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New Batch Of Bulgarian Makarov Pistols

Hey everybody, Ben with Classic Firearms here. Today is Wednesday January the 25th, and we
want to tell you about our Bulgarian Makarovs. Now we’ve had these Makarovs in for probably
10 days or so now, put them up on the site, they’ve been a really good seller for us so
far, people seem to like them. Getting really good comments, but we haven’t
shown them to you and that’s what we like to do, is show you every time a new batch
comes in, what you’re getting. You see my little display here. I asked my warehouse guys to set me a crate
on top of the table that I can get into and show you folks some of these pistols, and
they got kind of creative, I didn’t know they were that artistic but that’s pretty cool. Didn’t want to let them down by saying, “I’m
just going to break it down to get inside the crate anyways”, but I did want to give
them their props because guys, if you’re watching this you did a good job, this is very nice. They actually propped one of these up on its
magazine, so they did a good job there. Having said that, let me put them out of the
way so I can show what’s inside crate. Come on in Jordan, let’s take a look at what’s
inside here. Every time somebody gets in a shipment they
say, “This is the best shipment we’ve ever got, blah, blah, blah.” We try really hard not to do that, but in
some cases there’s a lot of truth at it. These are some really nice Makarov pistols. What you’re seeing there is a little cosmoline,
there’s a little light oil or cosmoline on some of these, but overall you can see the
condition of the blueing. As you see that wipes right off. I am not an importer, I don’t know all the
nuances or why it has to be this way, but for some reason, Makarovs or these handguns,
surplus handguns, can’t be imported into the country with their original military grips,
so all of these come to us with a set of target grips on them, they’re very smooth, but as
you can see in these bags, the original military grips with the communist star come with them. As such, every one of these Makarovs comes
with two sets of grips. They change out very easily. They’re simply one flat-edge screw right there,
slotted screw on the back. Pull that out, grip slides off the back and
new grip slides on. Voila, you go back to the original grip. All of them come with two sets of grips. We are doing a hand select for cosmetic, but
as you can see, quality is consistently very good. Now Jordan, if I’m not mistaken, there is
one other custom option. We appear to have gotten a very few of these
black original grips. Again it’s the military grip with the communist
star. At least 90% of them, as you can see in this
bag are going to be in the red. If you simply order a pistol or simply order
a hand select, it will come with the black target grip, and a red original grip. If you want the hand select with a black grip,
don’t know where I put it but you just saw it, you want a hand select for a black grip,
that option is there. Once again before we close out, Jordan come
in here and just scroll the quality on these pistols. I see these when I see them at a distance,
it looked like marked, but that is not. That is cosmoline that is on these pistols,
I don’t know if it shows up on the camera or not, but we can pull them out two or three
at a time. Very smooth actions. They all have the safeties on them. Just a nice looking lot of original Bulgarian
Makarov, you got to see Jordan’s hand folks. Never get to hear her voice but you did get
to see her hand. So that’s pretty cool, but original Bulgarian
Makarov pistols. These are made by Arsenal in Bulgaria, one
of the most renowned military firearms facilities in the world. They have tremendous reputation. These are on the site now for sale. If you want one, get one. We have them at a great price point right
now as our quantities sell down I have no doubts that the price will go up, so now is
the time to buy. Folks thanks for watching, and as always,
we appreciate you joining us at


  1. John Wires Author

    these are okay for collecting but for practicality I think it's a waste of money might as well use a 380 or 9 millimeter option for a modern handgun

  2. Arkansas Libertarian Author

    The reason they have to swap the grips is to make them comply with the '68 gun control act. They have to have a thumb rest to make them "sporting" pistols. You'll note there us a small swell on the left side of the grip.

  3. Angel Garcia Author

    Awesome pistols, i picked one up from Classic Firearms about 2 years ago. I love ordering from them. spent lots of money on their awesome products.

  4. Dan Mac Author

    Finally! I got one, and man is it sweet. Mine is in excellent condition, possibly even un-issued. The bakelite grip has a few surface abrasions, but still looks great and has plenty of shine. This little guy shoots like a dream-love it. Now, to find more mags.Thanks Classic. Now maybe that p64…

  5. Olds Rocket Author

    Look my guys pepped it up, n look they left me a nice NOS 9×18 in there, im not gonna bother to check. No worries im gonna squeeze the trigger n find out, its either me or my comrade camera-woman

  6. magdaddy Author

    Run your sales looonger i missed the last one! and was supposed to get a email notification when the item was back in stock. Now have to wait for a sale again.


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