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Froothie Optimum G2.1 Platinum Series Vortex blender review

What’s up, it’s Liza. Welcome in my kitchen today’s video is going to be slightly different I will not be doing a recipe I will be reviewing this machine here maybe you’ve seen it in my previous videos, I use it a lot it’s the Froothie Optimum G2.1 Platinum Series vortex blender that’s a mouth full but he deserves the title because this is a monster of a machine so the blender is my number one tool in the kitchen I use it for practically everything I use it for my smoothies in the morning, i use it for pancake batter I use it to make vegan cheese. I use it for soups. I use it for pretty much everything And if you don’t hear a blending sound in my kitchen when you’re at our house then I’m probably not home or sleeping because otherwise I’m in my kitchen blending stuff I have crashed many blenders in my life, because I use it all the time and I did have some pretty decent brands and none of them survived my heavy usage so at one point I went online, did some research and stumbled upon this little monster here and it looked incredible. I mean, the desigh is aweseome and supposedly this was the most powerful blender on the market and I was dying to try it and I contacted the company, Froothie and they were so incredibly nice to me and they send me one to try out and do a review so here I am. Two months later I have been using it daily for two months and I’m going to tell you everything I know when you order the blender you get the machine itself, obviously with a nice two litre jug and a silicon..I think it’s silicon, I’m actually not sure a sturdy lid and a tamper, that you can use to get your stuff going very useful and they also put in a nutmilk bag, to make your nutmilks and a little recipe book with one hundred something raw food recipes not all of them ar raw, but most of them are there are pretty delicious recipes in there. I have tried some I love the fact that the jug is large and that it’s BPA free. I can fit two litres of smoothie in there in the morning which can provide my entire family. I don’t have to do my soups in portrions that is really convenient there is a downside to it, because.. it is really hard to make smaller portions of something so if you’re making humus or nut butters you have to make at least three cups or fill it half way up and you end up eating a lot of humus that week I heard that the Optimum G2.2 has a smaller jug available. So you have two sizes which I think is more convenient inside there are six stainless steel, really sharp knives and the connecting parts are stainless steel as well, which I really like because those things used to break on my previous blenders a lot because most of them are plastic and the base is the coolest and the most important part of the thing I think the design is awesome and I love the led touch screen on it it has I think six different programs that you can use if I’m not mastaking the motor is 2800 Watts which is incredible and if you’re not sure what that means. It actually means.. if you put an iPhone in your blender it will turn into iDust in two minutes the regular high power blenders that are on the market are around 1500 Watts so you can imagine how powerful this one is okay. I’m ready to blend some stuff I have fruit here. I’m going to make a smoothie to begin with and all of these fruits contain a lot of seeds and I’m going to add even more seeds to the smoothie and the we’ll see how the blender manages all that first I’m adding pomegranate seeds. This is an entire pomegranate and these are grapes from my mom’s garden. They have seeds as well these are frozen blueberries and raspberries and raspberry seeds are notoriously hard to break apart so let’s see what happens here I have Nigella seeds, flax seeds and chia seeds all of them are going in and then I’m going to sweeten it with two bananas, because all of these fruits are a little bit acidic and finally a little bit of water I’m going to blend this for one minute on the highest speed okay so what I’m going to do is..I’m going to run this through a sieve to see how fine the seeds are ground up so as you can see all of the seeds fit through the sieve basically that’s pretty impressive. Now let’s have a taste test I think the consistency looks really nice it’s quite creamy so I do feel that there are seeds in there but it’s really fine it has a little bit of a sandy texture I still think this is pretty impressive, because none of the blenders that I’ve ever owned have been able to do this next I’m going to make the laziest tomato soup in the universe I’m going to pop the tomatoes in the blender all of them. i’m not going to cut them up half a teaspoon of whole pepper corns a teaspoon of coarse sea salt one large garlic clove a handful of fresh basil okay, you have to look at this fella he’s eating my basil plant I’m adding one medjool date for sweetness I will blend this for several minutes and the soup will get hot in the blender because of the speed of the blades so I won’t have to heat it up on the stove later so look at how beautiful and creamy this soup is for the last test I’m going to try to make a nut butter using almonds and brasil nuts and I have to be honest with you. i have tried to make it and I did something wrong. I’m not sure what and it didn’t work so here, live on camera I’m going to try one more time and you’re going to be the witness so…Noah I thought you wanted to help!? But I need to pee! so here’s my little helper. He wanted to help me with the nut butter all day and finally. the moment is here we;re going to do it together one nut fell oh, that’s okay this is three cups of almonds and this is one cup of brazil nuts now the cashew nuts you want to add the cashew nuts? okay, he sais that we need to add cashew nuts so.. we’re going to add a little bit. Not everything. Like that let’s close the lid and I’m going to use the grind program and action! the nut butter turned out quite okay but it’s not the consistency of store bought butter and I think I did something wrong so I would suggest if you make nut butter. Either you soak the nuts overnight or for a couple of hours or, like I did, you add acouple of tablespoons of oil. I added coconut oil still I think it’s a little bit dry maybe I should have added a little bit more coconut oil I’m not sure okay guys, thank you very much for watching I hope you found this useful and I’m very happy with the blender I think it’s an amazing machine and very helpful in the kitchen the nut butter needs a little bit of practicing, but I have seen people do it effortlessly so I’m sure it’s me it still lokks good though I’m definately going to make almond butter sandwiches later thank you for watching. Like, subscribe and I’l see you in my next video


  1. Kvetka Cooking with Soul Author

    Hi Ladies, I have a same blender at home and key to best nut butter is using roasted dry nuts 🙂
    Never soak them before.  🙂 Some nuts can be used RAW like Para or Whole nuts >]

  2. luapjb Author

    Your son is lucky to have a Mother like you (or sister – you look young!) because he will always eat the best foods which makes a massive difference to one's health and development. Good on you. Thanks for the video.

  3. Kilo Snow Author

    Really useful review.
    With regards to the nut butter, you can still do raw, but need to reblend using on going  slow speed , it will get warm and start moving. Also the volume was large so will take longer. Is there a manual option,


  4. Laurent Delaporte Author acheté ce produit en août 2016 et j'ai eu 2 pannes: les 2 hélices se sont séparées, beaucoup de bruit, perte de puissance. Les échanges avec le sav sont compliqués et ils m'ont meme demandé de payer les frais d'expédition de la piece défectueuse. Les délais sont très longs car les pièces viennent de l'étranger et doivent passer pas les douanes allemandes. Donc je ne conseille pas du tout ce produit, Froothie ne permet pas de laisser ce genre de commentaire sur son site

  5. Saturn1030 Author

    Thank you very much for great review! 🙂 I'm also glad you eat raw, but mixing all that nuts, seeds with fruits is so bad and unhealthy! And at the end, when you said that you need to use coconut oil, I felt really sorry for you kids, because it clogs arteries TWICE as bad as lard! :-O

    I did start my healthy eating journey 7 years ago by mixing cashew and dates, but now when I eat ripe juice fruits, vegetables and greens, I remember this time as a big mistake, before I've learned to avoid those foods.

    Check what 23+ year Raw Vegan Loren Lockman eats. He helped thousands of people to became healthy


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