
stage. This one’s pretty easy. I just need to record you individually inside the metaverse,
and then put all of you in the show. And it doesn’t have to end there, we could
also mix it up with some acts from the community, a talent show! This would give the show a
lot of dinamicity between showing some avatars and showing something else. Many of the things
people do on a normal stage, you can do on VRChat, and therefore, on a holographic stage.
examples? Acting, singing, speedpainting, comedy, standup, visual effects show, storytelling.
Even better! you got full body tracking? you could even do some dancing and coreograpies!
If you are an animator and know how to import your motions to VRchat, you could also render
a full set of animations to create a nice show. It all depends on your creativity. And
since they’re gonna be small acts, You don’t have to prepare a long lasting show. Besides, there are a few tricks you can do
to make things easier. You can record yourself playing an instrument or singing something.
maybe even using a better microphone than the one your oculus has. ANd then, you can
play it back in VR as you do all the motions, that way you can do what you do best, without
having to worry about moving in Virtual reality at the same time. Take me for example, I recorded
myself and now I’m just moving along as I play back my own speech! What, you thought
I’d be able to talk for this long without stuttering or having a panic attack?

neither did I. So yeah, that’s basically what I have in mind!
Maybe in the future, there could be a way for people in the metaverse to interact with
the people at the convention in real time, or maybe even get some VR headsets for some
activities. But for now, the objective is to take this project to a furry convention.
And that’s where I have an announcement to make. Recently, I got invited as a guest artist
to one of the two furry conventions that will happen this year in México. This furcon
will take place on the Country’s capital, Mexico’s City. The organizers have given me
green light to make the holographic show. We already got a place! and this is happening.
The convention will happen on the thirth and fourth of August, so there’s still enough
time to prepare everything. I’m also trying to get a panel in the other Convention that
will take place on Guadalajara later this year, but even though I can’t make any promises
on that one, we got a secured place already! So what comes now? YOU! I’ll leave a google
form on this video’s description where you’ll be able to register your participation on
this show. If you have a talent or act you can make in VRChat, tell me what it’s about,
and we can find out a way to take it to the holographic stage. Or if you just want to
be in the avatar parade, you can register for that as well. The more, the merrier! And
since the event will be recorded, you’ll get to see yourself on the stage regardless if
you go to the actual con or not. We are the next generation of this wonderful
community, and the future is already here. So let’s make it happen!


  1. Erie Author

    As beautiful this idea is, I think is so overrated at this point, It will have a bigger impact if you contacted a popufur o even an artist that centers on furry videos on this plarform or another
    I have to say that i really like the idea but sorry for me i don't have the resources to get into it, and i really encorauge you to do it and everyone involved
    I hope to see all the acts one of these days nwn
    I hope this works!

  2. A Eskiath Author

    Hello, Kreic, I would like to have a model for vr (something like Razor (SFW version)
    you've made for someone. Only one model, big wolf. How can I find you on discord?

  3. Lupus Worax Author

    I am also interested in a Full size full price custom Modell, probably 100 of others as well but there is like no possibility to contact you in any form as far as I looked for. Would be nice to have a small feedback if it is even possible or if you only go with the patreon thing since you did some custom models. Thanks in Advance.

  4. Maxwell Rodgers Author

    Ive made my custom avatar over 13 years ago and am still using it today (with updates) I'm guessing you wouldn't want mine, and I understand.

    Edit: I have invested in Full Body Tracking and have been the Dancing Fox ever since 😀

  5. AdaptedMoto Author

    I missed the first one you did, however next time I'd love to be in it, I've got all of the Hueyeenas to throw in it! Neon yeens assemble lol!


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