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Elite Force H8R CO2 Revolver – The Gun Corner – Airsoft

What’s up airsofters you guys been asking for more practical revolver the guys at Elite Force of answers? with the hater the hater is one of the most practical airsoft revolvers on the market for [in-game] play [they] started with a co2 based revolver and lightened it up by giving you a Polycarbonate construction that keeps the weight down makes it a lot more wheel double on the field [especially] in close quarters [combat] [we’ve] also given you two accessory rails one up top for site and one on the bottom for a laser or Flashlight if you so choose the co2 compartment is located on the side here simply open that up Gives you access to both your Co2 compartment as well as an integrated Tool for tightening down the screw that attaches the Co2 cartridge Use the standardized 12 gram Co2 cartridge making refills easy to find easy to come [by] and easy to replace a Functioning safety on the bottom of the hammer also make sure that you’re not going to pull the trigger on someone accidentally now the most unique feature about the [hayter] is the way it’s Reloaded by pulling forward on this lever here and locking it in place You can remove one of the reloading disks each disc holds 10 rounds Now I know the pistol purists out there will be Dropping their jaws at this not being the most realistic thing on the planet but the reality is that if a revolver is going to be competitive in game you need a reliable way to reload it quickly and Standard bullet shaped Shells are just not the way to do it 10 rounds you get 4 extra discs in the package and it allows you to reload quickly Drop that thing and go back into combat really a cool platform The form Factor of the storage of your BB’s is really really small and extra disks aren’t Expensive which means you can really be competitive in the airsoft game with this bad boy And of course because they’ve geared it to both the outdoor and indoor airsoft player It does shoot right under 350 even with the fully loaded Co2 cartridge making it ideal For any air [saunter] if you don’t want to use an optic come of course with a front-and-rear Fixed sight and as far as we can tell it does not have an adjustable hop-up but at the ranges you’re going to be engaging people with The [Elite] [Force] hater not really an issue to be concerned with to find out more about this awesome Revolver for Airsoft [you] can find it on our website right here at Evike you


  1. Jui Jin Author

    I am waiting for this gun since Elite Force announced it last year. It's good to see the F on the side of the gun. so it will come to germany.

  2. saprissa9 Author

    Oh no I rather stay with the ASG. I want my ish as realistic as possible. I want a realistic shotgun too but out of stock 😣😣😣

  3. Jojo Estalilla Author

    hey evike i love your videos and its almost my birthday my mom doesent want to buy me a airsoft gun i wish you could give me a aeg

  4. AnotherRandomCommenter Author

    I already have a CO2 revolver. Called the Vigilante. You probably haven't heard of it, because it's far too powerful for airsoft. It's better suited to hunting small game.

  5. Jacob Green Author

    why don't your handguns come with holsters. even if it is the cheap shitty one. that way I can carry it on me if I don't have one

  6. burning newt Author

    I'm so sick of this thing. the shells are infinitely better, as you can make shotgun versions, and if you have to use stupid disks there are better versions of those too. I don't care that it is polymer, but I do car that they had the option to make a cool modernized​ revolver, but then they made this. it looks super bad. I just despise this thing

  7. snrCOB1 Author

    A guy I play with brought one to a game earlier and let me use it; it's definitely the most practical revolver around and a lot of fun to use. It fired straight and he said he got about 100 rounds per C02 cartridge. The gun is really light but a lot of fun.

  8. Moto Hooligan Author

    The game face gf600 is a 8 shot revolver that I would recommend. This revolver they're showcasing looks poorly and cheaply designed.

  9. Kingchris195 Author

    I put you in on akinator and it took forever. At first it thought i was describing tomska, then a basketball player right after saying that you are not related to sports or famous for dunking

  10. Teresa Hay Author

    i personally have this gun. this is the most efficient pistoli have ever used. on co2 capsule lasted me about an hour and a half of game time using it as my primary .

  11. Nathan Dantuma Author

    I got this and its really inaccurate at medium to long range and there is almost nowhere you can practically store the disks. so I traded it to my friend for a $50 red dot and $20 bucks

  12. Tigerheart01 Author

    "Shoots under 350, even with the fully loaded CO2 cartridge". Man… mine registered at 380 – 385 at my last field. I was so looking forward to using this for CQB situations but I couldn't.

  13. Hunter Pinson Author

    HEADS UP to anyone who is debating on buying this gun, it isn't made for anything more than can, the reason they give you 5 mags is because after a few months of continuous use, the teeth that are on the mags that grab the lever to rotate them to load the next shot wear out fairly quickly and it will not load the next shot, it it's a great gun for the price but you will have to buy more mags after a good year or so

  14. Maginus James Author

    Can anyone tell me if they used a good strong metal for the CO2 tightener this time? I sick of buying CO2 gun's and they get stripped out cause the manufacturer used cheap metal that feels like aluminum or worse the one's who make it out of plastic.

  15. Mr Arca9 Author

    For those watching this in 2019. WAIT. TO. BUY. GEN 2 is coming out this year, it includes fiber optic sights and an ACTUAL hop system. All for an extra 5$. So you won't have to tdc mod the gun.

    The hope system should let the gun shoot accurately between 100-150 feet


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