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Let’s talk about field stripping a handgun, in particular: two
different safety issues and then I’ll show you a technique that I used to
field-strip my handgun maybe you can use it if you can’t and no way am i being
prescriptive I’m just showing you what I do with my handgun so you can see here
there is nothing in the chamber mag it’s empty so we’ll just go ahead and get rid
of that and I will disengage the slide so this is a cz P 10 C it’s a 2018 late
2018 production it is the second generation and other than the black
darker back strap that I’ve exchanged here there are no other modifications on
the gun this is completely stock other than that back strap all the internals
everything else is the exact way that was shipped to me straight from Kansas
City so thank you guys to all the great work that you do there at cz in Kansas
City I really appreciate it everybody else I will say that no I’m not
sponsored by cz they don’t even know that I’m making this video
take that for it’s work first issue in terms of safety that is very common with
beginner and gun users is muzzling yourself accidentally when you go to
field-strip first according to the instructions we
need to disengage the trigger which is also common with a number of other
semi-automatic pistols once we disengage the trigger instructed to take our hand
and put our fingers on top the slide let’s slide back about 5 millimeters or
corner somewhere around there just enough to release the pressure off its
disassembly use your other hand to pull down that plate as you’re holding it
down release with your other hand and then slide should simply come on and
that gives us access to all of this other good fun stuff in here like the
guide rod spring we’ve got barrel we’ve got the firing pin assembly and
technically a field strip is breaking down the rest of this slide I’m not
going to do that in the video because the two issues that I’m talking about
are really focused on just this first a couple of steps here that we’ll look
okay so the first issue is accidentally Muzzle yourself when individuals will
disassemble the gun pull back here but they end up sometimes putting their hand
like this which really just does not have to train yourself to do or if you
come over the top like this I know there’s a lot of different ways and
strategies or techniques that are used to field-strip a gun this is the general
technique and the instructions say to come up from the bottom and so you you
know you just want to make sure that you’re not accidentally putting your
hand in front of the muzzle so that’s that’s the first issue
the second issue if we don’t mess with our self we there’s also a common error
that can happen is when we pull back on the slide we’ve let this joke if you let
go of the slide too quickly the slide can shoot off there because we are
compressing this recoil spring which is building up pressure becomes an issue if
it gets out of your hand gets away from you if you end up dropping this or just
fumbling it go too quickly typically this slide is going to go
forward and it’s gonna hit the ground and this little meat right here this
plate that spring sets in can become bit and it is extremely difficult to bend
that back once it’s been bent the great thing about this firearm is compared to
a few others the front of the slide here is heavy-duty in terms of the amount of
material and the way that it’s cut in here pretty sure I haven’t verified this
but I’m pretty sure that was the idea it’s going for in the event that someone
would accident and drop the slide like this that it’s going to be a little more
resilient to drops and false like that so you don’t have a slide but you have
to be away so those are the the two common issues that you want to look out
for just hold onto the slide don’t drop it make sure you don’t the most of
yourself I know it sounds really simple but that is those are two common
mistakes ever made whenever we feel threatened so now here’s the interesting
stuff we know the easy way or shouldn’t say the easy way we know the standard
way of field-stripping a handgun like this and if you’re ready to like me this
is what you’ve always done because that’s what everyone does the thing that
I don’t like about this standard way that we’ve all come to learn is that I
never orient my body like this toward the gun in any other situation other
than to field-strip but it’s really to clean the gun once I get home after the
range and because of that what I mean to say is I don’t practice that enough and
this is a multi-step process as you can see here I was about to field-strip this
and I hadn’t disengaged the trigger so there’s a lot of things to be done and
it is easy to fumble that process especially if I really am in the field
and I maybe have removed the slide to check out a malfunction but if he it
wasn’t installed correctly the guide rod can become misaligned which would
prevent the slide from being able to come all the way back and so if that
happens you don’t want to just rack the slide as hard as you can don’t even on
something I don’t whatever technique you want to use you want to be as safe as
possible and a common way to deal with malfunctions in the field is to
field-strip as well as cleaning that’s probably the most common thing that we
field-stripped force to clean the gun after
come back to the range okay so there’s another way that you might consider in
terms of field stripping and biomechanical efficiency remaining safe
making sure that we’re not muzzling anybody is just to keep on solid grip
here on the on the firearm I’ll show you on that way and then just to come over
the top and remove the slide it’s fairly simple it doesn’t take a whole lot of
force actually I find that it takes less work to remove the slide this way and
then I have still a good firm grip of the hand down here and I can inspect the
slide I’m holding this here and I can do this actually while I’m still
maintaining high contact on the target or a downrange am i taking a little bit
but with a little bit of practice it’s fairly easy to do and in terms of
putting slide back on you can use your your index fingers and your middle two
fingers to guide the slide back on to the correct place you need to make sure
that the triggers disengages obviously the sights not going to come off I’ll
show it to you from this angle it’s fairly simple like I said I’m not
telling you what to do or prescriptive this is just how I feel strict a handgun
I find that it’s very convenient and it’s a good way if we’re actually in the
field distributing gun so thank you for watching the field-strip video


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