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Niagara Falls Canada freezes over – Spectacular photos from 2014 polar vortex

The extreme weather in the north America and
Canada has provided plenty of photographic opportunities but those people visiting these
waterfalls have had a sight to behold. That is, if they stand the cold. Because parts
of Niagara Falls have become frozen. It’s become a winter wonderland. Braving temperatures
of as low as minus 19 with the wind chill, these visitors have been rewarded with spectacular
sights and a photo gallery to tell the tale. Images of water turning to ice before it reaches
the bottom, creating an ice jam and subsequent flooding on two islands. The US and Canada
have been suffering from a polar vortex that has brought freezing air and Arctic temperatures
down past minus sixty in parts. Temperatures are expected to rise this week with a thaw
that millions will be grateful for. It’s predicted the cold could switch to relative warm of
12 degrees celsius – an extreme change from what the US and Canada are currently experiencing.


  1. Wild Willy Author

    Nice pics of the US falls. Niagara Falls on the Canadian side, the horseshoe falls has never froze up but did stop running once due to a ice jam eat the mouth of Lake Erie. When it did people were able to walk on the river bottom only to find vast amount of relics from the war of 1812 including canons.
    The ice bridge below the falls used to have a sort of mid way on it until one day it broke up with a few hundred people on the ice when it did.

  2. Radwar99 Author

    Braving temperatures of -19? That was funny, we keep getting temperatures in the -30's to -40's this year. The temperature even fell in -50's one day during the holidays here in Quebec, -19 is a joke.

  3. Árpádné Botka Author

    Niagara vízesés így megfagyva,csodás látvány,de másképpen kicsit félelmetes is Mert olyan hideg van,hogy még a zuhatag is meg fagy!!!

  4. Possessed Furby Author

    -19 with the windchill? I'm an hour away from here and a week ago it was -65 with the windchill. Something is definitely fucked up with the weather.

  5. Лимон Лаймов Author

    Fools, forget about such words as * global warming *! This is all done on purpose so that we would people pay for air! You are forced to believe in it and warming the poles shift, trying to intimidate needed leverage on you!

  6. Лимон Лаймов Author

    Your natural disaster come naturally from plants such as HARP . And from your power plants. Fact is that just where go from north to south 16 high-voltage power grid in Canada and America c enormous stresses in the 580-750 thousand volts passes magnetic meridian of the Earth!
    As a result , electric and magnet fields of power lines interact with micro-electric fields and magnetic field of the Earth at a frequency of 60 Hz and includes them in the resonance !
    And of course your scientists know about all this , but felt no need to listen and listen to Russian scientists ! Only now people are suffering and no one to care ! Loves you your government , your people, exactly the same as suddenly countries around the world!

  7. wishmasterbrazen Author

    i do not understand why on everyone of these videos.. people just keep commenting on global warming.. this is a video about the weather.. not about global warming.. that is like watching a video on riots in europe and commenting on the economy of china..

  8. Fenrir Author

    Fukashima is still burning, spewing radioactive isotopes into the atmosphere for almost 3 yrs now on 3/11/14 , Nothing to see here folks move along !

  9. vgames89 Author

    It doesn't matter weather or not global warming is human induced or whether or not it's real. We still need to be responsible and do what we can to preserve our planet. I feel that people who haven't actually studied the topic think it's a hoax for three reasons: they don't want to be responsible; money; politics. However, if you've studied the topic extensively and conclude it's a hoax then I respect that. But if you have not, then you can't automatically say it's a hoax just because the lakes freeze over or we have an inactive hurricane season. Obviously people exploit global warming to make money and spread political agenda. But that doesn't automatically mean it doesn't exist. You could exploit something that exists.


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