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Pistol Packaged Krinkov Plinking: Palmetto State Armory AK-P GF3! [Review]

– Big AK fun in a small
package, coming up. (electronic beeping) (upbeat music) Hey guys, I’m Johnny
with your source for gun reviews, gear, guides, and all things Slavic. Well, sort of. Today, we’re gonna take a look at the AK-P from Palmetto State Armory. Now this gun has made a
splash over the last year, and I finally got my hands on one. I’m gonna show it to ya up close, I’ll get it out to the range, and I’m gonna tell you
everything that you need to know about this vodka-fueled pistol. Well, mine was fueled by sweet tea, but I wanted to make a Russian reference, so what do you do. If it’s your first time here,
we always put a ton of stuff down below for you to check out, including a link that
goes over to our website. And if you’re already on the website, look up above, down below, there’s more stuff for you to check out. Now, a lot of gun guys
really wanna add an AK to their arsenal right now, and Palmetto State Armory
has been in the AK game for some time. Their newest version, the GF3 has significant upgrades
over the last version, and I got to try one out last spring. But recently, my editor
sent me the smaller brother, the GF3 pistol, and PSA
is calling it the AK-P. Lot of letters, but it’s an AK rifle
masquerading as a pistol. Now, PSA has a bunch of
different variations, including one with redwood furniture, that looks to me, fantastic. Now the one that I’ve
tested is currently $699. What it comes with is standard
fare from Palmetto State. A big cushy cardboard box,
a Magpul 30 round magazine, and a sticker. Made in America, and it comes
with a 100% lifetime warranty. Overall it is about four asparagus long and you’ll immediately notice
that SB tactical brace. No tax stamp required. It’s a pistol. I do like the SBA-3 brace, now I did a full test on a ton of braces just recently and this one
is among the top of my list. I put a link down below for you
to check out the brace test. Now a few specs to pay attention to. It of course fires the 762 by 39 round. The treated barrel is
10.5 inches of 4150 steel and it has a one and 9.5 inch twist. The receiver is stamped
but the bolt, the carrier, and the front trunnion
are all hammer forged. Now when you’re shopping for AKs, the hammer forged trunnion is huge, well not in size, but
it’s hugely important. We’ve talked about that a
little bit on here before. Now you’ll also notice the
fully railed dust cover which allowed me to add on a red dot, but I also use the iron sights a lot too. The rear one is fixed and
the front sight is a post that is also a combo with the gas block. Up front is what PSA
calls their crank brake. It increases pressure
and it allows the gun to fire more reliably. All right, let’s get out to the range. For this test, I literally
pulled the AK-P straight out of the box. I slammed in a mag, and I let it rip. As always, I paid attention
to function, feel, ergonomics, all of that. But I also enjoyed the bang
and bang this one does. This gun absolutely runs. 100% flawless performance for me. I fed it Federal Fusion 123 grain. Federal Power Shock also 123 grain, and I wouldn’t be doing
my job if I didn’t fire a boat load of Tula. Made in Russia and steel cased. Zero problems for me with any of the ammo, but to be honest, I couldn’t
really tell much difference between the brands while firing. It all ran great. Let’s talk about accuracy. I did not do groups with this pistol and I never will. To me, this is a fun range gun, and maybe for some of you a trut gun. So I just pinged torso steal at 50 yards and I had absolutely no problems there. Ergonomics are great. I like the front hand guard and the grip. Overall it feels like an AK. The trigger is kind of funky, and overall I don’t know
how I feel about it. A big positive reset click, but that break is just mechanical feeling. Now y’all know I’m a medium trigger snob, and this one feels to
me a little bit clunky. All right let me tell you
five things that I like. First is the value. Solid rifle/pistol for $699. Second, I do love the size. It’s compact, it’s fun. It feels great and I
just think it looks cool all being small and stuff. Third, that rail up top
is a thumbs up for me. Fourth, y’all know how much
I like the Magpul MOE line. Maybe it’s the best
furniture in the market. It fits this USA made AK pistol perfectly, and that’s my final favorite
thing about the AK-P. It’s made in America
and that matters to me. A few shortcomings to consider, first the Slavic purists
are gonna rant and rave that this gun is not
made in mother Russia, and it doesn’t come wrapped
in an Adidas track suit. Second, that short barrel
is of course gonna affect your accuracy at longer distances. Now I know a lot of
y’all enjoy AKs at medium and maybe medium long distances, but maybe not with this one. At least not for me. Finally, I’m not a huge
fan of that crank brake flash hider, I don’t like how it looks. It bugs me, I’m not really sure why. But I don’t like it. Question of the day, how would
you use a 10 inch AK pistol? Range gun, trut gun, home defense? Leave me a comment down
below and the Pew Pew team will read every one. Overall, I had a blast with the PSA AK-P. I’ll say it again, it looks great, but I really love the size. I like it significantly better than the full size PSA GF3. For this one, it’s a big thumbs up for me. What do you think? We’d love to hear your opinion. On behalf of the entire
Pew Pew Tactical team, I’m Johnny, and we’ll see you soon. (electrical beeping) (upbeat music) (electrical beeping)


  1. Pew Pew Tactical Author

    How would you deck out the AKP? Are you more of an AK purist that can't wait to slap Russian accessories on this bad boy, or are you into the trend of Magpul'd out American AKs?

  2. Daniel F. Author

    PSA has been killing it lately I have their AK47 G3 and love that thing this has been another 1 gonna have to add to my list after I buy the AKV9!!!! Awesome review guys!!!

  3. Mike Arebalo Author

    I wonder if PSA is going to produce that picatinny railed dust cover for their full size AK's. I picked up a GF3 and have been toying with the idea of a red dot/optic.

  4. Mathew Axling Author

    If you switch out the brake for lets says a krebs flashhider with it still run flawless? Or is the krink brakes "back pressure" needed for function?

  5. #notagrom Author

    7.62×39 only loses about 12% of it's muzzle velocity between a 10.5" and 16" barrel. Meaning that the AK platform is actually more beneficial in "pistol" (Carbine) format. They only weigh 7lbs (Compared to 9-11lbs for full length) and you obviously have a shorter barrel for better mobility. For 99% of uses, the AK-P is superior to the full length rifles. Even for those tacticool die hards, the smaller it is and the less it weighs, the more ammo you can carry!

    I personally think that this should be your primary rifle, and full length AK's are the ones that are "just for fun". Full length just isn't practical for a private citizen to have as their primary rifle. In a "end of the world" scenario, you aren't going to have reinforcements to resupply your ammo or rations. It's just going to be you and what you can carry on your own.

  6. lit sci Author

    Triangle brace and red wood furniture for the win. Too bad muzzle device does jack for rise or recoil. Would prefer 12" barrel and a compensator. Still, Krink is Krink.

  7. HugoStiglitz Author

    Do you think this is reliable enough for home defense or truck gun? Pardon my ignorance about AK's…I hear this was "entry level" or budget AK.

  8. sean eastham Author

    My ak p is running great but the Casings are beating up the top cover on the side Of the Ejection port Don't know if anyone else is running into the same issue other than that it is a amazing AK

  9. snteevveetns Author

    great video, subbed to your channel because of the asparagus! Wife laughed too… we want to know if it's organic?! LoL Would you like the pistol better if the brace was side folding?

  10. TangoXrayNiner Author

    @pew pew tactical You should REALLY get one of there AK 47, GF3, ALG Lightning Bow trigger models.

    I just got mine and I only stop shooting when I run out of ammo. That ALG Lightning bow trigger is competition ready in my mind, it is amazing. Way better then the mechanical feelings basic trigger all there other models get!

    Love your channel and reviews, keep up the good work. Protect our 2A.

  11. JSBPhotorebel Author

    I have several AK's including an NFA AK74U which I love. I upgraded mine with an ALG trigger and it's a dream to shoot. Palmetto makes some awesome AK's. Im really impressed with their quality. Youtube locked me out of my gun channel and refuses to unlock it…so Im in the process of creating another one and re-uploading all of my old videos. The 762×39 isnt ment to be a long range round, im not sure how people got it in their head that it is. Its mean to deliver a powerful punch at short to medium distances. Awesome review sir!

  12. eric sady Author

    Calls it a flash hider, yet shows it repeatedly exhausting massive fireballs. That's alright, though. I love mine and it's the perfect party gun.

  13. Enrique Tachias Author

    With a Ak47 pistol I’ve shot targets at 300 meters it takes so time getting use to the sighting in but I’m impressed I definitely don’t like the dust cover rail on any Ak47 because it’s not my kind of setup, I rather go with a side rail optic made by kalinka or Belarus surplus scope, anyways I’m glad that palmetto is really getting into Ak47/74 they really help out the civilians get what they want, I don’t own a palmetto Ak47 but I own a Romanian cugir draco pistol and I’m happy with it👍🏻

  14. noneofyourconcern AR15USA Author

    Just brought one, its current uses are range gun, home defense, car gun, hunting wild hogs showing off to brother that my red wood ak is prettier than his.

  15. R Lo Author

    After looking at ballistics for the 7.62X39, especially Hornady SST, this pistol or any AK platform would be an ideal PDW/HD. With the compactness of the pistol, and its close up and personal intentions, keeping it bedside or in the truck is a no brainer! Nasty round to be hit with and a true fight stopper!

  16. Robert Desrosiers Author

    I also had reservations about the trigger. The break felt…..inconsistent. Not sure how else to describe it. I swapped in an ALG unit that improved the feel greatly. But then I noticed I was getting some light primer strikes. This was with Wolf MC. Anyone else experience this with ALG?

  17. Aaron Gallagher Author

    Its a hell of a lot more complex than 'shorter barrel therefore less accurate at range'… Sometimes a shorter barrel can even improve accuracy due to less whip in the barrel as it heats up. I'd steer clear of that generalization. lower velocity =/= lower accuracy, maybe lower precision due to shift in point of impact over distance from a lower velocity.

  18. Davis Butte Author

    Curious to hear thoughts about this AK-P vs the PSA AK-47 full-size rifle. Really struggling to decide between the two. Either would be my fist AK, just not sure which would be the better option and what purpose each would be best for. Let me know thoughts!

  19. Abyyss3344 Author

    Hate the rear sight, soooo lazy/cheap and furniture is hard on the eyes, just looks like a cheaper/uglier version of a M92. What I truly hope you get your hands on for review is PSA's new 5.45 X 39 true looking Krink with their new triangle folding BRACE! The black furniture looks fantastic too… I just hope PSA gets the twist rate right and it doesn't keyhole!


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