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Eotech Vepr 12

Here is the way it looks like on the gun Almost amazing Actually it is suitable for large smooth-bore weapon, but for something smaller its quite big As I understood, there are to adjustment rings here left-right and up-down here you are – two rings you can adjust with a coin. but I will not going to tune it, due to I’m waiting for my laser ammo for cold sight adjustment so I can tune the laser dot coming out of the bore with the red dot on Eotech


  1. Korben Dallas Author

    Да, на хрюше – это чистый фетишъ:). Что ЕОтеч, что хрюн – цены пр. одинаковы:). На любителя. А по поводу холодной пристрелки – не забывайте о частой несоосности ствола и патронника на нашем оружии. Всех благ:)


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