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Innovative Arms RMK Integral .22LR Pistol!

hey guys Dustin here and today we have
the innovative arms RMK integral so it’s an integrally suppress
mark whatever you want you know the 22/45 the mark to mark 3 mark forward
that can do it all in those as long as it’s a bull barrel so what you do is you
send in your bull barrel upper so just that barreled part into them and then
they make it into this beautiful in sleek
and quiet 22 pistol that just makes me think like that old movie assassins with
Antonio Banderas and Sylvester Stallone looks just like that except well
actually this looks a lot cooler and sleeker and it looks like it’s just a
bull barrel but of course it is quiet now the barrel is ported on the inside
so you have about three inch barrel that has two two ports going all the way
through will show you that the middle but that means that you can shoot any
kind of high velocity stuff we got the auto match stuff going on today
you can shoot any kind of high velocity in and it will make sure that it stays
subsonic by kind of starving it from that velocity but it makes it quiet so
the berm is about sweet where we had about 80 yards away so hopefully you
don’t hear a thump we’re just gonna shoot into the dirt man wonder it’s like here we’re gonna
just cycle the slide so you can see oh I got to take the mag out we have a target
to the defense target at 80 yards there got a little breeze today but you see we
got nice I mean it’s not that tight but for 80 yards I’ll take it alright but
let’s show you the inside of it because that’s what’s pretty cool and I love it
when suppressor companies make things easy and simple and that’s what’s neat
about this with a 3/8 inch ratchet there we go it’ll suck it right there you you
take it apart it’s a little warm though drop fire alright and what it has is a
nice mono core it’s still kind of clogged up there you know if pointy
tubes are dirty so it kind of a fouling gets to it alright so we just unscrew
this and then you can actually use this as a scraper inside the tube alright so
now it’s all loose and so we can pull that out and there’s your suppressor
piece right here so that’s gonna be of course what makes it all nice and quiet
some mono core now even though it’s a mono core or I guess there’s so much
volume inside of this sleeve or the housing that it doesn’t it didn’t sound
that like there was any first-round pop which a lot of mono cores have so
there’s a sleeve dropped out oh my gosh okay that’s just 22s for you and so then
you have a hollow sleeve right here that you can take this and use as a scraper
and clean it all on the inside I use some just one inch ID pipe cleaners the
stainless steel ones and that’s also the beauty of this this is a stainless steel
core unit so it’s all billet there so we can throw this in
ultrasonic or anything if we don’t want to just scrub which you know I shoot so
much I like to just throw stuff in into that it will take off the finish and
damage that a little bit but hey I’ll deal with a little damage finish there
personally just to save some time but it’s got a little tab right here and you
index this tube right on that tab and that’s what what keeps your your sight
zeroed and all that so it’s just it’s that easy you take it apart and put it
back together just like that and so the front it has a slight taper and so
that’s what’s gonna make sure it aligns and locks and that’s all there is to it
but you know for fun shoot it like it’s just a massive muzzle break of course
I’m gonna need to grab some ear Pro first but we’re gonna do it just just
because we can and I don’t know if anyone else has done it on camera before
okay now that looks ugly or cool it just depends on you if it would time straight
up and down it look cooler like a muzzle brake but it’s just gonna be loud
because everything’s exited out the front but I gotta try it
right oh so witness is in against it when this is all together you can see
it’s got the one two ports there because this isn’t all the factory Ruger part of
barrel that they leave and then they port after they mill and so so you have
you know just that much barrel the rest of it suppressor but check out the just
the difference in lengths of this and the so this is a four and a half inch
from of course and course scorpion custom and I’m gonna put them right
there okay it’s about a good three and a half inches shorter than throwing I can
onto it because I get to use all that extra volume alright you’re approaching
just for kicks just for kicks I have no front sight now three inch
barrel is crazy oh my gosh okay that is uncomfortable it is blowing into my face
but we had to try it right so we tried it okay empty we’re gonna put it back
together and do things right so before we move on though I brought this cool
gun to the range today look that old-school thing that’s from a
grandpa I mean it’s not like super old it was a kid so it’s like a modern kit
but here check this out and the smoke cool but I wanted to play with it
because I’ve also been playing I gotta check on in on it on this app to his
guns of glory so this little game I’ve been playing with lately that it’s it’s
like a real-time strategy you know like massive multiplayer online thing with
millions of guys all over the world and it’s set in the three musketeers era so
it kind of brings me back to my childhood there for the you know the all
for one one for all type thing and so it’s in the air of cool guns like this
now you get to go and build your kingdom and have alliances and all that stuff
but what I always like to check and see if I can update my yeah upgrade my
shooting range there’s a shooting range in the game so I was like I like this
stuff and it’s kind of like if we’re at Evans Brothers shooting range today so
I’m gonna call my shooting range in the game Evans brothers and so you can send
out people to you know attack and all that stuff so if you join it it’s called
guns woo glory and you can maybe we can be in the same alliance or maybe you’re
just gonna end up attacking my kingdom or something don’t do that don’t attack
my kingdom but I guess if you want to it’s all cool but anyway a guns of glory
I can check that out and now we’re gonna get back to the show the camera stood
tall hi all right so this is where Evans
brothers we have further distances to play with today now he built these
distances for rifles out there at the 200-yard berm is a deer I was like can
we hit it with from here there’s only one way to find out so I did now this is
the if we didn’t mention this any earlier but the cool thing about
integral gun like this is your suppressors all the way at the end your
support is the front sight is at the end so you have a very long sight radius so
let’s see if we’re gonna reach out to 200 all right it’s the it’s the big
mountain back there if we hear hopefully they can if we hit it hopefully the
camera picks up the ding oh let’s go again and I bet you’re
hearing the wind blow too that was a hit come on dude it miss it you don’t like the cycle right
now yeah nice okay we got a few okay so we
got the 200-yard down out at 300 there’s another big deer hold on oh okay
headwind we’re good oh I heard it I don’t know about that one all right
we’re gonna try to give it I got the person I can’t see my splash so I’m
totally guessing but that first guest nailed it hit Wow okay so I’m aiming ten
foot over the top of the berm which is about eight foot over the top of the
deer that delay is crazy all right well we got we got some rounds on target
obviously it’s accurate obviously squaw I did hear just touch a first round pop
when I was shooting at 300 so so it had just a little bit but but barely you
know made probably the camera didn’t even pick it up price 625 I believe so
625 you send in your upper though and they’re gonna they’re gonna outfit the
whole thing now make sure you touch base with them first on which upper you can
use because like the lightweight ones that are just the aluminum sleeve of
course that’s not gonna work if I was going to do it again I’d do the mark
fours with a quick takedown button but y’all check it out and stay tuned we’ve
got some more fun stuff and quiet stuff coming next


  1. antwan17 Author

    Irks me that their website doesn't show prices. What are they hiding. You shouldn't have to call just to know the prices of all their stuff.

  2. Septian NR Author

    Hi Mr Dustin i think this video has been using your video (shooting through trees) without giving the source in the description, is this channel have yout permission to use your video??

  3. scottdeaussie Author

    Nice work! Only one complaint you could’ve done a single shot without the cycling noise to show how quiet it can be by thumbing the slide. Great shooting though!


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