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Junji Ito: Fashion Model Cursed Frame [Español][Sub English][Vortex]

You’ve made the right decisión Amy it was worth spending all that time persuading you you’re going to be a hit as a model. I guarantee it. Thank you… but please… I understand, we only allow full body shots in fashion
magazines and I’ll do everything I can to protect you from the media taking pictures however they like Ever since I was Little, I’ve been afraid of having my
picture taken or more precisely of my
body being fragmented by photos I’ve lived my life refusing any photos
except those that show my whole body I can’t believe someone like me would get
scouted as a model. well I’m sure you’re anxious about all kinds of things so let’s go get something to eat and talk about what will happen next. OK Oh Amy let me introduce you… this is one of our established models Her name is Fuchi. um, um… I’m a new model, my
name’s Amy. it’s a pleasure to meet you. maybe it was just my imagination show business is not such a kind of world that my agency would keep the promise to only take and print full body shots about a month after my debut, a knee shot and waist shot were printed in a magazine I was contracted to. ¡NOOOOOO! Mr. Nomura, this wasn’t in the contract! Calm down, Amy, the world wants close-ups of you. He was right. a new model couldn’t be allowed to refuse anything except full body shots. That night, I struggled with the conflict. Why was I afraid of anything other tan full body shots to begin with? Was I afraid of part of my body being cut away? But it was just a photographic image, wasn’t it? I knew it was ridiculous. Did I really want to lose this job over something like that? when I thought about it, how much of a disadvantage had I put myself at up to now because of this phobia? I refuse to be in or a yearbook I hadn’t been able to put together a resume or get my passport. I’d gotten into fights with friends who took my photo anyway… I had to break free. I had to overcome it! Right. That’s right. I’ll keep doing it. I’ll keep modeling. This girl… I wonder what she’s modeling? with looks like this! where looks like what? What?! w-when did you… This afternoon popular model Amy was found murdered in her apartment. her arms and body from the waist down had been severed and those parts have yet to be found. Additionally a boarder had been made with plastic tape strengthening the opinion that this crime was committed by some degenerate. But we have information that teeth impressions like those of a shark were found on the cross sections and further investigation is expected.


  1. Kagemaru Dreizehn Author

    Excelente edición, como siempre. Aunque el capítulo en sí me pareció bastante flojo. Solo una excusa para mostrar sangre y a la modelo monstruo. Me siento decepcionada de Ito 😰

  2. Valkyria Zerox-Paradox Author

    Como de costumbre, haces un excelente trabajo de edición con los mangas de terror. Sería estupendo ver más historias como éstas y si son de Junji Ito… mejor aun :3


  3. TheDemonCalcifer Author

    First video I've seen on this channel. Came across an image on Facebook with this guy's logo on it in a Junji Ito fan group. Must say, I love the logo, the use of the Cleric Beast's roar from Bloodborne in the intro and the Shadow of the Colossus music as well. Well done.

  4. yuno gasai Author

    Alguien me puede explicar porque esta mujer tan fea la escogen como modelo? Cada que la veo en el anime o manga me cala en los huesos el miedo.


    Hola amigo, genial lo que haces! Fashion Model es de un manga solo o es un conjunto de varias historias de terror como lo es Yami No Koe con el secreto de la mansión embrujada, te agradeceria mucho tu respuesta

  6. Eduardo Pelozo Author

    Quien seria tan idiota para contratar a Fuchi como modelo 😬😬😬😬😰😰 Yo me cago en los pantalones si la veo en persona

  7. Mariña Santos López Author

    Qué suerte tiene esta Amy: que una modelo de talla nacional como Fuchi aparezca en su cuarto y se lo coma todo de cintura para abajo…


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