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Discreet SBR, KSG, AR Pistol Racket Bag

Sweet tactical firearms in non-tactical bags
this time on Gun Fzx (Physics). So you’ve got an AR pistol, maybe a Kel-Tec shotgun,
about 24, 25 inches long and you really want to put it in a bag but the one
easily available bag is just way too big. You don’t wanna sew anything, you don’t want
to cut anything up so here are some options. Thrift store purchases at about $4
apiece. There’s Wilson tennis bag and another Wilson tennis bag and Wavex
bag. Let’s start with the biggest one, the Wilson. Nice and thick, you may even be
able to fit two tennis rackets inside this bag. And it’s got a big fat zipper and its a
tennis .. racket .. bag. This one is dedicated to the AR pistol because it fits inside
this Wilson bag with a 30 round magazine and there’s plenty of room as you see
there for extra 30 and 40 round magazines all along the side. It even has a
handle carrier the top and a shoulder strap. So that’s what goes inside. AR
pistol with a ten and a half inch barrel and that regular A2 birdcage on the
end of it, and here’s how it goes inside. Actually a pretty nice easy fit. And you can just slide in some extra 30 and 40 round magazines. that’s a 40. Fits, lots of room left.
This Wavex is a little bit smaller and it’s dedicated to the Kel-Tec shotgun. It has a
small corner pocket that does not extend the length, it’s just the corner. But it’s got some
room for extra things like ammunition. And here’s the KSG with an additional recoil
pad that’s gotts slide in there and it doesn’t it first look like it’s going to
make it in, but it does with some room. this one does not have a carry handle.
Definitely needs it. And don’t buy one of these. It’s totally wrong. This dimension is
not big enough to fit much of anything. So each of these bags about 28 inches
long and at its greatest width about 11 or 12 inches. And they don’t neck down
much – that dimension right there’s about nine inches. Same basic dimensions for
the Wavex but it necks down more and the 30 round magazine in the AR pistol
won’t fit. And this last one will fit either the AR pistol or the KSG. Slim you’re
welcome. Enjoy it.


  1. November Booz Author

    I love ur video but I have to say that last bag they said would not work I have 1 and I happen to put a Arsenal sam7sf in that one and it works quite well to disguise to go to the range and back

  2. Dee Dee Author

    It’s all about how you dress too. I meant if you see a dude walking around in tactical pants while carrying a tennis racket bag … it’s that obvious lol

  3. Dazed but not Confused Author

    I saw a rifle bag built to look like a tennis racket bag. A thief will break a window for a racket as fast as they will for a rifle. Same here. If this is supposed to stay in the trunk, then why hide it.


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