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Ep30 VFC/Umarex HK416A3短評+到底好唔好玩?(With Eng Sub)

Hi everyone in the coming episodes I’d like to talk about the H&K guns both AEGs and GBBs just to enrich the contents of this Channel To be frank I don’t have a lot of H&K guns but I’ll try my best to share all of my collections For the first video of the H&K series I’l like to talk about the famous HK416 If you’d love special forces especially the Nay Seals then having a 416 is a must as they are seen using this gun often and of course in most movies 416 is a popular prop but in fact special forces use various firearms If you’d like to go for a 416 AEG there are quite a number of choices for instance Tokyo Marui 416 at high price point or Umarex/VFC 416 AEG For GBB there are 2 choices the first one is the WE 416 the other is Umarex/VFC WE is more budget friendly however there is no licensed markings you will have to make it yourself after getting the gun Also the WE 416 build quality is not that good compared the the Umarex/VFC and WE doesn’t make the curved style 416 GBB mags So if you were a full license lover the only choice is to get a Umarex/VFC 416 Not long ago HAO has released a conversion kit for the KWA LM4 system however it is quite costly Umarex/VFC has released 2 new 416s recently One is the HK416A3 enhanced version hence the 2018 version Nevertheless they modify their guns each year The other is the HK416A5 which differs from the stock hand grip as well as the rail Also the main feature is the ambidextrous bolt catch you can see clearly in the photo Both 416A3 and A5 version have a modified Hopup design in both guns the Hopup is improved In the existing 416s the Hopup is adjusted via turning the screw in the chamber using a Hex key while in the new version Hopup is adjusted through the gas block you just need to simply turn it I think it’s a nice design since most of the M4 GBB systems need to adjust the hopup through the chamber for me that’s not very handy Especially for the GHK system to adjust Hopup the lower hand guard has to be removed which is a pain in the butt VFC has done a great job on this however I’m not sure on the durability The other improvement has been done is the bolt head The top notch of the bolt carrier can be damaged easily I think probably because of the material used and the mis-designed structure I am not certain of the reason behind this flaw nevertheless you’ll need to replace it with a new bolt carrier or a steel one Replace a steel one doesn’t mean you’re problem free as the notch will become loose easily as I’ve said VFC has done a great job on amending the problems I don’t have the new A3 and A5 on hand so I can’t make the comparison in detail The one I have now is a 2015/16 version VFC is modifying their 416s almost every year no matter the minor modifications sometimes using a new mag is considered as a revised version The 2015/16 version 416 uses a brand new GBB mag That’s what we call the “Magic” mag in terms of gas reservoir and efficiency the new mag easily bits the exisiting VFC ones From other review videos the new mag outruns the old ones a lot Also some claims that the new mag is even better than the V mag which looks the P Mag from Magpul I got this gun mostly because of the looks To be honest I’m happy with its performance since the look concerns me a lot while the effective range is not my priority I’m not looking for a gun which shoots 50-60m instead I am satisfied with a real “feeling” gun the 416 is nicely finished with a strong blow back for me it’s a good airsoft gun I have this gun for around a year and used it in both CQB and outdoor games For CQB I just need to adjust the FPS via the nozzle valve In most VFC 416 GBBs there are adjustable nozzle valves to suit different scenarios This gun is ready to go out of the box with minor adjustment to the Hopup which is far better than the old ones I am not a accuracy lunatic who needs to hit a 60m target with 1 shot I am ok with the gun which can hit a 20m target within 5 shots In case you want an accuracy upgrade there are lots of aftermarket parts which increase the range up to 70m In some videos I’ve saw this gun can shoot more than 70m however they’re from Taiwan which has a bigger field Apart from the easy damaging bolt head the buffer tube is another tricky part It is not made in 1 piece The end cap is a separated piece which is made by welding I guess so it will break easily Also the buffer tube and the receiver cannot hold in place and the castle nut is the only thing that fix them together so the buffer tube will TURN after a few dozen shots This happens on the G28 as well Some players refer to the manual that a part is missing from the buffer tube and the structure is changed I haven’t dug deep on that but for a strong blow back gun like G28 after clearing a dozen mags or maybe less the buffer tube will probably turn which happens on my G28 as well I’ve used this gun on field for only 1 time the tube became loose and just turned Up to now there is no best solution on that the easy way I think is to use a whole lot of glues or adhesives and stick the buffer tube and the castle nut this will temperately solve this issue but for the best VFC should come up with a better structure The 416 has much lesser recoil but still the tube can’t hold in place needless to say the G28 will definitely turn Again I am very happy with the gun’s finishing I think apart from TM VFC is the only full licensed HK416 with all legit details in which WE hasn’t although it costs 2/3 of the former one If you’d like a good looking 416 in GBB system I think the only choice is the VFC in the IWA 2018 KWA announced they will release their own versions of 416 and 417 I doubt rather Umarex sells the license to KWA or to VFC as well as you know the market share is simply not enough for both brands I reckon the new 416s will be all made by KWA It’s kinda nice that KWA will get the license since the KWA system performs better than VFC to be frank especially in gas efficiency and Hopup I’m looking forward to that however I won’t be getting another 416 1 is quite enough The average price for VFC 416 is ~350USD I’m not sure of the new ones probably will be 350-400 USD with steel internals except for the bolt carrier you don’t have to worry about replacing the internals The stock Hopup can easily shoot 20-30m and still effective at 40m range so you don’t need to upgrade it However I have replace the stock one with a T-N.T Hopup chamber and the Hopup bucking I’m not a big fan of the T-N.T stuff however I just passed by the gun shops and think of getting something for the 416 T-N.T actually makes some good quality upgrades although people complain their defected stuff for stance the inner barrels are bent and the rough finishing I haven’t got any issues until now maybe just a little portion of their stuff are defected For my 416 the air seal between the bucking and nozzle has improved quite a lot It’s optional for you to replace the parts I think the gun can run nicely out of the box If you were a Umerax/VFC 416 owner or you’ve got yourself the latest 416A5 as I said everything can run stock however there are a few things that I recommend you to improve The first thing is the bolt catch Out of the box the bolt catch is a bit loose and what’s the problem with that? Every time when the bolt locks to the rear with a loose bolt catch the top piece will be slopped when the bolt hits it which causes a wrong angle of impact That’s kinda similar of the AOE problem on AEGs in which the impact angle of the sector gear with the piston is wrong and leads to the quick wearing Both issues are quite similar What I’ve done here is adding spacers on both ends of the bolt catch the some spacers used in AEG for gearbox shimming Those are very common stuff to get or getting yourself some from the unused AEGs Try to get the both catch straight when it travels after putting the spacers on I think 2 0.2mm spacers will be enough for getting a good angle of impact Whenever the bolt hits the bolt catch it is ensured to stay straight and increase the surface of the impact as well It’s quite hard to show in the video anyway if the bolt catch is slopped it may damage the tip of the bolt carrier you can see clearly in this picture With this modification the bolt stop function will be much more durable Actually I’ve learnt this trick from some airsoft forums and I’m not creating this You can spend some time to search through the forums and find some simple tricks to be done This is usually done in most VFC ARs Also on both ends of the axle and it is quite loose to be frank try to glue that a little bit to help with the fixing and don’t over glue that or it will be difficult to break down even though the bolt catch seldom being took off Gluing the axle definitely improves the bolt catch and it won’t fall out easily That’s what I’ve encounter not long ago the bolt carrier starts to wear probably because of the wrong impact angle The second things is the selector the screw sticks out a little bit right now I haven’t fix that just to show you this minor issue After a shooting a dozen mags this will probably happen The little screw is to hold the selector in place but it looses easily You can simply put it back and glue that a little bit which holds the selector better That’s a rare issue since I haven’t seen this on the other 416s maybe because of I shoot in full auto a lot For the rest there are no big issues on them except for the 2 things I’ve mentioned This increases the durability of the gun and save budget on getting the steel bolt carrier If a steel bolt carrier is installed on VFC guns the buffer tube will not last Also try to lubricate your gun often once again I strongly suggest to fix the 2 things especially the bolt catch since it’s quite annoying to see the bolt stop fails The bolt stop function is quite important on GBBs and I’m confused on up to now among all the GBBs on the market we are still looking for a gun that can do the bolt stop perfectly the bolt stop isn’t a basic function is it? To be honest the function is not guaranteed even the famous TM GBBs cannot do that either I doubt that a lot If you’d like a strong recoil you can go for a stronger spring or even a steel bolt carrier from Z-part and not that expensive actually As I’ve said the buffer tube won’t last either it breaks or misplace so it’s up to you if you loved strong recoil just go for it and try to get yourself a better buffer tube There are lots of aftermarket buffer tubes out there or just go for a real steel one the VFC guns are in mil spec anyway What I’ve done on this gun is mostly on the looks as you can see the gun looks weathered I have done some paint job and weathering also some muddy look now the gun looks more battle worn Also I have replaced the stock as I think the original stock looks ugly 🙁 and looks too bulky on the gun quite uncomfortable to hold So I’ve replaced that with the navy crane stock on the stock there is a label in which it’s a quick tip with English/Arab translations It’s made for the special forces when they need to talk to the locals the label can help with the easy dialogues via the translations These are the English pronunciations of the Arab dialogues and these are the meaning of the dialogues In case of the soldiers who don’t speak Arab they can refer to this Since most of the US army doesn’t speak Arab at that time this label will come handy Especially in the early times of the Middle East conflict most of the US Army doesn’t familiar with a different dialect In recent videos and photos from the news the label is hardly been seen on the guns except for early times to be frank I can’t see the usage of that since it’s kinda weird to look for the dialogue on your gun when you need to talk to the locals I think a 1 to 2 hour-lesson is enough to learn a few simple dialogues it’s much simpler to rely on such a small label Nevertheless it looks legit on the stock And for this label you can easily get it online however I have reworked the layout and made a new one and put on the stock For me it looks better but if you won’t care on the detail you can get yourself a label with a few bucks I have put a authentic Surefire M961 light on the rail However 961 is not quite match with 416 a M600 is more suitable and it’s a newer model as well If you knew the Navy Seals’ gears they usually mount the M600 on the 416s M600 has a high lumen and white LED of course while M961 is yellow and not that bright as well I just put it there to suit my nostalgic persona It’s quite heavy with 3 123A batteries but not that bright compares to the other Surefire stuff not even for X200 and 300 Not match but looks good isn’t it The M961 certainly suits the old M4A1 RIS And on the top I have a PEQ15 replica it’s quite usual to see that on military rifles It adds the originality of this gun This is a PEQ15 from Element It has workable light and laser which I won’t be using since I have my light and laser is kinda useless for me It is here because of the looks I have done some paint job to make it looks nicer to be frank the original one looks very “toyish” The details look much clearer after the paint job It’s personal to rather do that or not or you can simply don’t put it on There is no preference for the optics you can use a scope or a red dot for close range If you’d like to go for the Seals a Eotech with Magnifier will certainly look best Also the gun doesn’t come with the sling mount neither on the front and the back you can easily get one yourself and put a 1 or 2 pint sling on if not then you need to use the specified sling points on the front quite inconvenient actually A sling can be put easily on this stock And for this hand grip I think is quite hard to hold since Asian hands are not that big and for me the grip is too wide I’ll probably replace that with a narrow grip There are tons of grips you can choose You can either get a Magpul or stay with the traditional AR grips it’s quite personal And for the mag I just go for the 416 style curved ones and as I’ve said this is a modified mag from VFC and the other one is the V-Mag The metal mag looks good for me and matches the 416 Not long ago VFC has released a MK18 GBB with a 416 mag inserted which looks very weird for me The MK18 should use the Stanag mag As a wild guess I think VFC uses 416 mag on all ARs just to save cost even for the MK12 416 mag is used It’s even weirder with that but the gas efficiency matters anyways Also have put on a weapon code label It’s commonly seen on army rifles as well a QR code on the front and some fake numbers near it it mainly enhances the look of the gun The label can be placed anywhere on the receiver all seems legit however I think this looks the best Let’s test fire the 416 although the internals are mostly stock I’ll use the new mag with green gas and I’ll dry fire the gun Single shot Quick shots and full auto the bolt stop performs well after a few dozens shots To conclude the recent quality of VFC has greatly improved you can stay with stock internals a “out of the box” gun which clears a mag with 1 gas pump and bolt stop functions well the Hopup is satisfying in 30m range you can save the money on getting extra mags The finishing is in usual VFC standard I’ll recommend you to get the new A3 and A5 “Go for the latest” always right But the older versions may cost a little lesser I think To be frank the quality has not much difference except for the easy damage bolt head and the not easy Hopup the rest are just similar which saves you 60USD This is the first review of the H&K series and I’ll keep reviewing other H&K guns Until next time see you!


  1. Chung Ki Fok Author

    Hi c兄又係我,我想問下你,上網睇成日話馬記啲槍打topgas有問題!例mws (lock唔到bolt)請問可以點解決?近日正煩惱買馬記新果支mtr 16/vfc hk416a5!唔知買邊支好!如果支槍太多問題我一定唔識搞

  2. The Hoodie Guy Author

    可能我係新手, 所以我睇完條片都唔係幾明。 我想買一支HK416有Full Marking+同埋係金屬既氣槍, 所以我想買ne支VFC嘅HK416a5, 但係我都係唔係幾明要改d咩好, 所以希望有人可以指點一下我。


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