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I have upgraded my RONI from CAA TACTICAL with a 10 inch barrel a suppressor it’s
also upgraded with the Red Dot from AIMPOINT and the three times
magnifier here you can see the Roni with the suppressor and the extra magazine clip and the
33 round magazine I am using the generation 2 of the RONI
carbine The pistol im using in the carbine is a glock 17 two screws on the lower side and it has
two pins on the upper side, i have checked the weapon and it’s not chamber before start is
exercise I’m just using the magazines as a demonstration it’s very easy to take apart the RONI
conversion kit even when your using a 10″ barrel with a
silencer the silencer is made by a company called a tech it’s a Norwegian company, here you
can see the Glock with the 10″ barrel and how
it’s fitted into the RONI KIT If i where to take apart this weapon system
as fast as possible, I would probably use under minute. The barrel im using is specially ordered from IGB Austria They ship out of Austria The sights im using (aimpoint) are easy to find anywhere I would not recommend buying the battle
sights from CAA tactical they’re a bit clumsy and it takes a long
time to find a target’s The RONI kit is very reliable I have ran around 2000 shots through it, its failed my around 3 or 4 times The Glock inside the RONI carbine will easially hit targets out to a 100 meters accuratly I will leave all the information in the description below, about the IGB barrel specially ordered from Austria and
the A-TEC silencer made by a Norwegian company Here you can see the RONI CARBINE fitted in to the carry along case with all my equipment, I really like this case i use it alot and is really easy to carry around and
it fits everything i need. as you can see here i have fitted all the things i took apart from the GLOCK CARBINE and it fits all in this case I would recommend buying this case for
anyone would buy the GLOCK CARBINE (RONI CAA TACTICAL) I’m sorry for the quality in the nrext clip
you’re going to see and the next clip is also used with the without the 10-inch barrel this is just the standard glock (factory) barrel as you can see in the video, im easily
hitting targets out to 80-100 meter with the standard Glock barrel.

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