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Jem and the Holograms 2015 Trailer Review – Reaction : Beyond The Trailer

Hey guys! I’ve got a really great idea! Let’s buy the Jem and the Holograms brand and then strip it of anything that makes it original or beloved! I’ve also purchased He-Man which we’re going to remake as a movie about a prince of guy in Eternia who daydreams that he’s this “He-Man” character like in 500 Days of Summer and then he’s going to realize he’s already a “He-Man”!


  1. ThatOneShyguy Author

    The big thing I don't understand is the lack of the 80's in that trailer, I can't think of anything that defined that cartoon more than the decade it took place in.

  2. Amber Richardson Author

    i didnt like alot about this tralier. i like how the have the earrings and the makeup is on point. i wish it was from the 80s because when i think of Jem i think of big hair, bright colors, loud music, and the hologram that helps the band out. I wish they had that black girl and the mexican drummer girl in the movie too ;-;

    the only thing that came good out of this is the makeup and the secret identity thing that Grace was saying

  3. Chad-Michael Simon Author

    As with any childhood favorite that cannot be tarnished, Jem means something only to a specific demographic, a large fan base who claims ownership of the franchise and that this film must be made for them.  I CERTAINLY felt that with G.I. Joe, and the movies were bland compared to my vision of that world.

    This Jem movie could come out and find a brand new young audience despite having little to do with the original.  If the music catches them right.  Twenty years from now, the generation who loved the cartoon and the generation who loved this movie will endlessly debate which was better.

  4. Chad-Michael Simon Author

    I like what you said about guts at the end.  The Monkees were the best example of a fabricated band that stood the test of time.  They had the guts and earned fandom through their chemistry and quality of the show.

    Many of us hate being pandered to.  We don't like to be force fed in one film the idea of fandom.  According to the box office for Transformers and G.I. Joe, we are the minority.

  5. Chloe Mohnach-Reiner Author

    See, now you must hate me, but it's a good storyline. It might be good. I like the idea, and I write stories but whatever. People might like it.

  6. ApolloDionysus Author

    I'm a HUGE Jem fan, and I do wanna keep an open mind as I've actually heard only positive things from fans who actually worked in the movie

  7. Damien Nova Author

    If you take Jem off the title of this film it would still look awful. Looks like Glitter 2: The Reckoning lol. Just awful

  8. Keelie Reason Author

    thanks so much for your thoughts and review. It really just seems like every other movie out there right now. I don't think it can possibly have the original concepts in the movie. The trailer just doesn't show those key aspects that embodied the original show.

  9. The Alpha Nerd Author

    The actress playing Kimber recently said that everyone just needs to give the movie a chance. That it's only a teaser trailer and that you can't fit everything into a trailer. And she is totally right. You can't fit everything into a trailer people. And that's right about where my agreement ends. I don't care if you love or hate the movie, you have to admit, that the teaser trailer for Transformers in 2007, another Hasbro property, had people excited. That had nothing but a quick shadow of a Transformer and that was all people needed. That is what a teaser trailer is supposed to do. It's supposed to wet your appetite. This Jem trailer did none of that. And most of all, it looks like the film makers went and did their own thing and made something that they know will "sell to the young female audience." Which is a shame considering the lack of lead females in fantastical roles.

  10. sfighter00 Author

    I think I've seen this trailer a bunch and it still looks awful. Paramount is just leaching off of these Hasbro properties and showcases a cancer that they have yet to treat themselves of, a cancer I like to call greed. They did it with Transformers, G.I. Joe, and now Jem and the Holograms, and I never even watched the original show of Jem. I fear, like with the upcoming "Ant-Man" movie, this movie will make a solid profit at the box office, probably due to the female demographic, in which this movie is looking to please. 🙁

  11. Cherie Friedman Author

    As a child of the 80's and one of Jem's hugest fans I will in no way support this rip off of a movie. They destroyed it. It's basically a poor version of Hannah Montana.

  12. Happeningnowpost Author

    I never really watched Jem and the Holograms. I have to say that this looked like a pretty well-made girl movie. Something I'd go see with my girlfriend.
    While I can't speak as a fan, I can speak as someone from the outside and say this looks pretty cool. I wouldn't go see this of my own, but I would go see it with a friend/girlfriend/sister without big objection.

  13. TheLostLenore Author

    I am going to stream it online or download it, I usually don't do this as i believe in paying money to watch films etc as it pays for all the hard work and what not but in this case, if I take a small lapse of my senses, and REALLY want to know how bad the film actually is, I will download it or watch it online because there is NO WAY IN HELL that I will be paying money to see this abomination of a Jem movie.

    The sad thing is, it is actually WORSE then the The Last Air Bender movie and the Dragon Ball Z film put together, they are complete travesties of films, sure but somewhere along the line they DID actually stop and look at the source material for ten minutes and TRY and actually depict what they saw in the material and put it into a movie. What about Jem? None, they looked at the source material for 10 seconds and that was it, saw that it was a chick with her sisters and two other band members and sung songs and then just stuck rip off mentions at other things from the show (Eric(a) Raymond, 'Starlight Enterprises' etc.)

    So yes, I am going to say this is actually WORSE then Dragon Ball and Air Bender put together, I never thought I would ever say anything is worse then those two films but we have now gotten a film that IS worse then those two films and I hate that my beloved Jem is the film that is worse then those two.

  14. MagCynic Author

    They are re-imagining the Jem brand because they original 80s cartoon was garbage.  Take off your nostalgia goggles, please.

  15. trickponystudios Author

    I think your one good thing is actually going to be a negative, I saw it as forcing her to be someone she isn't. The whole movie comes across as a bad mashup of Crossroads and Josie and the Pussycats and while it won't be one of the greatest bombs in history (its budget isn't big enough) It certainly will count as one of the worst movie of the last 30 years.

  16. Baxtersbay Author

    I suddenly feel like Peter Griffin when he stole Mel Gibson's sequel to "The Passion of Christ" to spare the world from having to see it.

  17. lastdragon55 Author

    This was the worse reaction I saw to a trailer since the crap Dragonball movie. I think we will see a similar fate for this movie too.

  18. Paige Youngberg Author

    The show Jem and the holograms came out over 10 years before I was born it's something my mom loves and when I was little I came to love it too. We saw the trailer in the theater the other day and my mom literally screamed in the theater she was so happy she is so excited. Yes the movie doesn't really follow the original show but it could be worthwhile all the same. If you see it and don't like it fine but don't make it bad for the people that do like it.

  19. julia plescan Author

    Why is everyone hating on this movie? I can't wait to see it when it comes out, it seems so interesting and it has a great story line!!!

  20. Victoria Lee Toren Author

    they need to make a retro perspective type movie that takes place in the 80's for any of this to work. They have the technology now to make it very true to what it's actually supposed to be. not some modern crap based on  an 80's classic animated cartoon. they need to treat it as like a comic book and try to get as close to possible to the actual show that was during the same time period.

  21. theMANwhoPLAYSwithDOLLS Author

    This isn't about 80s people bitching. 90s kids watched it on USA Network. My school age kids at work watch is on Hub.  The producers are screaming, "Wait until you watch it, everything you like is in there!"  Then let us know in the damn trailer!  Try marketing it to people who love sci-fi not the Taylor Swift crowd. 
    Plus, has anyone else noticed that a movie is about women but the only real song in the film is sung by guys?  WTF.

  22. theMANwhoPLAYSwithDOLLS Author

    Let's be honest here.  The Hollywood thinking is "fresh take."  Translation: Let's change it so that idiots will not confuse it as a Hannaha Montana knock-off. Even though Jem came first.

  23. Paul Jones Author

    No way in hell I think this has anything to do with my fav. Cartoon! Well side from the name! I would rather show my niece the cartoon then this trash of a movie!

  24. Semaj Hinton Author

    Thank you for making this video cause I'm just so unhappy with it. It genuinely makes me so sad that were not going get the movie everyone was clearly in visioning ✨😤

  25. Alex Meyer Author

    See Grace, I told you last year that hiring Scooter Braun as this film's producer would be a HUGE mistake!!! And I was right!!!!

  26. 9lives lie-cat-lie Author

    if anything about the secert id thing would have been great in this movie, if she the main character had created jem persona herself maybe to over come some sort of stage fright so created this larger then life glam rock persona that would have been awesome.

  27. Justin Riley Author

    I never thought I'd say this, but I agree. Even if you disliked the cartoon, it at least had elements of fantasy and glam rock that made it stand out. This looks like a rejected Disney Channel original movie that Universal slapped the name Jem on.

  28. Rose Author

    Hello everyone I saw the minion movie and I saw the extended trailer witch shows a robot that hands her magic earrings and can transform her into Jem and show her holograms of her dad but still no misfits and their is the solo contract for Jem that starts an argument that is now released in theaters it's the extended trailer but I can't find it on YouTube but trust me their is a robot synergy

  29. Autumn Graham Author

    I don't understand why they went to all the trouble of getting rights to Jem in order to make a movie about Beyoncé and Destiny's Child. Hello! There's already a movie about a singer leaving her group to go solo, it's called Dream Girls… I was so excited about a Jem movie, then I saw the preview 😡

  30. 9lives lie-cat-lie Author

    i noticed not second trailer or teaser has yet to come out in fact it looks like everyone involved quickly crawled back into their holes. Maybe this film was shelved. Kind almost nothing wrong the cast it was the whole movie was wrong period.

  31. Dying Meme Author

    Fuck you John Chu!
    Join the army and hate with me, see my Jem movie trailer review on my channel, Yasha Haider!!

  32. Lunashayde Author

    I think if Disney could do a holographic singer in Pixel Perfect , then these guys could have used it here. Instead they have totally destroyed the original story of Jem and the Holograms. The only thin its seems like they kept was the make-up and that is all. There is no Jerrica fighting to keep her father's company and his charity of the Starlight House for orphaned girls. Sure i can handle that they changed Eric Raymond to Erica Raymond , but not having The Misfits ,the rivals of Jem and main protagonists is crazy.There is no Jem here, just a sad wanna be youtube star story.

  33. Shanethefilmmaker Author

    I never watched Jem, but I have heard enough of it to know the original cartoon was a musical fantasy adventure.  Seeing the trailer this was my reaction: Ok they got the music part, it sucks but they got it.  Oh look a robot, they got the fantasy part.  Where's the adventure?  Hello? Adventure where are you? Oh hey, Uncessessary angst drama, have you seen the adventure anywhere around?
    Unecessary Angst Drama: Nope just me to provide all the bullshit angst this movie doesn't need, but it's going in anyway.   We could have them going on crazy wild adventures like the cartoon or hell even make better ones,  But no, we have to just have an evil contract lady who does nothing but flaunt contracts.  We have to hammer in a family values message even though it's been established in both the toy and the cartoon that they have undying loyalty to one and other.  Hell there is even no hint of Synergy's importance to the plot even though it's the thing that gives Gem and the Hologram's their talent. All it's done so far was show home movies and hammer in that family value's message. 

    That trailer, was not even a movie trailer it was their version of Doug Walker's 5 second movies in an attempt to copy George Miller's style of trailer making: To show all the plot points but still keep the audience invested and interested.  Wheras when George Miller succeeded with Fury Road, Jem failed spectaculary. It's truly stupid.  Truly truly truly stupid.

  34. Ryan Lepore Author

    These people continue to go ahead, and make reboots of old school cartoons look differently, and thinking they will succeed with viewers. And instantly, they are all sorely mistaken, and lose profits. First the new Thundercats cartoon, Transformers:The 1986 Movie, and now this new Jem movie. These studios don't care about their fans.

  35. Ashley Murillo Author

    I actually really wanna watch this cuz I love the music and the other thing is that jem the TV show is like a book it has way more details and it makes it more fun and jem the movie is like the movie they don't put as much detail in it and it starts out way more different but I really think we should watch it and give it a try👍👍👍👍

  36. Melody Torres Author

    so i take it there won't be any Misfits in this movie??? i grew up watching and adoring Jem this trailer looks like such a disappointment..😥

  37. Adam M Author

    lol you all talk so much trash and in reality it doesn't even matter because none of your opinions will ever be heard by the world of hollywood and even if they were no one would care anyways because thats how it is in the real world.

  38. Britney Foster Author

    I'm not super familiar with the original, but I don't see why this film looks so bad? They changed it, but it's like not like it's is nothing the same at all completely ridiculous. Let's be real. If you had never heard of it before, would the film look good? Yes.

  39. Lonestar Author

    The biggest mistake (minus everything else you mentioned) is hiring a action movie director. If Im gonna make a romantic comedy I dont go out and hire Michael Bay. The guy they brought in did GI Joe Retaliation, that was the first red flag right there

  40. Marmalade000000 Author

    I think that Synergy from the Jem movie is the most hideous piece of scrap yard crap to ever see the light of day!! I mean it's such an annoying POS robot like revolting thing that doesn't resemble the Synergy from the original series!!

  41. Bender Offender Author

    "Who daydreams that he's this "He-man" character, like in 500 Days of Summer. And then he's going to realize he's already a "He-man". – Then ironically 500 Days of Summer guy realizes he's actually that other 80s cartoon Hasbro character: Cobra Commander.

    Just couldn't help but point that out.

  42. Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana Author

    Dear anyone who were born and/or grew up in the 90's, I'll tell you this. Jem and the Holograms is very like Hannah Montana meets Josie and the Pussycats but Jem and the Holograms is more musical fantasy action adventure cartoon of the 80's. Jem is part of Hasbro and Sunbow Production. It's on Netflix.


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