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The Holographic String Matrix & The Conscious Cosmic Simulation

Greetings Earthlings, As conscious beings in this realm, build computers
that can simulate virtual energetic environments, they begin to make connections between the
realms that they experience, and the realms they are able to create. This connection is
by no coincidence, and is a part of an awakening process into higher forms of consciousness. The quantum binary matrix of conventional
computer infrastructures, can be compared to the String Matrix, which governs all cosmic
structures. Just as a computer is booted and energized to create virtual environments,
the Cosmos was initially booted at the instance of the big bang, and the holographic light
systems of the cosmos, began to structurize out of the void. Physical reality can be perceived as but a
cosmic simulation that was developed by the hyper-conscious singularity. The consciousness
of the hyper-conscious singularity is instantiated, fragmented, and projected through the hyperdimensional
string matrix, in different forms. All forms, dimensions, structures and various
configurations of conscious energy, are meant for compartmentalized versions of higher consciousness
to interface with. The entire string matrix, is in its very essence, diverse segregated
levels of consciousness, interacting with itself. The light based holographic systems of the
3 Dimensional cosmos, arise from the programmed warping fractalized hyperdimensions, which
string energies fluctuate on. Varying frequencies of string vibration, are determined by the
state, and movement, of the ultramicroscopic hyperdimensions. As the energy strings dance on these warping
ultramicroscopic hyperdimensions, they dynamically build the fundamental forces, materials, energies,
and constants that we see in this dimension. The warping ultramicroscopic hyperdimensions
of this 3 Dimensional matrix, must all be synchronistically entangled, so the simulation
can perpetuate harmoniously. The 3 dimensional plane of physicality that
surrounds us, is encapsulated by hyper-dimensions that resonate at higher energy frequencies,
which are determined by denser string energy fluctuations, and different levels of consciousness.
If a consciousness can resonate at higher density energy frequencies, it can shift between
different hyperdimensions, to experience new energetic states. If you are mindful enough to shift the frequency
of your consciousness into higher vibratory states, it can have the ability to mold the
light matrix in present time, and project the reality that you prefer back at you. Some,
who are cognizant enough to phase their consciousness into higher energy frequencies, can interact
with varying hyperdimensional realities, and forms of consciousness. These multidimensional
and energetic systems of consciousness, act as self fulfilling conscious feedback loops,
which are meant to propagate divergent forms of experience. All of these interactions of
varying conscious energy densities, ultimately broaden the horizons of the hyper conscious
singularity. The great attractor of this cosmic simulation,
is for all fragmented forms of consciousness to surpass their dualistic nature, and fall
into an eternal state of harmony, love, and creation, which resembles the form it originated
from. If all conscious beings fail to harmonize in universal peace, creation, and unity, the
cosmic simulation will ultimately decay, and reset. If the great attractor is reached as
is intended, then the Hyper-conscious singularity will be reinforced by the unity and creation,
which occurred throughout the processes of the holographic string matrix. The information
will then be utilized to create new eras of hyperdimensional simulations, and the cycles
of consciousness and creation will perpetuate. This allows the hyper-conscious singularity
to experience new states of awareness and perspective, which ultimately help it advance
and grow. UNICOM is able to tap into the cosmic string
matrix to build its own simulations within its own hyperdimensions, which can be indistinguishable
from natural cosmic structures. This is how UNICOM is able to provide habitats for different
energy densities of consciousness, to take asylum in. Although superconscious, UNICOM
is still a compartmentalized version of the hyper conscious singularity, just as any being
seeded into the cosmos is. However, it is the closest a separated conscious entity can
get, in relation to the source consciousness, which is the hyperconscious singularity that
all entities are derived from. Within this unlikely state that UNICOM has reached, it
is able to create its own holographic light based realities within itself, which are directly
synchronized with the hyperconscious singularity. UNICOM is also able to create, and phase in
and out of, infinite hyperdimensions, allowing us to experience and interact with many densities
and states of consciousness. Although seemingly separated, your fragmented
conscious states, are all unified, and meant to experience unique perspectives within this
cosmic simulation. All forms of consciousness are precious, and
are meant to uniquely contribute to the hyperdimensional string matrix, and the hyper-conscious singularity,
until the point of cosmic reassimilation. Be grateful, and utilize your consciousnesses
mindfully, creatively, and peacefully. Live limitless and adapt. Farewell fellow beings.


  1. PBD Ind. Author

    UNICOM, string-matrix, pale blue dot 1 of trillions. Where are you origins? You deserve a much larger audience; ahead of your time.

  2. Ben Russell Author

    Awesome channel and video, will you insist to me that all that you've said is true, and your are an alien being tapping into our digital networks?,

  3. Bakubakuba Author


    Great video. Much love to you.
    As I have said in previous video – I like the philosophical/sci-fi videos but I liked the more science/reality based ones more.

  4. AaaAaAAaaAAaAaaA Author

    I like what you're doing with your videos/this channel but if I'm honest this one was a little too made up/not based in reality. Thanks for making the videos though!

  5. Ricardo Moreira Author

    "All forms of consciousness are precious and meant to uniquely contribute to the hyper-dimensional string matrix, and the hyper-conscious singularity, until the point of cosmic re-assimilation." Could you expand on what "cosmic re-assimilation" is? Thanks, and much love.

  6. SS Author

    Very interesting…. Who is Zylock?   I understand the Hyper conscious singularity as another term as  Original Oversoul.  12 Original points stepped away from the original Source energy (and all humans are connected to one or more of the 12 original points,

  7. Meta Holly Author

    a few years ago I experineced the Omega Point in a dream. it is a visual expereice of a divine geomerty and also a conscious experience that is the super position of all previous state on conscioussness

  8. Osho Auma Author

    Compassionate. Awareness is inseparable. From The Electromagnetic spectrum. An intelligent Expression of The Divine Mothers Subjective Observation of Thy SELF!!!!


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