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Trijicon RMR Dual Illuminated Sight – Product in Focus

Hi, this is Chase from OpticsPlanet and today I’ve got the Trijicon Dual Illuminated RMR. RMR stands for ruggedized miniature reflex. This thing is durable,
it’s built to last. You know if it’s a Trijicon product, it’s battle-hardened,
battle-tested, it’s ready to go from the second you pick it
up. This model is not powered by batteries. It’s what Trijicon calls Dual Illumination, which consists of fiber optics and tritium. The fiber optic bar is located here on top and it’ll take all the ambient light and filter it down into the housing to
produce the reticle image. If you’re in low light or no light conditions, it has a tritium lamp to help produce that reticle. You can get
a couple different mounts. The one that’s on here right now is
the low picatinny mount, there’s a high mount so you can use it on an AR. There’s
a couple ring mounts so you can put it on the eyepiece of an ACOG. There’s even plates that you can get that will replace
the rear sight on your pistol. One MOA click adjustment so it’s
audible and so you know it’s adjusting when you turn here for
for elevation and windage. The RMR can also be used as a close
quarters sight for weapons systems that you might have
set up from medium or long range shooting. Let’s say I’m engaging targets with
this ACOG at 200 to 300 meters and a target pops up at let’s say 10 meters. I can just cant the weapon to the side a bit, angle my head, and sight through the RMR and know that I am putting rounds on
target with accuracy. You can get this RMR in 7 MOA, 8 MOA or 13 MOA. There’s a dot
size for whatever your application might be. The thing that sets the RMR apart
from a traditional red dot sight is that it
does not use batteries. You can pick this up at a moments notice
and know that you ready to go, it’s not going to let you down. Again, it’s the dual illuminated Trijicon RMR. It’s available at This is Chase, thanks for watching.


  1. Stuffed cat Author

    ive noticed on my rmr 9.0 green dot that under certain angles in direct sunlight the lens will pick up a weird glare, like green fairy dust all throughout the lens, when pointed to shade it goes away, is this why some people suggest a piece of tape over the fiber optics in bright light,, any insight would help, thx

  2. Ashcamp Bandits Author

    Im considering buying one of these sights to put on a Glock 17 for the use of recreational shooting and competition shooting. Can anyone give me a good explanation of the real difference between red/green/yellow and the differences between the dot or triangle with different sizes.


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