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Medical Holography by RealView Imaging – User Testimonial: Einat Birk, MD

Having the heart floating in front of
you. Being able to point in it at an area of interest, all of a sudden I can look
at the anatomy, understand better the three-dimensional relationship. I can put
my finger in the image tag it, point it, market whatever I want and communicate
with my collaborator whether it’s the person behind the catheter or the
surgeon in order to plan better Here comes the hologram and instead of
looking at a single angle all of a sudden we can look at an infinite number
of angles at the same time having all these information being together in
front of me giving me a true three-dimensional picture amplifies my
ability to understand the structure expressing your thoughts in actual space
makes all this communication a hell of a lot easier this will definitely be to
the benefit of the person who is suffering a structural heart disease

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