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Ladder Type Rail Cover Review | Fox Airsoft

Hey Guys, Matt here with Fox and I wanted
to show you a cool little accessory to customize your rifle. These are the ladder type rail
covers license by PTS. Now what these little guys do, is there going to fit over your rail
interface system, and fill in the groves between each of those rail slots that you’re not using.
When you are holding your rifle is going to give you a much more comfortable grip that
way, and just a lot more solid feel in your hands. Cool thing about them too, they come
in multiple colors– we have black, dark earth, foliage green, as well as OD. So that way
you can customize your rifle to give it the look you want. So make sure to check them
out at Fox Airsoft dot com. Fox Airsoft
10244 S Progress Lane Parker CO 80134
(888) 316-7816


  1. 19DESERTFOX91 Author

    There not bad they feel and seem to attach just as well as Magpul ladder only down side is magpul ladder rails are very easy to cut to size like knife through butter. while these feel like cutting through hard plastic


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