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In Player unknown’s battlegrounds you’re
going to come across a lot of different scopes. Some good, some bad and some even uglier than
others. One particular scope will give you a big advantage
and another one will mess up your aim and view. Today we are going to check out all the scope
in Battlegrounds and the next time you play your favorite game you will know exactly which
scope to keep and which ones to swap. A lot of guys have requested a comparison
between all the different iron sights so let’s start there. Most people claim that the M416 has the best
iron sights of all assault rifles in Battlegrounds so let’s see if they were right. Let’s remove the scope and then we end up
with this. The basic iron sights of the m416. OK, it’s clear for an iron sights, it doesn’t
block too much of your screen and there is enough open space next to the very center
part of the iron sight that you use to aim, this makes it easier to track your enemy if
he is on the move and you can easily use it to lead your target. So far it seems that they were right, but
let’s compare it with the other iron sights so that we know for sure. The m16a4 is thinner so it covers less of
your screen, but it’s less clear in the area where it matters, it covers more of the
part that you use to aim, in other words it will be more difficult to track your target
and you will have a harder time making small correction with the center of the iron sights. The scar L is super thin, it’s like an iron
sights on a diet, the problem is that it is way too thick in area that we use to actually
aim at our enemy, so good luck trying to lead your target with this one. The akm is completely different, the biggest
issue is that the weapon blocks most of your view and in contrast the actual iron sights
itself is super tiny. This works in real life but in battlegrounds
it’s just way too small. I find it easier to use the u shaped form
that you can see in front of the sight, it’s less accurate but at least I can see it in
all situations. So it seem that the m416 has the best iron
sights. I will compare the m416 with a red dot and
I will show you the other ones later in the top right corner. One thing that I have to mention with these
comparisons is that I sometimes have to use a different weapon to show a certain scope,
this will change the overall look around the base of the weapon but the direct area around
the scope will be the same so focus on that because it’s almost impossible find a 15x
scope and all the different weapons at the same time. The m416 had a great iron sights to start
with but things can be improved, especially when you find a red dot. The world around you will be a whole lot clearer
now, the dot of the red dot is easy to see and the black housing if I may call it that
is super thin, so it won’t get in your way when you have to lead your target. When we compare a red dot with an holographic
sight then you know why most of you have always swapped away from the holographic sight, it’s
just way too big and it blocks too much of your view. The holographic sight is good enough for close
range engagements but I find that it lack precision when you try to kill a guy who is
further away. It even blocks a big part of the view around
the weapon itself. Not that you will use that area often but
you never know. Getting your hands on your next chicken dinner
depends alot on these smaller details so never say never. I have to admit the area within the holographic
sight is a lot bigger than the red dot itself, so it might be easier to lead your target
but then the circle and the dot blocks more of your view than when you just see one dot
so you lose precision. When we compare the red dot with the 2x scope
then things get even worse. Sure you can zoom in more, I will give you
that, but I can’t see very much any more of the surrounding area. I can’t even see much of the top of my screen
anymore. Why is this thing so big? The housing is super thick as well. Most of the time I will swap away from this
scope as soon as I find a red dot, I personally don’t feel that the advantage of the increased
zoom outweighs the fact that you can’t see much of your screen anymore. Both of these scopes are attached on an m416
and for the red dot you character will hold the weapon further away from you, when you
then attach a 2x scope then your character will bring the weapon closer to you, blocking
even more of the view. Most of us are used to a scope that has a
red color, some of us change things around when we play a game like Battlefield for example
but using a green scope in a game that takes place outdoors most of the time with a lot
of green trees doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. Would you swap a 2x scope for an holographic
sight? This questions is a little bit more difficult
to answer. They are both thick scopes, and they block
different parts of the screen so it will depend on which part of the screen that you actually
want to see.The center of the holographic sight is definitely smaller than the center
of the 2x scope, but that one zooms in more so it doesn’t necessarily mean that you
will see more of the area that you are looking at. If you watch closely then you can see that
the holographic sight is still thinner in the area where it matters most and it’s
red so that are definitely 2 key features that can make a difference. A red dot vs a 4x scope. I already know you preference, the 4x right,
and gameplay wise it makes sense. It will give you a bigger advantage over a
red dot because it’s easier to go for headshots with a 4x. But the red dot looks tiny compared to the
4x, right? I never realized in game that there is such
a big difference in size. The 4x scope blocks a relatively big part
of your screen, it comes close to blocking 1 third of your screen. The great thing about the 4x scope is the
magnification, it makes sense in Battlegrounds and it’s probably the most versatile scope
you can find. The magnification hit’s a sweet spot for
this game, it doesn’t zoom in too much so that it’s unusable in close range firefights
and it zooms in enough so that you can easily kill most enemies. You don’t really need more because most
of the time the line of sight doesn’t allow that anyway, it all has to do with how the
map was designed. The reticle of the 4x is great because it’s
very easy to use in battlegrounds. Red dot vs 8x, I know that it doesn’t really
make sense to compare them but at least you saw it once and then we can go over to the
4x vs the 8x, which is more useful. The red dot looks even smaller than before,
and it’s pretty clear that you can’t see anything of the surrounding area outside of
the 8x scope, but that’s not the point, it’s designed to give you a nice zoomed
in part in the center your screen. That’s what the 8x scope all about. The center part of the 4x scope is relatively
small compared to the 8x, the center part of the 8x is almost as big as the entire 4x
scope but the 4x still allows you to see the area around the scope. The markings on the 4x are very clear and
they are a lot easier to use, the markings or mil dots on the 8x are pretty much unusable,
you will have to guess or you will have to use the practice shot method. I haven’t been able to confirm this yet
but apparently the first mil dot on an 8x scope is 900 meters. That is why you will have to guess for all
other ranges because you don’t have a reference so the practice shot method is probably the
best way to go. The zoom level is much better for the 8x and
it’s perfectly suited to give a nice headshot on a stationary target, even if he is relatively
close to you, but things become a little bit more difficult when that guy is running around. So for a moving enemy who isn’t running
around on the other side of the map, it’s easier to kill him using a 4x scope. In an ideal world you would be able to swap
the 8x for a 4x and then for a red dot, that would be perfect, but what do you do when
you pick up 3 8x scopes? It took me a lot of effort getting my hands
on all of those, only to come to the conclusion that it doesn’t make sense at all, even
2 8x scopes is way too much for one loadout. Long range monster but no versatility. Yes, if you weren’t aware, there is a 15x
scope in Player unknown’s battlegrounds! The only problem is getting your hands on
it. You can’t just pick it up, you will never
find it lying around in some remote building. The only 2 ways of getting your hands on the
15x scope is to pick it up from an air drop or to steal it out of the hands of a dead
enemy who picked it up from an air drop. I will show you what it looks like compared
to a red dot but there is no point comparing them. The center part of the 15x scope is bigger
than an entire 4x scope, that sais it all right. The great thing about the 15x, besides the
zoom, is that you can almost use your entire screen. It only blocks a small part. Just make sure that you zoom in directly on
your target otherwise it might be a little bit difficult to find him with such a high
magnification. The 8x scope and the 15x scope are very similar,
except for the magnification of course. They both cover the outside of your screen
and they have similar markings. The 15x blocks a lot less of your screen and
some of the mil dots coincide with the ones of the 8x but not all of them, so watch out
when you have the luxury to go from one scope to the other. Ok guys, you just saw all of the scopes in
Player unknown’s battlegrounds, you saw how much of the screen they block and I’m
sure that you now perfectly know which scopes to keep and which ones to swap. While you are here why not check out one of
these videos and as you know Youtube likes and shares are very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, would
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and I will see you in battlegrounds. Player unknown’s battlegrounds scopes. Battlegrounds scopes


  1. dragon0361 Author

    Dude i dont know what your saying sometimes in the video like at 1:14 all i hear is “its waytudig indagea datwe” thank god for cc though

  2. CrookDragoon Author

    My ranking:

    5: 2x Scope: Is as accurate than both non-scope sights, has the same zoom, but takes up more of the screen and is harder to find than the holo or red dot.

    4: 8x Scope: It's not bad by any means, but it's just an unnecessarily Long view distance that is never something you can't handle with 4x

    3: Holo: Essentially the red dot sight with less precision. I don't hate it as much as I used to, but I'll usually swap it out if I can find a red dot.

    2: red dot: Hardly takes up any screen space, is extremely accurate, and can be used at most ranges. On top of that, it's one of the most common sights to find.

    1: 4x scope: Perfect balance of the sniping range of the 8x, while also being usable for close and medium range

  3. The Mulch Author

    You deserve do many more views. you actually test the items in game and give some useful information and insight.
    Sad that this Chopper guy is hogging all the views for Pubg guides, since he rambles on waybto much about nothing and asnso many redundancys in his videos.

  4. Not_ _MagicFail Author

    I hate holo….

    Since i was playing phantom forces back in 2016 Btw

    The real name of red dot is coyote sight the holo sight is EOTECH XP52

  5. ScycoSnake Author

    Red dot or Holo? Used to be a holo fan just for the looks but now like red dot because takes up less space on the screen. Any reasons for liking holo more?


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