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Holographic Jacket with Coffin Patch DIY

Have you ever wanted to see a man attach part of a handbag, to the back of a jacket? yes? you have? Great! then you’ve come to the right place :p This project has been in the works for a long time But I’m finally ready to make a video about it if you watch my other videos, you might have seen me wear this jacket to the Powerwolf show in London And you might have seen the bag that I’m about to tear apart in the ongoing saga of coffin-shaped handbags on this channel. I can’t believe that became an ongoing theme here. but it has so I thought it was only right to show you what became of this bag in the end and what became of it was, it became a patch for this jacket So let me show you how I did it Step 1 was to rip the front part off of this bag you can see how messed up it was you can see fake blood on it I think there’s fake blood on literally everything I own and that was right in at the seams of this bag So, I’m just going at it with some scissors I’ve got these tiny little scissors that I’m using to rip the sitching and take the front panel away from the rest of the bag because the front panel is the part I am gonnae use as a patch then I had to cut out all the labels and the pocket and stuff and line it up on the back of the jacket to see where I wanted it to be Then I used hot glue.. at first I did think, at the time that it was probably gonnae peel away once it had cooled down. But I didn’t have anything else on hand So I TRIED the hot glue and like I suspected, once the glur had dried the patch just peeled straight back off again So, I had to come up with another idea. a friend suggested using metal studs to stud the patch down. And I was gonnae do that, ultimately but until I could find the right kind of studs I decided just to use some E6000 to keep it in place The next several months invovled a lot of trial and error to find the right kind of studs I got ones that were too big, ones that were too small ones that just wouldn’t go through ones that I didn’t know how to use I tried everything! But ultimately I found these plain gold ones that would attach the patch the the back of the jacket I want to make a note here to say that you should split the lining open of the jacket so that the stud only goes through the leather and NOT through the leather AND the fabric because otherwise it won’t move properly and it’ll be uncomfortable So I made sure to do that, I split the lining open first and then stuck the studs through then I went right back to looking for even more studs! I found these cool diamond ones that I put along the collar and I found these amazing rainbow chrome ones that I have attached where I can but there weren’t very many of them So I’m using them as accent pieces I have actually ordered more of these rainbow ones and I’m gonnae put even more of them on this jacket So it’s kind of still a work in progress I hope this has been interesting for you or englightening :p if you want to see this jacket progress and maybe eventually see it finished, don’t forget to follow me on instagram! give this video a thumbs up if this is the kind of project you like to see! And don’t forget to subscribe I make new videos every weekend.
Thank you for watching. Bye!


  1. Lime Pie Author

    It looks fantastic even though my heart bleeded just a little bit when you cut the bag apart. I love this bag and am hunting for the black and silver version.
    Just a little tip for the future. Use glue that is specifically meant for plastic (and stays elastic once it is dry) because pvc is basically that. You could also use a leather needle and threat but I guess you would have to punch holes in the clothing.

  2. bean_mazzeroni Author

    SO EXCELLENT!!! i too have a holo jacket i've been meaning to add things to~ i'm so happy someone else has done the same! this jacket is SO SIQ!!! thank you for sharing!! 💖


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