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Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot ( HONEST BUYER’S GUIDE )

this video is a buyer’s guide in review the primary arms advanced micro dot or ADS for short now if you’re trying to decide if this optic is right for you or not watch this video because it will save you a lot of time I’ve already done the research and what follows effectively like a sum of all the reviews all the good and bad alike that I identified in this research is what’s coming up next on Spadezilla value for money now this is the number one thing that people love about the ADS and the common message is that represents excellent value for money the second thing that people love about the ADS is the battery life you get up to 50,000 hours at medium brightness settings and this equates to just under six years so it’s very impressive very useful and a very attractive feature which is one of the key selling points for the optic the third thing that people love about the ADS is the unobstructed view through the tube now this is possible as a result of the low profile emitter that the ADS has which is significantly smaller than on earlier models that primary arms put out the manufacturer themselves describes it as super low profile and users described it as hardly noticeable at the five o’clock position now the secondary benefit of this is that if you’re wanting to do lower 1/3 co-witness with your iron sights then this is no problem whatsoever because there’s no obstructions in the tube the quality of construction is overwhelmingly described as being excellent for its price point the ADS is small and light giving it a lot of utility on various platforms the popular to 2 M.O.A. dot size the use of the cr2032 battery time which is plentiful and cheap most reviewers advised that the ADS hold that its zero the appearance of the red dot itself is mostly described as being clear and crisp and the optical clarity of the glass as excellent now interestingly users who also own aimpoints advised that while the dot and glass clarity is not quite as good as an aimpoint that it comes very close and if you consider the ADS price point this is a very strong reason to like the ADS compatibility with the base removed the ADS is compatible with aftermarket aimpoint micro style mounts giving you a lot of options it has a three-year warranty and in my more recent research the customer service from primary arms is described as excellent that the red dot itself is plenty bright enough for use in bright environments like other primary arms red dots this optic does not have an adjustment tool built into the windage and elevation caps now it’s not a major and if you’re needing to make an adjustment and you don’t have a screwdriver or coin available you can always use an empty shell case some quality control issues were reported by the minority of reviewers was most of the complaints being related to either wondering zeros or some sort of issue that caused the batteries to go flat way too quickly in regards to the highest brightness adjustment settings it appears there’s quite a jump in brightness levels in the last couple of settings now some reviewers found us a bit frustrating for obtaining the ideal brightness level personal preferences now in regards to how you go about adjusting the brightness level the red dot itself just have a quick think about whether you prefer using buttons as on the ADS or whether you prefer that Dial setup as on some other red dots now for most users are happy either way but for some of us we do have a strong preference one way or another so it’s just another small thing to keep in mind when making your decision please note that the ADS does not have an auto on or auto off feature as offered by some other red dots having said this given its impressive battery life it could easily be argued that such a feature is not really necessary anyway a tactical concern it has been noted that like most red dots at this price point that when standing in front of the sight at nighttime you can see red from the red dot be advised that this optic is made in china now having said that some people do emphasize the point that it is made to primary arms specifications by holosun so it could be argued that perhaps this point belongs under the good to know category as opposed to the disappointing category issues with the mount now unfortunately this is a common theme in the critical reviews so it’s important that you know about this basically the message is that while lots of people feel the optic itself is good they describe the mount as being cheap and list various problems and issues that they’ve had with it now the obvious solution here is to replace it with a quality aftermarket mount and in this regards the American Defense brand was mentioned many times by many reviewers as been a good value mount of good quality that resolved the issue for them one reviewer even said that primary arms customer service recommended the brand to him personally when he was having issues with the original mount so by all accounts that sounds like a good mount to check out if you’re looking for a more solid mount to go with your ADS I’ll include a link for it in the description below for those of you who would like to check it out now the downside here is it means coughing up perhaps another ninety dollars ish however users report that getting a quality mount like this completely resolves the issue for them and that the combined package of the ADS optic in combination with a good mount basically gives you the functionality and quality of something very close to an aimpoint but still at a much lower price even factoring in the cost of the mount the next thing I’d like you to be aware of is an issue that has described as being a horizontal glare issue or a bad reflection issue inside the tube when you have a light source behind you now there is a small number of critical reviews about this they all in different words describing the same problem and they are all pretty aggravated about it they basically say that it blocks your field of view through the tube and makes it difficult or impossible to find the red dot now I’m bringing this to your attention because obviously it’s important to be advised of potential issues such as this but to put it into context i do need to also say that the vast majority of reviews made no mention of this issue whatsoever so i’m not sure if the people who talked about this issue are using the object under different environmental conditions than other users whether it’s a quality control issue or perhaps as is sometimes the case people post reviews before actually using an optic you know it could be any of those three possibilities what I will also want to say just to kind of keep this all in perspective is while it is a significant issue if you experience it that it was a very small percentage of reviewers who noted this issue so while it’s good to be forewarned if you like everything else about the optic what I would perhaps recommend to you is just go ahead and buy it but make sure you buy it from a retailer such as Amazon with a good return policy on receiving the optic check it thoroughly look at it you know in different environmental conditions including with plenty of light behind you just to make sure that you don’t have this issue and if you’re that one of the small percentage of people who do then at least you know you can return the optic I’m going to suggest to you that this optic is well with considering to use 1 through to 6 and i’m only going to exclude number 7 which is military use go to war the rationale here is simply that it is a mid-price red dot and it was never intended for military use and the level of abuse that typically comes in military applications but for everything else it is well with considering that concludes the considerations I identified in my research and I hope this video is of value to you in making an informed decision if you like the ADS and you’d like to check out the current pricing i have included an amazon link in the description below I’ve also included a second link for the American Defense brand of mount that we discussed during this video we’ve now reached the end I thank you for watching Spadezilla and this buyer’s guide in review of the primary arms advanced micro dot


  1. No Names Author

    Thank you for your review! Very informative! Now, if you could only do a comparison with its younger brother: the Primary Arms Micro Red Dot Sight w/ Removable Base in one video with emphasis on if the Advanced Micro Dot is worthy a 2 times higher price!

  2. RedCell Author

    I just got a primary arms MDS, 1 inch riser, and some flip up sights. however, when I flip up the rear sight it doesn't clear the optic and can't see the A2 front sight. I do not want to absolute co-witness I want to lower 1/³ co-witness any suggestions?

  3. Cole Dedhand Author

    I have 3 of the MDADS sights and all 3 have reflections under certain conditions such as indoors with a light source behind me.  But the dot is still easy to pick up and it does not hinder the use of the sight.

  4. m hall Author

    I am relatively certain that diagonal reflection exists on every Primary Arms MD-ADS. In my circle of friends and family, we have a total of four MD-ADS red dots from Primary Arms. The problem exists on all four. The red dot sights were purchased at different times, the shortest interval being 5 months. I do not believe that it is a particular batch issue / manufacturing run. The reflection/glare is severe and covers approximately 45% of the field of view through the sight. The problem occurs when the target area is dark or shaded when compared to the area behind the shooter. This difference in light/darkness does not have to be significant to cause a severe diagonal reflection/glare in the field of view of the red dot. However, the reflection/glare will become more pronounced as the the light to darkness ratio is increased. With that being said, we knew about the problem after I purchased the first one. We continued to purchase this particular red dot because we shoot well with it and it holds zero. Also, based on YouTube torture tests of the Primary Arms MD-ADS, we believe that it is virtually indestructible and the cost to acquire one is low. In short, The glare is horrible. It holds zero. It can handle abuse. The battery life is amazing. Would I buy it again? Maybe. If Primary Arms would fix this issue, I would purchase ten more if it remained at the same price point.

  5. Aaron El Author

    I really like your review format, and I found the review to be very comparable to my experience with it.. I bought the ADS several months ago and quite like it overall. What sold me on it is the battery life, no auto-off feature (if I turn it on I don't want it shutting off unless I turn it off), and the very established reputation for durability/reliability that competes well above its price point.
    A few Good To Know talking points from my experience:
    -The lens covers are crap, just toss them aside.
    -The lack of adjustment tool on the turret caps is a non-issue IMO. The rim of a shell casing fits into the slot nicely and adjusts the sight very easily.
    -The lens does reflect, a killflash would be nice addition but it isn't a deal breaker
    -The stock mount is useable but does have me wishing for a QD mount.
    Overall, I agree with your conclusion. It's a great option that competes well against more expensive options, and though it isn't exactly military gradeit is quite sufficient for heavy range use and reliable enough for home defense


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