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Swatching $45 HOLOGRAPHIC Nail Polish Collection!!! +bonus! holo nail art designs! 2019

In this video you’ll watch me swatch
test a beautiful holographic nail polish collection and I’ll also show you some
holo nail art you can do with them. I hope you enjoy! Hey guys welcome back to my channel. My
name is Clarice, I’m a nail artist. Let’s just get right into the swatching. So
this collection was 45 dollars and 14 cents on Amazon. It features a great
variety of colors. There is this beautiful black and then there’s a gold
kind of greenish color almost and then a copper a pink a light blue and a
darker purple, and they are so full of hollow you can just see the reflecting
on the side of it. So let’s try these out! So first I’m applying a peel off base
coat alright. Let’s start with this one it’s called ‘Kismet’. It’s a gold kind
of greenish almost kind of holo. I actually used it in this design right
here. What’s funny is that the cap is kind of damaged which is too bad, it kind
of has cracks and it’s like kind of peeling there but that’s okay.
And this is what it looks like. alright let’s try this out! And I could go back on and add a little
bit more but it will need two coats. Alright, and there we go it’s kind of a
more nude or neutral color, not something very flashy, something you’d wear if you
don’t want to draw a lot of attention to your nails, but it is still very pretty
And this is the coppery colored one. It’s called Cosmic Fate. You can really see
the rainbows in it like that. I could see this being a very good color for fall.
Oooh wow that’s beautiful. And that is that one.
it’s super pretty and as I said I think it would be a great color for
already fall coming up. Alright next let’s do the pink. This is called Miss
Bliss, it’s a beautiful cheery pink color and that is the color. Yep I’m pretty
sure these will all be two coaters. Next is the blue holo. I have used this before
and some of my videos, it’s a pretty light blue color. And there you go it’s a very beautiful
color. I like how bright it is. I think it goes well with the pink don’t you think?
Next let’s try the purple, this is Eternal Beauty. Wow that’s so pretty and
that is it with one coat. It’s a very vibrant color of purple and you can
really see the holo effect. Alright let’s go back and do the second coat and yes
it looks much more complete when it has two coats. All right so I did five of the nails,
there’s those ones and then the purple on the thumb.
I think these colors are very pretty so if you’re looking into getting some
holographic nail polishes I recommend getting this collection because it comes
with a great variety of colors that you can play with. But we didn’t try out the
last color yet, let’s do that. This is a black holo, it’s called Beyond. It looks
so black and like charcoal like. Wow! Alright that’s the first coat looking
good so far. Alright let’s do the second coat and yes
it’s much more rich after that second coat. One thing I notice with basically
all of these polishes is that they do apply kind of streaky, like more than the
other polishes I use. Maybe that’s because they’re holographic but as it’s
going on you can kind of see you getting streaky and also gets a little bit
clumpy sometimes so you do have to work kind of quickly with these. That’s fine
though I think they all turned out great. They do look kind of dull inside here
though let’s pop outside and see what they look
like in the sun. Well, we swatched all six. Now let me
show you the ideas I came up to do with these holos! For this first design you
will need to paint your nail white. Now I’m protecting my finger with some
liquid latex cuticle guard. Now we’re going to do a holo gradient. You can use
any colors of holo you want I’m going to use blue, pink, purple, and copper. You
probably notice that I put on the colors diagonally.
Let’s sponge it on. All right let’s do a second coat. Moving on to the next design
we’re going to paint our nail a light purple. Now in the next step I’m going to
use vinyls so whenever I like to stick anything onto my nail I like to apply a
topcoat first. This kind of protects the polish underneath. Now for this step you
can pull out any kind of vinyls that you have that you’d like to use. I’m going to
use these Unicorn vinyls. Peel one up and place it on.
Alright that’s what it looks like and then I’m going to take my purple holo
and fill it in. Alright now let’s peel it up. Oh that’s so beautiful, guys truth be
told this is the first time I’ve used these unicorn vinyls and I’m so happy
how it came out. Every detail even to the unicorn horn is
still there, but you don’t have to use specifically a unicorn vinyl you can use
anything. For the next design paint your nail a light pink. So now you’re going to
pick two holo colors that you think would go well with the pink. I’m going to
grab the pink holo and the purple one. And what we’re going to do is the dry
brushing technique. So first take your brush and you’re just going to wipe off
on the inside of the bottle as much polish as you can, like that. There we go.
And now we’re going to do is we’re just going to brush it on in any direction so,
what you can do is you can brush them down like this and then you should
kinda brush them to the sides, kind of like that. And then you can do that with the
other colors too and this is super easy it doesn’t require much. And before you
know it you’ve covered up the whole nail! For this next design you’ll need to
paint your nail a holo blue. And then just grab some striping tape and you’re
going to cut out a few pieces. Alright there we go. Then place the pieces in
random directions on your nail. Alright this is the design I came up with. And
then what you’re going to do is grab a light blue nail polish and then you’re
just going to paint over the whole nail. And then you can use a pair of tweezers
and peel up these striping tapes. And there we go! this next design is
going to be a holo gradient french tip. you might have seen me do this before
but I’m going to use a black and a purple holo. So I’m going to peel up a
french tip vinyl and then place that on my nail. Now to cover up the part of the
nail that we do not want to paint on we’re going to use some tape. Cut
yourself a piece and then place it over that area. All right now we’re going to
prepare the gradient. I’m going to paint purple on one side like this and then
the black on the other side, so it’s kind of going to be a vertical gradient.
Alright let’s dab this on. All right, there we go! It’s a very cool vertical
gradient, wow that’s super glittery! Alright let’s peel everything off. Alright there we go. For this design pull out a copper or orange glitter or holo
and a small nail art brush. We’re going to fill in the free edge of your nail,
boy I have a lot of free edge! And once that’s all covered up you can start
making some little wispies coming up, little flames. And you can go back with
the polish and add a little bit more. Grab some white nail polish and your
nail art brush and we’re just going to pick up some of that onto the brush so
we can do some detailing to this. So what you’re going to do is go around and
outline wherever you put that orange glitter. This is to make it really pop.
This design wasn’t hard at all but it still looks really cool.
For this design first paint your nail black. When the black is dried go ahead
and add a matte topcoat. Now you’re going to grab some tape and
some pinking shears and cut yourself a piece of tape. And then you’re going to
stick it on like to the back of your hand and peel it off and do this a few
times so that it loses a bunch of its stickiness. And then you’re going to take
that tape and cut it in anyway just cut it in half with the pinking shears like
that. And then you’re going to stick it onto
your nail so that there is a zigzag, and there we go. And then take
your gold holo and fill in that open space.
Alright let’s peel it up. There’s so many possibilities you can do this. For
this design give your nail a base color of light pink. And when the pink nail
polish has dried get some striping tape and some scissors and cut out four pieces,
like that and then you’re going to place the striping tape in a v-shape on your
nail with the point of the V pointing towards the tip like that. And then
you’re going to make another one inside of it. And then we’re going to fill that
in the silver holo. I’m going to put some on to a small nail art brush and
then I’m going to fill in the lines with the holo. Alright like that and then
we’re going to peel it up and there we go. Again with this one there’s a lot of
different variations. Alright guys thank you so much for watching!
Before you go, here’s a sneak peek into my next video! I’m going to be showing
you some formal prom or wedding looks that you can use for those formal
occasions when you want to dress up your nails! If you’d like to stay connected
with me, my subscribe button is down below and don’t forget the notification
bell! I post videos twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday at 3 p.m. EST. In
the meantime you can visit my Facebook group and Instagram page, the links
are in the description. If you have any friends who would enjoy watching my
videos feel free to share my channel with them. Remember that a smile is the
prettiest thing you can wear. Alright guys see you next time, bye!
Oh looks like the sponge came off you need to paint your nail white huh yeah
that’s right you need to paint it wait now let me show thee but wait we didn’t
try out the pocket and this boy I should probably don’t tip it what’s this called
eternal beauty what weird okay so first I’m applying a
peel off base coat so unprofessional looking


  1. Christine Wolanin Author

    Love love love all the colors and love your right hand designs! I think I might have to get those colors!❤️🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. The Polish Queen Author

    Hey guys thanks so much for spending a bit of your weekend with me! ^^ I'd love it if you could tell your friends about my channel and then we can all hang out together <3

  3. Girly Pleasures Author

    Hey lovey… I watch the full video only to watch your actions😁you looks sweet… And nail art! Ofcours always beautiful😍

  4. CheapNailsWithVanna Author

    Your natural nails are so beautiful!!👍👍These polishes are so gorgeous!! My favorite is the purple!💜💜 thanks for sharing!

  5. Essence of Polish Author

    Subscribed cuz we have the same style of nail art lol all your designs and techniques look like something I would've done 😍☺️

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    The colors are amazing! Great collection. I love the style of your nails too. I'll definitely be watching from now on.👋🏼🙂❤😊

  7. ꧁Polished Panther꧂ Author

    Excellent ideas. My fave finishes are holo and multi chromes. My absolute fave multi chrome atm is Tonic polish Peacock Parade or it's sister Pixie Parade. ColorClub's Holographic are excellent quality. If you email ColorClub they might send you a new holo cap.


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