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Revlon Galaxy Dream Holographic Highlighter Palette | Monday Must Haves?

hey everybody welcome back to my channel
so this week’s Monday must-haves is on the Revlon Photoready gauzy dream
holographic highlighter palette whoo mouthful but if you’d like to see me
swatching and try it on and my review of this highlighter palette then please
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you would like so I did purchase this from Amazon and I will put the affiliate
link down below you don’t have to use it but it’s a little shortcut if you want
to anyway so this comes with four shades okay so they did have one that was like
sunlight or sunlight but that one looked a little too dark for my first skin so I
did pick this one up okay it does have a large mirror okay yeah I really really
like highlighters so I wanted to give this one a go okay so like I said it
does come with four so the net weight is 0.5 ounces or 14.4 grams of product so
okay so there it is okay so the very first one I’m gonna try not to get the
bear in okay so the very first one is kind of like a purpley white pinky white
okay next we have like a nice mint green okay now we have kind of an these two
look very similar this one’s a little bit more blue undertone and then finally we actually have kind
of like a icy blue okay so guys these highlighters are very subtle okay so
they’re they’re not glittery at all okay they are pretty subtle so if you’re not
into like blinding highlights or glitter or if you like that this would be a
formula that would probably be good for you okay
and even the she even the colors they’re not you know they’re not unwearable okay
so I’m gonna go ahead and I’m going to pick up this blue shade cuz the blue
shade is actually the most highlighter II like it’s the shiniest kay so I’m
gonna go ahead and pick up a little bit of the blue there’s a little tiny bit of
kick up in the pan but not bad there’s my brush let’s go ahead and look how
pretty that is though it’s really really pretty but once again pretty subtle okay
let’s go ahead and I’m gonna try B green on the other side once again doesn’t do
a ton of kick up so here’s the green shade once again
it’s not unwearable sometimes colored highlights can be there too pigmented
and you don’t want to wear a green highlighter right okay guys let’s go
ahead and try these two okay so here’s the top one this one has a bit more of a
pinky purple shift to it and I’m just gonna go ahead and I’m just gonna layer
it right on top you kind of get this blended in a little
bit more but you can definitely layer these let’s go ahead and try this bottom
one right here so the two lighter shades they’re definitely they can help make it
the color a little bit more subtle so if you don’t want like just a straight
green like minty green highlight then you can just go ahead and you can layer
one of the lighter shades right on top but it’s a really really pretty very
subtle highlighter palette I’m gonna go ahead and just mix the two lighter
shades and I’m going to go ahead and do down the bridge of my nose just a little
bit and my Cupid’s bow hey but there we go let’s go ahead and I’m going to dip
into that blue again and I’m gonna put it on my inner corner so once again guys they’re not overly
pigmented where it’s gonna be a hard product to wear so once again I do think
it looks really really pretty on the face it doesn’t exaggerate texture it
doesn’t look chalky on my skin tone I think maybe our darker skin tone if
you’re any deeper than probably a medium or a tan I think these are gonna show up
chalky on the skin but if you are a fair light light medium I think that this
would be definitely workable for you so is it a Monday must-have yes and no okay
for me personally no it’s not and the reason why is because it is not they’re
not very highlighter like they’re pretty matte for a highlight okay the most like
stunning one is the blue okay the light blue do you see how when I do my hand
these other three there’s not much high lightness to it it looks pretty on the
skin okay but once again it is very very subtle and I’m not into subtle
highlights personally I do like you get four different shades it is very
affordable and it’s a drugstore brand but for me personally it is not a Monday
must-have because number one they’re not holographic number two they are very
very very very subtle but guess what with a friend that loves subtle
highlights absolutely loves this palette because it is very subtle it looks
really smooth on the skin so it really just depends on what your highlighting
style is like for me too subtle not enough shine not enough shimmer not
a lot not enough POW right but for someone that loves a really pretty
subtle gloww this is gonna be right up your alley
very very wearable it is very pretty on the skin but for me personally I like
something that is gaudy and you can see from far away and all
that so for me personally this is they must have but for a lot of people
this probably would be because it’s not anything that is gaudy or over the top
or super shimmery or glittery I love shimmery and glittery
highlighters there’s a ton of people that don’t but so once again super
pretty on the skin it’s not my personal cup of tea but guess what there’s a lot
of people out there that this would be their cup of tea so it just really
depends on what you love what you like so that’s why I want to share it cuz
it’s really pretty and I will continue to use it and I really do like them but
it’s not in Monday must-haves but that is it I hope you did enjoy this short
sweet Monday must-haves if you did please go ahead and give this video a
thumbs up also make sure you share this video just so you guys know you guys
can’t get it a lot cheaper on Amazon because I went to my local Kroger’s and
this is like almost 12 or 13 bucks and I picked mine up for like seven or eight
dollars on Amazon so it is cheaper on Amazon just so you know I would check
eBay Amazon you know check out your local store see if it’s cheaper there
but anyway um also make sure you guys you you let you guys leave a comment
down below what is your favorite highlighter in the whole entire world I
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glam babe i will see you guys tomorrow for another video i’m great one guys bye
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  1. Mariel H Author

    Revlon has powder highlighters!? I remember being in store specifically looking for highlighters from them bc they had a really good sale and there were no highlighters from the brand to be found in the entire Revlon section.

  2. Debra Jackson Author

    I thought they looked good on your skin…but then again I don't know much about highlighters I don't wear them..but good review. !!👍🏻have a great day..!!

  3. Vanessa Burrows Author

    I'm a devil for highlighter I just got a free 8 pan highlighter palette from revolution and its gorgeous so pigmented, I have to force myself to put it down lol.

  4. Lucy Linn Author

    Great video! I agree with it not being bright enough, I wish they could just sell the blue by itself. My favorite highlight is Amuse, in the gold stick, the roll up, and the Bad Habit palettes I got. I love your shirt, the colors look great on you! Have a good day!

  5. Sequin Jackson Author

    Thanks for the review of this pallette. It's exactly what I was looking to order and I like that it's a powder not a stick that could have a meltdown in the mail as I live in the scorching desert!

  6. kelly girl Author

    I just picked one up at Rite Aid for %75 off. Worth trying considering if I do not like it I can return it. Thanks for the review. I cant wait to try it now. Im 53 so I always wonder if Im past the age of using these types of make up techniques.

  7. BudgetGlam Babe Author

    If you are interested in videos on budget recipes, food reviews and more, check out my other channel:


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