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N°2 Sniper Airsoft Scope cam bolt 400fps VaVAnN

Thanks to everyone who posts a comment on my first video Thanks to you guys there is a 2nd video 500mm Zoom Camera Scenario “Vip” a column players come to me and the security of my MK23 is blocked panic on board! “PanPan” “OUT” one player Out by voice, but it only works once I’m disassembling my gun sooo ….. nothing works It’s time to run “Vavann?” “Yes?” “Can whe pass before you?” “There is one guy I can see he’s head” “He is on your left after the embankment” “Shoot Him” “No, I’m going to hurt him” People are saying that snipers hurt I think i’m a sniper pretty reasonable If you take one bb in your head anyway I thought I was far enough or I was aiming some thing else or I do shit:) I was stuck so I came back 20meters Luky shot! I saw some thing move lol 🙂 Now I’m too far? LOL how! I didn’t see you .. I missed! 🙁 It’s time to shoot him or he will be to close aprox 20meter (65feet) observing around one more 🙂 Oh? did he see me? One single luky shot. oh shit! 🙂 Men In Black again! so witch one first? … it will be you … replica out again I avoid firingin the face, he does not see me yet, wait Dym (friend sniper): “I can not see him” “I’ll shoot im if he get up again” “you watch on right?” this is what i was waiting for “replica Out” Dym at MK23 CQB at marui MK23 “I shot a lot a enemies” “really?” 🙂 “it was huge” “trough the window!” “Crap there gone” impacts of the balls in pants “shit! they are incredible” “Pan” “I didn’t toutch you?” “didn’t feel it … honestly” “anyway i’m Out, but honestly i didn’t feel anything” “So i’m out to” mission “defend the missile” smoke cap noise , not good! “SMOKE!” “can you catch it?” “SMOKE” “takes it takes it” “Throw it trow it” “SMOKE” our two ghillies are designed to resist fire as our gloves “I need help here” “What a motherfucker” “Lol Okey ..” “like that!” “just like that”


  1. CptBeardo Author

    wtf this smokebombs at the end look kind of dangerous to me. If someone would throw one of these in my direction I would punch him in the face.

  2. Wayn John Author

    probably R-Hopped or a flat hop mod.. Its all about the right hop up and inner barrel length/diameter and BB weight matched with the FPS… and of course the fact that it wasn't windy really made a difference in the grouping…

  3. tino margani Author

    une question stp tu a apporté des modification au Bolt Maruzen ?
    si oui tu peut me dire la quel ?

    merci et continue tes vidéos 🙂

  4. PyroJoe117 Author

    If any body is interested in airsoft sniping or airsoft in general I am selling a CYMA M14 and Thompson just check out my vid on my channel.

  5. matteo baron Author

    esque tu peux me dire le nom de ton arme de poin stp (et si tes sur fb demande moi en ami matteo baron photo de moi dans le sable stp merci d avance!!)

  6. Jullian Lamora Author

    de toute les video que ta fait c celle la ma preferer (dans l'entrepot)
    ahhhhhhh!!! FUMIGENE …………..pchchchchchchchch…………..!!! LOL

  7. Sniper Belgium Author

    Aucune ghillie résiste au feu elles sont vaporisée d'un retardateur qui d'ailleur ne reste pas dessus mais c'est suffisant pour passer les normes anti feu .ceci etant de jouer avec des fumigènes en cqb quand il y a des gars en ghillie intégrale faut vraiment être inconscient !

  8. leguignol666 Author

    mouai…. 1:44 tu fais un "Pan t'es out" alors que ton mk23 est bloquer :-s pas très fairplay ça…. dans ces moments la il te reste plus que le couteau ou le visée avec ton snipe et dire " Pan t'es out"

  9. pooleroes Author

    ils dissent pas OUT, ils dissent plutot OUCH!!  LOL . C'etait quoi la distance moyenne de vos tirs, et votre replique c quoi au fait, merci d'avantage.


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