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Brightest Pistol Light Ever? / 1200 Lumen Olight PL2 Valkyrie Weapon Light

how’s it going guys welcome back to the
pilot Patriot Channel now one thing you’ve heard me say before on my channel
is that I think every home defense gun should have some kind of light on it I
have a light on all my home defense guns you probably saw that in my home defense
shotgun video if you haven’t I’ll put a link to that right here at the top of
the screen we all know that a lot of home invasions tend to happen at night
so being able to see to get around and to identify the threat is very important
you definitely don’t want to get up in the middle of night thinking that your
house is being broken into when it’s really just your wife getting a drink
out of the refrigerator so identifying your threat is always very important and
one of the best ways to do that is to have a light mounted on your firearms so
no matter where that firearm is aimed you can see exactly what it’s pointed up
now there are a ton of weapon lights on the market but one of the best is this o
light PL to Valkyrie and you can see I have it mounted on my home defense
handgun this is the Smith & Wesson St 9ve this is Smith & Wesson’s basically
budget version of the M&P line it’s actually a great gun and I will do a
review on this eventually if you like these kind of videos please hit that
subscribe button down below don’t forget to hit that notification bell so you get
notified every time we upload new videos nothing the Oh light peel to Valkyrie is
one of the best options you have for a weapon light now this light can be
mounted on both handguns and rifles but I do think this particular light is
better designed for handguns if you want to see the weapon light I use on my
rifles check it out I’ll put a link up here at the top of the screen but one of
the best things about this light is its ultra bright this light has a single
output of 1200 lumens you know as far as I know that is one of the brightest
weapon lights you can get on the market today now if you know much about weapon
lights you know that that is very bright most handgun lights like this come in at
around 200 to 600 lumens 600 being some of the brightest most expensive out
there and this olai is double that now this light uses a
high-performance cree LED powered by two cr123 batteries as you can see it is
relatively wide compared to the handgun but i don’t see that as a problem it
actually gives you better access to these buttons on both sides now even
though this is kind of a large weapon light this is a full sized gun with a
4-inch barrel this light comes in at three and a quarter inches by 1.4 inches
and it’s 2.8 ounces so it’s not super heavy but weight really isn’t a huge
concern for a home defense gun now back to the brightness of this light this
light is going to give you a super long beam it goes out to 235 meters but still
also gives you a nice wide spill so you can see everything around you and we
will show you towards the end of the video what it looks like in the dark now
as you can see it does have a little bit of a defensive bezel there so this light
can actually be used as a weapon itself if you need it to and one thing I love
about this slide the most is it has a quick attached mounting system so you
can see this lever right here all you do is pull that lever out and it comes
right off so and the same thing when you’re putting it back on just find your
spot close that lever and it gives you a nice tight lock up this mounting system
will attach to any weapon that has a rail on it what other great thing about
this light is that it is ambidextrous as you can see it has buttons on both sides
so it’s accessible whether you’re left or right-handed now you can see these
buttons are ribbed and rubberized so you won’t have any problem with your fingers
slipping off and get a good grip on that button this light does only have one
brightness setting it’s all or nothing 1200 lumens and I actually think that’s
a good thing lights that have too many modes really can just be a burden when
you’re in that high-stress defensive situation are you really going to
remember how to cycle through those modes when you turn that light on is it
going to be in the mode you need it to be in you’re not gonna have that problem
with the O light like I said it’s all or nothing you hit the button that’s going
to be wide open at 1200 lumens so we will go ahead and cycle through the
modes here so just click it once from either side and it’s on it does also have a momentary function
so if you press and hold it’ll stay on and then when you release it goes off it
also has a strobe function so it’s access that all you’re going to do is
hit both buttons at the same time you hit that and you get the strobe and that’s it very simple to operate not
complicated at all now the runtime on this light is 71
minutes if it’s owned constantly that’s plenty long for any kind of defensive
situation it’s also IP X six water resistant so it’s basically waterproof
you can throw this thing down in a pond and it would come out just fine still
working now let’s get out here and see what this thing looks like in the dark
all right guys know we’re filming from inside my house right now and as you can
see it is pitch-black in here no let’s go ahead and turn the light on all right
now the camera is not going to do it justice but as you can see it is
lighting up the whole room pretty much it does have a very bright hot spot but
it also has a nice wide spill so it lights up the whole room you’ll have no problem seeing inside
your house with this light alright guys as you can see it is completely dark
outside all you can see is the light on my shed there and the light on the
doghouse all right but keep in mind guys this is
just a little pistol light I’m probably 35 or 40 yards away from the shed there
so check this out BAM all that from a pistol light nice wide spread actually
picks up that whole barn there no problem stretching way out here to the
woods that tree out there is probably just over 50 yards and this light is
picking that up no problem these trees out back you can see is reaching all the
way to the top of that tree just a super bright light especially for a pistol
light alright guys that’s the O light PL to
Valkyrie one of the brightest best weapon lights you can get on the market
today especially for handguns you know if you want to pick up this light for
yourself or any of the Oh light flashlights I will put some links down
in the description below so make sure you check those out now if you’ve been
considering how to outfit your home defense guns or you’re looking for the
right light for your gun I hope this has helped you out if you like these kind of
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ready to get out there and protect yourself your family and your home
thanks for watching guys please like share and subscribe and I’ll see you
next time


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