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Shots Fired | Pistol Qualification

It’s important for the Marines to
be familiarized with the pistol, because they never know what
they can face down in combat. Sometimes your main weapon could
go down, and your last resort is your M9. Plus, giving that asset to the junior Marine
could be another vital asset to the Battalion. The weather was pretty bad
but we still shot through it, and I think that was what helped
us increase our training even more. I honestly thought it was great training, especially
because we had GySgt. Ballman out here. He explained things very thoroughly. (Then you’re going to be physically loading that weapon) We came out here to increase our lethality as a unit,
as a company and I think we accomplished that.


  1. SGT Barr Author

    I want the new beretta M9A3, not only because of its sexiness but because of my experience shooting the M9 in the Corps. Does anyone know what future pistols the Marine Corps is looking to adopt, I’m going to go get a G19 Gen 4 this weekend.

  2. mateo29_actual Author

    Berettas are a shitty pistol and it's a damn shame the Marine Corps would rather waste money on bullshit transgenders in the military power point briefings than better quality sidearms like the Glock or Sig

  3. MeisterJager90 Author

    Individual servicemen not issued pistols should have the option to purchase a current service pistol and carry it on base, and off base with LEOSA coverage, and in country. As low a price that DoD pays for their service pistols, they could charge somewhere around MAP for the civilian equivalent pistol and use the profit to hire some retired AMU or Delta guys to conduct annual training, sell the lads training ammo at cost, so the program could pay for itself or offset the cost enough to make it worthwhile.
    O-6 and above are already given the opportunity to purchase their sidearms at retirement, so the precedent is set, the only thing that stands in the way once the boys have been properly instructed and qualified is the extreme risk aversion of the ORM-centric contemporary Military.


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