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Trane Furnace Blinking Red Light

I heard your Trane furnace blinking red light
issue. I thought that if you solved it, you could also help me out with mine. It is doing
the same thing! Yes, I managed to fix mine, but you have to
first of all, go through a diagnosis process. Oh, I see, can you tell me more about this? First of all, I think you should unplug your
furnace, turn the thermostat off, and wait for around 5 minutes. Ensure all doors are
in place before plugging it back in ,and turning on the thermostat. What temperature should I set it at? You should set it higher than the temperature
in your home. If this doesn’t solve the problem, find the reset switch and reset the unit (if
you hear a click and the light goes and stays out, your problem is fixed). Wow, now that would be really good. I think
it will save me a lot of trouble trying to fix it on my own, and eventually looking for
professional help if I cannot do it. Indeed, but there are also cases when these
tips won’t help, in those cases you need to educate yourself on the codes of your furnace. The red LED will flash, giving you a certain
error code. So you’re telling me that I have to count
the number of flashes? Yes, that’s right. So if the flash is continuously
on, then you have to replace the IFC. If it’s continuously off, then you have to check the
power. What if I see 2 flashes? Then there is a system lockout, which means
the recycles and retries exceeded. Lastly, four flashes means you have an open
temperature limit circuit. Five blinking lights mean you have a flame
sensed, when no flame should be present. While six of them may be a few different things
going on. Like what? Well, either the system voltage is too low,
you have poor grounding, or the 115 volt AC power reversed. This has been really helpful to me. Thank
a lot for telling me all these things about my Trane furnace blinking red light. Hey, that’s what friends are for right?


  1. pastor shandon & evang.kimla ellis Author

    Good video!But what's up with them both putting their hands on their hip at the same time.LOL.They look like they are being sneaky and are planning on breaking in the house across the street.LOL.Good video though!LOL.


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