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This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. I ordered my M16A1 half a year ago. When I unboxed it, it was sadly a lemon. Not a real lemon like this , but a lemon in
the sense that i got squeeeeeezed over. The M16 arrived split in two. Joining them seemed like a easy and routine
task. A frustrating half an hour later I realize
that the front receiver pin hole is drilled off centre, making it impossible to close. I tried to return it, but somehow the Swedish
post failed to locate France… Since everything went pear shaped, the vendor
gave me a refund. Long story, a LOT of fruit… and the only sensible solution was to replace the
Wei-Tech M16A1 upper with a new one. So keep that in mind for this unboxing. Hopefully yours isn’t like this, out-of-the-box. Let’s start over.
And pretend I got a Proper Upper. Today I will unbox the Wei-Tech M16A1. For the… first time? The box contains the M16 itself, split up,
with a 20 round gas mag, a disassembly tool, speedloader, allen key
for adjusting the hop-up, a manual and a small pamphlet in Bonjour. Time to assemble, the mag needs to be removed
before joining the upper and lower. When I’m sure the front receiver holes are
lined up in the correct position I insert the pin, close the replica, insert rear pin quickly check the breech for bb’s
and finish off with the mag. Everything that’s metal on the real M16A1
is metal on this replica. The furniture is made out of plastic, as expected. Overall this rifle does a great job of replicating
a real Colt M16A1. The colour is however a bit off, like it tends
to be on current WE AR’s. I prefer gunmetal grey like this real one. Ooooh… this real lower is only 7 digits! The WE lower also lacks engravings completely,
which is a shame. The included magazine is of correct 20-round
Vietnam-style, and is charged with gas canisters. You can also use 30-round WE-magazines. A word of caution: the magazine holds a few
more rounds than advertised, so if you load it to max capacity make sure
to remove 2 or 3 BB’s before inserting your mag into the replica. Otherwise this might damage your nozzle. Gas magazines can also be a bit tricky to
maintain, and are prone to leak, but so goes for all gas-in-mag replicas. And this leaves ample room in the stock for
essential supplies. So how does she function out-of-the-box? The magazine inserts, The dust cover covers, The bolt lock locks bolt, The magazine release releases, The charging handle charges, The forward assist assist forward, The fire selector selects, The rear sights are adjustable to night
and day time. And the trigger does its thing. Easy-peasy… lemon squeezy… I like how realistic the handling is, the
recoil is fair, and it’s handy that the hop-up is adjustable
from the ejection port. Overall, I’m very happy with this M16A1,
and it will definitely fill a role in my armory after I’ve slightly modified it. OK… maybe a bit more than slightly… Even though it is a functional replica, the
length of it poses some limitations. It is far from ideal in close quarters, and it is rather period specific for
Vietnam re-enactments. Personally I prefer my M4A1 since I like to
switch between indoor and outdoor games. Time to use the fun-lever.


  1. blaze ace 1 Author

    I love this chanel because he brings useful guides and tricks in gas replicas what is not that comon and also the humor which pretty rare.
    Good job mate.
    P.S. I would love to see a video about the WE PDW

  2. PhantomM16 Author

    This is definitely a hidden gem of a review. The quality is better than most popular reviewers!

    Are you going to do a shooting test review of accuracy/range? Sadly, there are not too many videos out there of this for the WE M16 series.

  3. Dark Angel Dreadnought Author

    I like your style and video formatting. Really well done, and unique

    Plus the crisp highlighting of the components you were referring to during the review was pretty cool

  4. Duncan Blackwell Author

    I start my journey into Airsoft next week. I've watched a lot on YouTube and you're the funniest by far. Great work. Keep the vids coming 👍


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