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Panzerfaust 3D 40mm – REVIEW AIRSOFT

WARNING This video features a German uniform whose insignias have not been censored. It’s a desire for historical fidelity from my part. If that shocks you, I invite you not to continue and discover my videos on allied airsoft replicas! Hello everyone and welcome to this new airsoft replica presentation video. Today, I have the honor to present a 3D printed Panzerfaust made by my friends from 419LAB. First of all, I want to thank 419lab for all its confidence! As well as Destockage Games for their support in this video. Thanks to their support, I was able to acquire the MasterMike grenade which I will test just for you! Recently, I did 2 unboxing: a video for the opening of this baby and another for the MasterMike grenade (with another replica), you will find the two videos linked to the description! Or in small link here, which will appear one after the other. Let’s start with a little history of the original Panzerfaust. Panzerfaust literally means “armored fist”. At first, we thought of Iron Fist but it was already taken! Then we weighed in with steel, but we thought it was too… communist… For those who have never watched a documentary or played WW2 video games, this is a single-use rocket launcher. Which will propel a hollow charge towards a target, preferably armored. The range will be effective between 30 and 60m depending on the model. There have been more than 8 million copies manufactured since 1943, and this weapon has considerably changed the combat strategies, since from now on, the armored vehicles had to be accompanied by infantry to protect themselves, these having become easier to shoot down by infantry. Namely, that since March 9, 1942, the badge for the armored vehicles destruction had been distributed after the destruction of an armored vehicle with an anti-tank weapon. But after the appearance of the Panzerfaust in 1943 and the multiplication of victories against the Russian tanks, it was necessary, on December 18, 1943, to put in place a GOLD insignia of armored destruction, which grouped together 5 classic armored destructions. This is to avoid having, for the heroes, their arms completely filled with badges of destruction. Most of the Panzerfaust produced were made by the firm Hugo Schneider A.G. (HASAG for short), although other companies have made them, including a factory in a concentration camp. There were several models of Panzerfaust. The first was the PzF 30, with a useful range of 30m. The Panzerfaust 60 and 100, capable of reaching 60 and 100m respectively, were created from 1944. But the practical range was theoretical, to be sure that the target was hit, you had to be at most 40m, whatever the model. The manufacturers were recommending the recycling of the tubes, since they were single-use steel tubes, so the manufacturers asked that the guys keep the tubes, even if they were already shot, just to recycle them. Panzerfaust tube, which trash is it? It was also used by some soldiers to replace rifle grenades, since the Panzerfaust were more effective, and created a cloud of smoke at the start, thus replacing a smoke grenade to hide. The real Panzerfaust 60 weighs 8.5 kg. And you, how are you weighing? 1,8kg You have to eat soup my little one! The man who whispered in the ear of the Panzerfausts… Now let’s move on to our Panzerfaust model printed by my friends from 419LAB! This is the first time I say that… print… In fact the base is a PVC tube, on which have been fixed elements that have been printed in 3D. It took several months of research and testing for Echo from 419lab to develop this replica. Since yes, hang in there ladies and gentlemen, this is an airsoft gun! Yes, it shoots BB’s. Indeed, it uses 40mm grenades which will be stored… in the head. The elements printed in 3D are therefore the cap, the head, the two panels which are used to aim and shoot, and the cap on the back, I will come back to this later. We have a few steel screws here and there, one of which is very important: the one used to aim. It’s realistic, some Panzerfausts models had it, but depending on the manufacturing, it will be more or less high, even absent. After, you see what you prefer, at worst you can take it off, or even ask 419Lab not to put it on. A manual will be provided in the pack. On the other hand, beware my friend Echo, here it’s a Panzerfaust 30. Not a 60. However, I am impatiently waiting for you to make one! You just have the aiming system to change after all. However, the trigger system must also be changed. Not that easy after all. There are several technical explodings, and there is a whole procedure to follow. Honestly, memorize this manual. If you don’t follow the procedure, you may have big problems, maybe even breakages. It remains generally simple, but you will have to keep in mind that this fragile object. Do not sit on it, it remains PVC, it will break. Afterwards, if you have 3D printed parts, you can always ask 419Lab to make new ones. It’s as solid as Denix in fact. This is the downside of homemade, I can’t imagine the cost per unit of a full metal Panzerfaust… As it’s homemade, the manufacturing times are to be taken into account when placing your order. Since it’s not actually an order but a pre-order. 419Lab doesn’t yet have the means to operate with stock, so it operates just in time. Thus, it will take between 2 and 3 weeks to make a Panzerfaust for you. But maybe one day it will be possible to have the machines and staff to have stock in advance… Two pins are provided in the kit. One here to block the sighting system, it’s realistic. And one here to serve as security. It’s not realistic, alas, but it’s necessary. The principle, to activate your replica: First, remove the cap, otherwise the BB’s won’t be able to come out from the end. Then unclip the head of the head by turning it a little to the right. You can see the inside. Here we will have the 40mm grenade, and here we have the mechanism. That said, the cap at the end of the head is pretty cool for photos. It’s up to you to hide the little string since it will be possible to hide it as much as possible the fact that it’s an airsoft. To be able to replace the cap, there is a sense. Screw from above against screw from below, and I slide the string there. We have a threaded rod inside that will serve as a firing pin. It will therefore have to be armed. To do this, either you have a finger thin and strong enough to insert it as much as possible, or you take a screwdriver. I take my Swiss knife screwdriver, or bottle opener, and press it. Do it on the ground. Once it’s armed (but you don’t need to remove the pin to do so), it will absolutely be necessary to keep this pin, since at any moment the Faust can shoot. Introduce a grenade, here a MasterMike from Destockage Games, put it in the “chamber”, and arrange it so that it doesn’t exceed. Here, it’s sticking out, it’s not good, so you have to press it to make it flush. Not good… Good. After, when you want to remove it, either you use your small screwdriver again to pry since we have two notches to release the grenade, or so by going through the front: you finger it. Neo035, specialist in fingering since 1989 If your grenade protrudes just a little bit, you won’t be able to close. It would be a bit of a shame to force this. But this is where the procedure is very important to follow: you must first arm the firing pin, then introduce the grenade, and only then can you close it. If you accidentally forgot to cock the firing pin by the time you close the head, it will shoot. It already happened to me. I fucked it all over my living room! Neo035, specialist in facade restoration in the living room since 1989. So we can close the head and we’re ready to shoot. Then we will remove the first pin, to deploy the sighting system. Thus, it will be necessary to align one of the three notches that we have here with the screw to aim. We have the 30, 60 and 80m markings which are directly printed on the piece. Then I advise you directly to aim for 80m. Who can do more, can do less. So for a classic from above shot, you can reach 20 to 30m. For the MasterMike, it’s another history, you’ll see that later. Hello to all the little margoulins. Here Neo035 ASMR. Today we are going to observe a fucking pendulum on a Panzerfaust! There will be labels in spare with the Panzerfaust, I think it’s really good. I advise you to scan these labels, or ask 419Lab to send you the PDF. But keep it as a spare. It’s paper on plastic. So we are a little afraid of humidity, let’s say. And to shoot, we will remove the last pin, and press the key with marked “Feuer” on it. Different markings will be painted on the tube, they are made with stencils. They are in red and we even have a blue marking here. And there, like that, at the beginning I thought he had marked “I like”. Haha, es gefällt mir! Subscribe! In any case, all the markings are present, are realistic, there I say Bravo! It changes me from my old Panzerfaust which doesn’t have all the markings, and I am too lazy to look for the stencils… I’m talking about this one that I already showed you in my video on the VolksGrenadiers, it’s not very beautiful anyway… It even lacked the cap, I had to reproduce it with scotch tape. But it’s metal, and the head is really heavy. There at least, the weight is realistic. But hey, like my grandpa said “wesh, we don’t care queitly, it’s even not an airsoft”. Yeah, he said that my grandpa, he was in the Wave. It will be possible to store one or two grenades depending on their size in the back of the tube. Here we have a disc that serves as the bottom of the tank. We can guess this platform thanks to the screws we have on the side. And so there I have 2 conventional 40mm grenades stored there. By cons arrange to have a short and a long, otherwise it will move in all directions. Or put foam at the bottom, like that, it blocks a little. But the ideal is still to have lots of grenades in advance to avoid having to reload on the battlefield. Unless you have a supplier who will manage the grenades for you, but in this case, you might as well take directly a Panzerschreck! Regarding grenades, it’s up to you to decide which ones you obviously prefer, depending on your budget and your needs. I’m still reluctant with the 40Mike, having a continuous stream of 150 balls at 240 fps… Admittedly, 240fps is not much, but having a continuous stream on one person, I understand that it can be angry on the other side. While there, the MasterMike is spreading, so it’s not 1 person but 5 or 6 who can potentially be affected. So I chose to show only the MasterMike. And also because you have no money. Hush, don’t make them run away… Leave the mystery on my bank account… WHICH IS EMPTY. Speaking of bank account, you can acquire this baby for 165€, this in France. Only in France for the moment, my friends at 419Lab are not exporting this baby abroad. Question of legislation and shipping costs. We will now go to the shooting test with conventional 40mm grenades, then with the Master Mike, provided by Destockage Games. We’re now going to take a test shot first with conventional 40mm grenades. It leaves between 25 and 30m anyway… It’s not bad. Went a little less far that one. And we will now go to the MasterMike test. To do this, I put all the pins before handling, I don’t want it to freak out. I’m going to aim for the tree there. Ah yeah… it spreads… Damn, it reminds me of last night. Honestly, this thing in WW2 game, it must dislodge underpants! We can see that the range depends on the grenade, but that the mechanism is reliable! On the other hand, a small recommendation: in the storage position, don’t leave the mechanism armed. It’s a way to damage the spring, so it will be less powerful and may not even trigger the grenade, since it takes some power to trigger the shot, so maybe you won’t be able to shoot properly. Afterwards, small disadvantage, if you use the grenades of the Mike range, you won’t be able to store them in the tube with the protective capsules which are supplied with. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it, it’s a shame, unless you remove the little extra rubber lug. If you want to know how to reload 40mm grenades, whether classic or Mike, check out YouTube, there are lots of tutorials, we are not there for that. Last tip: twist your pins a little. Certainly, it will be a little more troublesome to put them back, but at least you won’t lose them. Because natively, it’s going to go away on its own. It will be a shame. After these are conventional pins, you can replace them with standard pins. Here is what concludes this video, I hope you enjoyed it! If so, as usual, feel free to leave a blue thumb, comment, subscribe, and share this video. I would like to thank my partners from 419Lab and Destockage Games for their support, without whom this video would not have been possible at all! But if you also want to support me, you can go to the description to find my Tipeee and MyTip pages, as well as a link to subscribe to the channel, which will give you some advantages. All this to allow you to help him, whether on the form but also on the content of my videos. As for me, I will see you soon for new video reviews of airsoft guns, uniform and VIP presentations! Bye! Directed by Neo035 With the support of 419Lab and Destockage Games Thank you to my Tipeee subscribers, MyTip tipers and YouTube subscipers! Subscribe, put likes! Just for the cat!


  1. mrbenjzombie Author

    Tiens, c'est étrange. L'image semble plus sombre et plus jolie🤔 mais bref toujours un plaisir de recevoir une notification de la part de ta chaîne 😁

  2. Flocrach _ Author

    Pour savoir, vu que tu as un bel uniforme de la Hermann Göring, est-ce que une review d'uniforme est a prévoir (voir mieux, une vidéo sur les camouflages allemands vu que cette unité a eu des tenues camouflées SS en dotation avec les para en plus des camos WH, ce qui pourrait te permettre de tout présenter) ?

  3. _ dimitri_ Author

    VIDEO au top comme d habitude et toujours aussi cool de regarder en fin de journée , merci de nous montrer et partagé ca , continu comme ca

  4. Bryste Stéf Author

    Franchement, top c'est une réplique rare et super cool, le poids n'est pas génant et la taille handicap l'usage du LG ce qui est beaucoup plus réaliste, tres beau ce panzerfaust

  5. Alex KEEMO Author

    Super vidéo ! Et super réplique !
    J’ai adoré l’humour !!!
    Je vais me laisser tenter par la baïonnette Garand pour mon ICS en espérant que tu l’a présentera rapidement a l’occasion dans une prochaine vidéo

  6. Sorane Author

    Juste si on est en Belgique, on peux la faire livre à un point relais en France pour passer la prendre ? même pas 20 minute en voiture pour aller chercher se bébé c'est rien du tout ^^

  7. waffmann Author

    @Neo035 check out if you can find or use in France "Tactical Game Innovation TAGINN Projectile Airsoft Grenades" you will have much more fun with the panzerfaust with one of those

  8. Nicky Larson Author

    Salut fera tu une vidéo uniforme us 2ème division d'infanterie us avec ceinturon garand et un havresacs ou tu nous fait la présentation de se que tu met personnellement en plus du matérielle réglementaire ?
    Merci bien à toi bonne fin de journée

  9. L'Antre du Dingo /Ding's Lair Author

    Maaaaa, zé dré chwette ! Cela dit, c'est pas pour faire chier hein, mais sur un Panzerfaust j'opterais pour de la 40 mike pour taper plus loing et sur un point précis vu que c'est une charge creuse pour cassay lé blindays :-p Merci pour cette vidéo.


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