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Starter Pistol: About the Play

I wondered what was behind that. Who was she? Why was she there? What
was she thinking? I imagined a story for her and populated the
story with some other people: her family, and a stranger. Very important: could I make it funny? Could I give each person a distinctive and
complex voice that an audience would side with, laugh with, identify with, and sometimes
also hate, condemn, feel conflicted over? There are a number of thematic and political
angles I could get into here that I hope the play might touch on or spark
conversation over. Some of them are intentional, some are just happy accidents. It’s not, finally, a play about guns or
toxic masculinity or the death of the American Dream or any other
singular public service announcement; first and foremost,
it’s a story of a family on a particular night in their lives. And it springs from that image of

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