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Hunting Squad ⚡ 30 Kills Solo vs Squad‖PUBG mobile‖AGBaozi

This guy was searching for loots here but he found nothing Our luck are same Escape from death Two guys Feeling good? I now play this game carefully Oh boy, i fail to kill you Kill his teammate Your teammate is dead These guys are so patience They keep camping at the tower Annoying If there is any delay, tell me I will turn off and turn on my microphone then it will be fine I think something has changed after update Don’t try to show off I feel like these guy are different Many of them loved to go up the roof or tower Is there more of them? I heard gunshot Bizon? Recoil control is easier after update Hit this guy What is this sh*t? That was a headshot but he’s still alive I think i’m gonna be rich Wow, it’s AWM This is so good There are many players There is more coming One more guy Two guys [Saying enemy’s name] Luckily i didn’t stop my car I thought there was only one guy I nearly stopped and shot him Hmm, seems like nobody’s gonna save him Buggy Let’s take a…he’s dead Really, nobody saved him For real? I give you three seconds Last try He’s too patience I feel so good Thanks, buddy Nobody is here to block the bridge? They’re coming Oh, mistake, i’m sorry Die Peeing above him What he can do is trembling inside He sure will use smoke 100% *Nice shot* Two different footsteps Try to run? Angry His car is damaged by me Boosting, hold on Well played Well played That’s accurate, what the heck He hit my vest, not my head Cocky Protect my car Why are they so poor too? 8 players, they are 3 Can’t trigger them Why is there only one naughty dude over there? Oh no, my vest is gone I don’t want to play with him anymore He even destroyed my vest Another team is coming from behind On top of the mountain Two guys, two snipers Bro, it’s time for you to come here You would die if you still keep shooting The guy down there, he is the only one left Come to me Neither one of us is in the circle Let’s see who will die Let’s see who will die If you don’t choose to peek 30 kills victory


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