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How to use Vector Optics SVD Scope on Dragunov or AK Sniper Rifle?

Hi Stephen, how are you? Oh, I’m fine, thank you. What can I do for you. Can you explain to me how to adjust this mount for our Dragunov scope? Because many customers are very interested in it. Sure. No problem. I will show you. Let’s go! Miracle, you have been in our company for a while, Could you tell us how many types and models do we have for the Dragunov scopes. We have 4 kinds of the SVD scopes they are 6x, 4x, red dot scopes and the last one is 3×9 scopes Oh, great! Yes, could you tell us anything about these scopes? No Problem. What do you think of the finish? Do you think it’s perfectly matched Dragunov and AK caliber. Yes, it looks awesome. Yea, okay, let me show you. This is power ring for our 3×9, yea, 3×9, and this is the adjustment for the windage & elevation. How to let them work? Just remove the cap you see, simple, and click yes. you will see audible click for the scopes very precision. Yea, and this scope is the first focal plane. Yea, what’s the advantage of the first focal plane? Could you tell me, Miracle? Yes, the first focal plane can measure the easy to measure the distance. Yes, this is the one of the advantage for that, the other is that wherever you change the power, the bullet impact will still stay the same, that’s the great advantage for the the first focal plane. Okay, when you just set zero just put the cap back with the cap protections the adjustment won’t be moved during trip, do you think so? Yes. Yes. Okay, let’s talk about the illumination for this scope. it’s a single and very simple switch here. What kind of the battery for this scope? Oh the scope uses very regular AA batteries. you can buy it everywhere. Yea, let me show you how to put the battery. just remove the cap put battery and fasten it again Yea have a look let me turn on it yea, the red of illumination Yea, it’s on right? Yes yea, very simple. yea, very simple. How to install these scopes on the Dragunov or AK? Oh, let me show you. Generally speaking. each AK & Dragunov come with this side steel mount. each AK & Dragunov come with this side steel mount. side steel mount in dovetail. yea, could you do me a favor to hold it for a while? Yes. Yes. Okay this it side mount for the scope yea just release this level right? Yes. Yea Okay. and see slide this scope smoothly. yea, you will hear a click then fasten the level. then will finish installation. Yes Yes so you see it’s a piece of cake for installation. very easy Could you tell us how to adjust this mount? several customers said it’s sometimes too loose or tight. Yes, you mean this mount? Yes. Okay, let me show you how it works. Anyway, each scope comes with rubber cove for the ocular within ocular lens. Rubber cover, instruction, cleaning cloth Rubber cover, instruction, cleaning cloth AA battery and 2 special wrenches Of course each of our Vector Optics products come with a fantastic package. Do you think so? Yes. look, that’s great. Okay, let me show you how to adjust this mount. we need to use these 2 special wrenches. Okay, let’s move the package for a while. Yea, it’s moved there. Yea, it’s moved there. so, first of all we just need this wrench to insert here just a little bit press here and insert the wrench here, you see Yea yea, it’s steady, rock steady, right? Yes. Okay and then, use this one, use this wrench Okay with work here you can turn this screw release this screw it will be loose, right? and move it through at this direction okay, in this screw and this direction turn this screw at this direction release that slide on your AK or Dragunov you see, it won’t move steady, right? Yes Great, you got that yea, I got it. Congratulations. Another two interesting things is that we have the ocular, you see the rubber cover, right? for here perfect for this staff so you can get strong concentrate concentration I mean Concentration when you shoot Right and give the protection for that for the recoil wherever Okay? and then this is the another rubber cover for the objective lens, right? when you use that, you just remove that you see it comes with a sling don’t lose that when you use the scope by the way we still have a great another another interesting thing is the sunshade, yea you get so strong sunlight maybe you can extend it, right? it’s with a lock feature yea, here, lock it won’t move, okay? when you turn it back quick yea, so great? Yes okay, Miracle this is the generation information for our Dragunov scopes okay, if have any questions please scan or visit our company website Oh, if have any questions please contact us by the email too this is Vector Optics I’m Stephen I’m Miracle Bye bye 🙂


  1. Brigades Of Peace Author

    Does that mean if I zero the rifle at 100 m on zoom 3, it will get the same target with zoom 9 or I need to reserve the scope on zoom 9?


    Hello sir, i would like to buy a vector optics 3-9×24 dragunov scope for my Zastava M76. Can you tell me if the rail has the right dimension ? The size of the rail of the M76: 13cm x 1.4 cm (i'm French). Thank you for your response ! (I have buy a mosin nagant 's scope one years ago)

  3. Brigades Of Peace Author

    Hi sir can you tell me why is the elevation drum is numbered from 2- 28 to like pso 1 3×24 numbered from 2 to 10? What distance does each number represent for example number 4 and 8? As well as windage drum is numbered from 1 to 7 not 1 to 10 .can you clear that please? And is there a catalogue for that? Best greets.


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