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Sightmark Red Dot Sights – Product in Focus

One of the best ways to increase accuracy and precision
with your firearm is with a Red Dot Sight. If you’re looking for an extremely versatile site I would recommend checking out the Sightmark line of Red Dot Sights. They’re fast and accurate.
They have a wide open field of view you know, no magnification so it’s easy to get on target quickly. This is particularly useful in tactical situations
if you’re military or law enforcement, but it’s also great for hunters you know
sometimes you only get one shot and you don’t want to miss it so a Red Dot Sight is a perfect way to go. Sightmark manufactures are sighting at a ton of different flavors. A couple options here one of the things that really
sets them apart are the multiple reticles. You can easily switch back and forth between reticle options
on this style located in the back. They have a circle dot, a cross hair with a dot, a single dot and then kind of a hybrid reticle. So whatever you’re use to you can take
that and then you can learn on the other types of reticles. It’s extremely versatile. That’s one of the biggest similarities. Now, couple the differences, this Ultra Shot
located on the black gun here its ruggedly built it’s durable, it’s perfect for an
AR-15 or a hunting rifle. Next up the Sure Shot. They have a ton of
different options there as well. One of the coolest things is this dove-tail mount. It’s perfect for a Rimfire weapon you know a 10-22 or an older 22 They also have options with built-in
laser sights to complement the red dot sight. As you can see they have a ton options here. They also have mini red dot sights
they come in both green and red reticles. The mini sight is perfect for a backup or something to
complement a magnified optic. You know you could put it on an angle
and use it for the close in work. So if you’re looking for an optic that’s quick, versatile and affordable check out the Sightmark Red Dot Sights. They’re all available at
This is Chase thanks for watching.


  1. cockerrocker Author

    I have the Z series sight (most similar to second from the left) and it never stays anchored to my rifle. The screw keeps coming loose and I can't see any feasible way to make it stay put.
    Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

  2. Kris Dunn Author

    My red dot will turn off after every round I fire on my AK47.  I have to remove the battery cap and screw it back in.  I can turn the red dot back on and it will last through 3-4 rounds before turning off again.  Batteries aren't the issue as brand new batteries result in the same thing.  I used some tape to try and stabilize the batteries thinking that was the issue but it didn't help.  Anyone else have that problem?

  3. J. Go. Author

    Nothing 'sets these apart.'  They are made in one factory and come with many different or no names at all.  That said, I still think they are good as introductory sights or hobby sights.


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