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North Korean Type 70 Pistol

Hi guys, thanks for tuning in to another video on Forgotten Weapons. I’m Ian. I’m here today at the Rock Island Auction House taking a look at some of the cool guns coming up for sale In their April of 2015 premiere auction, And there’s one in this auction that is just an absolute hen’s tooth. It is a North Korean ‘Type 70’ semi-automatic pistol. What makes this so incredibly cool to find is the fact that it’s North Korean, Obviously North Korea is a very insular country, they don’t export their guns and it’s extremely rare to find Especially relatively modern North Korean guns. Even North Korean SKSs are very unusual. To find a pistol like this… I frankly didn’t think I’d ever actually see one, so we’re definitely going to take this opportunity to take a closer look A little bit of background on North Korea’s automatic pistols; The first one they adopted in the relatively modern era Was the ‘Type 64’, which was a direct copy of, get this, the ‘Browning 1900’ Now you might wonder why on Earth they would copy a Browning 1900 of all things, when there are so many much more modern pistols around Well, no one obviously knows because you can’t just go and ask them But the suspicion is in 1909 a Korean military officer actually assassinated an influential Japanese politician using a Browning Model 1900. At the time of course and for pretty much ever, Japan and Korea have had a very unpleasant relationship with each other So this was an act of political defiance by this Korean officer, and it’s been memorialized And it seems likely that North Korea found a lot of symbolic value in the Browning 1900 And that’s why they decided to copy it, because of that specific incident, well It does have the one additional benefit of they’re able to easily mount a suppressor on it Because the 1900 has its barrel down below its recoil spring so they can put a regular round suppressor on it And still be able to use the sights on the pistol. Which is kind of cool. So, they only they only made those Type 64s for a little while before they also introduced the ‘Type 68’ Which is a pretty generic copy of the ‘Tokarev’ pistol And that was what was used for standard military troops and officers There’s only the high-ranking guys that got the more special pistols like the 64 and like this Type 70. This is in .32 Automatic, and it has some elements very reminiscent of a number of different designs So why don’t I bring the camera back here and we’ll take a closer look and see all the good details. Alright, so, obviously we’ll start by pointing out the big North Korean Emblem on both sides of the grips. And the markings on the side of the slide here say “Type 70”, then we have that star again and “7.62” This it’s interesting as this is actually 7.65, It’s in .32 ACP or 7.65mm Browning. Looking at the mechanical details, this has elements of the PPK, has elements of the Makarov, But it’s not a direct copy of any single gun. So we have an exposed hammer, but it’s single action only. Once the hammer is down the trigger doesn’t do anything. Although you can see it moving back there above the grip. From the front it has a profile that is actually pretty distinctively Makarov looking, but it’s not a Makarov. The safety is this crossbar right here, Push it in and it’s on safe, like so We have a heel magazine release. The magazine on this particular one is mismatched. But I don’t think that’s a big issue considering your chances of ever finding another Type 70. There we go, seven round capacity in our magazine. It does lock open on an empty magazine, but then nothing holds the slide open when you pull the mag out. So if you lock it open and then pull the magazine it drops the slide immediately. Alright, so the other function of this safety button is to actually act as the main disassembly catch So what we do, let me take the magazine out, We push this button Hold a little bit of tension back here And it’s interesting, the barrel is not fixed, the barrel is in the slide. So I actually want to hold a little bit of tension on the barrel and I can push that button through See it starts to come out this side and just hold there… I’ll use my ‘precision plastic disassembly tool’ here And this locking block comes right out. Then the slide comes off the top of the gun We have a very simple frame right there What’s more interesting is the way the slide is put together. We have our removable barrel. It is actually not fixed to the frame. It is simply held in place by that locking block, connected to the frame. The barrel assembly and recoil spring come out just like this. And I believe, I could be wrong, but I believe this is just a little recoil buffer. So that’s it. That’s all there is to this guy. Short barrel. It’s actually a very comfortable gun to handle. Typical spring-loaded firing pin, you can see that working there. No frame-mounted safety like you would find on a PPk or a Makarov. No decocker. It’s not double-action, you just have your crossbolt safety. So, to reassemble, stick that in Compress the recoil spring Drop the barrel down into place like that And then this slides right on And you can see the lug lining up right down there This actually needs to come through from this side Just hold that back And it goes in through the spring and there we go, safe and ready to fire. Well, thanks for watching guys, I hope you enjoyed the video It’s certainly a treat to get a chance to look at a gun that is so unusual as this North Korean Type 70 What’s even cooler is that it is for sale! So if you’d like to own this for your own personal collection, perhaps you represent the CIA And you don’t have one of these in your institutional collection, and you’d like it, well I have a link below to Rock Island’s catalog page for it So you can take a look at their catalog description, their high-res pictures And get all the information you need to set up an account and place a bid or come down here to Illinois and bid in person Thanks for watching!


  1. Josef BrosefStalin Author

    So North Korea is sanctioned so it cannot trade anything and you got your hands on one of their guns. So you are selling stolen goods?

  2. James Burns Author

    No wonder it failed to sell at auction. The gun needs a good cleaning. You go to the trouble of disassembly, why not clean and oil it before the sale?

  3. Матвей Малинин Author

    лучше озвучивать а то читать нихуя неудобно но пушка вощем пиздатой конструкции любопытно корейцы придумали со стволом хотя и сомнительно по надёге – интересно только почём продался

  4. Царь Оченьприятно Author

    Прикольный.гибрид ТТ/ПМ/РРК;)) это как восемь нот)))и ты уже не можешь придумать ничего проще,чем дворовые три аккорда на гитаре,но они звучат;))) и под них разным боем поются все песни;)))

  5. Peter Smythe Author

    A third world and heavily sanctioned country with artificial borders, a GDP of like $2k/year/capita, with only 25 million people, has not only a domestic weapons industry but one producing unique weapons? Songun policy is a success it seems.

  6. Mike Lombard Author

    Years ago, my Pops got a pistol almost exactly like this one. It came packed in grease. 50 bucks. But, it was Chinese, 9mm, and slightly bigger. It even had a star on the grips in the same spot. It turned out to be a great little pistol. Very accurate and reliable, and it made a funky sound when fired. Kinda like 'VAPOWP!' He got pulled over by CHP one day while taking the deposit to the bank. 8 grand in cash and about a grand in checks. (We owned a pretty busy bar) the gun was laying on top of the bank bag, in plain site. The cop said that because there was a full mag in the well, that it was illegal, confiscated the gun, and cited him into court. Pops went to court, argued his case and won. But, they ruled the gun to be a 'nuisance gun' and kept it, 'to be destroyed'. I wonder who is carrying it now.

  7. Hauptmann Sturm Author

    It actually looks pretty nice, making a pocket version with shorter slide would look better imo.
    I suppose the safety is abidextrous, although uncomfortable

  8. J D C Author

    Wow. Never expected that pistol to be so simple, and yet I didn't even expect that simplicity from N Korea. Knowing how behind modern society they are, that seems light years ahead of what I expected to see.

  9. QuasiTraction Author

    Maybe just because I like simple military (as in ease of assembling/disassembling). I dig this little handgun.

    Maybe NK will be less insular as time goes on, and some of these will hit the export market, when taken out of service. You never know..

  10. Ashley Smith Author

    Ian; surely that thing you suggested was a "….little recoil buffer…." is the mechanism to prevent the crossbar safety from being pushed through the frame when the gun is assembled, and to put some spring-loaded tension on it??

  11. MrSniperdude01 Author

    Dude, it looks like a CZ 52 knockoff. Not sure what the hype is all about.
    Think about it… It's NORTH KOREAN !!! That's worse than M.I.C 😆
    It means it was produced by some emaciated uneducated subterranean factory workers who just build so they can eat. I'd be shitting my shorts at the thought of firing that thing

  12. Draugre Author

    Yeah a wimpy little pistol for small people, don't own anything less than a 357magnum mostly because they are absolutly useless hunting weapons (actually i own a merwin-hulbert, and a Nagant but i inherited those)

  13. Dwane Anderson Author

    Interesting how the barrel moves. It may be intended to act as a sort of short recoil system. The barrel can move back until the bullet leaves the barrel, allowing the pressure to drop before initiating extraction.
    I think that the "recoil buffer" in the barrel lug is to push the barrel and slide into battery. Without that part, the barrel and slide would just rattle back and forth loose. The main recoil spring only pushes the slide forward relative to the barrel.

  14. Omar Greene Author

    At Last! An individual that appreciates the merits of a "Precision Plastic Disassembly Tool" as much as I do!! Footnote: At times, it also masquerades as a Precision Plastic ASSEMBLY Tool.


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