1. ATHENA Gaming Author

    Critical Ops Reloaded
    Closed Beta sign-up : https://c-ops.hangame.com/en
    CBT Sign Up : August 13th ~ August 28th 2019 Tester Inviites Sent : August 29th 2019
    CBT Schedule : August 30th ~September 1st 2019 Open Sever Times :
    19:00~23:00 (Singapore, Taipei) 16:30~20:30 (Mumbai)

    Come and Enjoyyyyyyyy

  2. Subhan Basumatary Author

    My PUBG character doesn't move that fast. Also doesn't jump that high and far. Will using iPhone or iPad increase efficiency? Or am I a noob? Also my guns need to fire more bullets to knock out. Even AWM can't kill with single bullet. I'll give up playing if this keeps going.

  3. RGB〆 ESports Author

    I'm using your photo on my Pubgm profile pic.
    I'm Now holding #2 Squad win in Bangladesh 🇧🇩
    I'm following you for my gameplay and its helps me a lot 😎
    Thank you Athena
    Pok you ❤️

  4. Just simple Author

    athena : show me your head
    pubg: you knocked down ………
    athena: Thank you

    athena : show me your head
    pubg: 😶
    athena : what ? 😣

  5. Music Sense Author

    Athena using two account. 1 account for Cheating knowing positions enemy. FCK man. You thing you’re pro players. Please don’t lie to your stupid fans. 😂😂😂😂


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