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[SFX] hello folks this is Yamil Sued for Gun Stock Reviews we’re here gunsite Academy in Paulden Arizona and I’m here with
Brandon from Ruger how you doing buddy great thank you. good, good..
and today you know I know that Ruger has been in the 1911 business for a few years
now they make a fantastic 45 ACP. yep! 1911 all stainless I own one I love it I
shoot it quite a bit but what’s new in the 1911 world well we’ve actually been
growing our 1911 product line for a while so we’ve got the government model
we’ve got the commander’s yeah we got some officer models different calibers
but what’s really new is this is our new Custom Shop gun so this is our first
foray into a full custom pistol okay and this is something that really came out
of our professional shooting team so we started with the Ruger 9-millimeter
target model 1911 which had the adjustable sights it was an all
stainless steel gun that sort of thing and we asked our our team our
professional shooters for some input you know what do you guys want to shoot so
this is actually the gun that they’re shooting in competition now that we
developed for them and we are using this as our inaugural custom shot product
launch ok great now what makes it custom what parts are you using and more
process are using to make it cost them and enhancing the pistol yep so it’s
it’s not a custom shop in the sense of you know call us up and we’ll make you
anything you want we don’t do that yet but what is custom about it there’s
really two things one is the fact that these guns are hand fitted hand-built
okay so they’re not just coming off of a CNC machine these are being worked on by
a couple of gunsmiths we’re using some oversized parts so that they can hand
fit the barrels the barrel lugs and are also hand fitting the slides these are
you know just about as smooth as they can be okay so that’s now of course it
is a stainless steel gun black nitride finish the other thing that makes it
custom is the components that we’re using okay so we’re not using the
factory components on this gun we are using quite a few of them but there’s a
lot of upgraded stuff lotta aftermarket parts
that we included in this so you’ve got a tech well magazine while here with the
Hogue piranha grip it’s got great texture on there of course we customized it with
the Ruger logo on the front strap you’ll see you’ve got this checkering the
undercut trigger we’ve got a special trigger it’s just really nice to shoot
but it’s a flat face trigger with a chevron design we have a forged slide
stop you can see the finish on the side of the gun here got a high polish with a
lot of details here in the the lasering and engraving also on the top
you’ve got a lot of detail there along with the fiber-optic front sight fully
adjustable Bomar style rear sight inside you can see this has got Doug’s name on
it here but this is a signature Koenig pistol inside it has Doug’s hammer and
sear set in there so that gives you that really nice consistent you know trigger
pull the bushing you know hand fit it’s actually a special barrel it’s a 1/16
twist barrel a full length guide rod that’s on there if we close this up here
you can see the the Koenig hammer that’s on there alright and a Custom Shop logo
of course and on the other side you do have the extended magazine release as
well as a forged slide stop cylinder and slide disconnect er hand-tuned Springs
everything about this gun is just there’s a lot more work a lot of
attention to detail some really fine finishing on it and it just makes for a
really nice package well yeah all the products that you mentioned there are
all custom products like the par set and then if you go ahead and put it together
by one gunsmith just and fitting those parts it elevates the quality and the
reliability and accuracy of the pistol absolutely well I’m really looking
forward to shooting this one and we’ll go ahead and keep keep up with you and
see what new products are you bringing up from Ruger yeah this is the first I
mean so you’ve got a custom shop 1911 we’ve got a 1022
and we’re gonna follow that up with a whole bunch of new products so if you
keep watching there’s gonna be some exciting things coming out of the custom
shop well thanks Brandon stay in touch with
us thank you very much thank you for watching gunstock reviews please visit
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will be greatly appreciated and help us grow our selections and frequency of
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  1. Jory Humphreys Author

    It's a nice looking gun but the price they are asking for it puts it in direct competition with some other long standing manufacturers with proven accuracy results. As of now Ruger has no results to justify the price. I think they entered a market far too late that is already filled with established companies. Only time will tell, but I won't be surprised if you see this gun model discontinued in a year or two due to lack of sales. It's simply just a hard segment of shooters to convince to spending money on your gun that is unproven vs known proven winners. The fact that Koening has his name on it means nothing, it's just a sales tactic. Taking a legend's name to sell something is a gamble at best.


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