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Borderlands 2 | Salvador Sick Pistol Build

Hey, Borderland fans! This is Oxmonkey with
BroCo Gaming. Today I’m going to show you a sick build for
Salvador. With the right set of skills and a combo of special gear, we’ll amplify pistol
damage to extreme levels. In the end you’ll be so damn good at killing even a grizzly
with an AK-47 will be impressed. We’ll cover 2 skill tree setups for this build
— one all-purpose version and another specifically for bosses. I’ll go over my favorite gear.
I’ll give you some alternative items that also work well with this build. Finally I’ll
show you some great ways to use this in battle. And if this video helps you out, you can help
us by hitting the Like button. Ok, let’s look at my “All-Purpose” skill tree.
The goal here is to maximize weapon damage, boost fire rate, and enhance Gunzerking.
This is for most gameplay when you’re battling multiple enemies so I like to take advantage
of these Kill Skills and their bonuses. With this tree, you can often Gunzerk well
past cool down and instantly jump right into another Gunzerking spree. Which is just awesome. Now let’s go over the Class Mod and Relic.
I use the Suave Renegade Class Mod because it seriously boosts pistol damage. This mod
comes in different forms but you want as many I’m your Huckleberry skill points for the
additional pistol damage. For the other bonus skill I like Incite because
it increases movement and reload speed. You can get this mod from chests, enemies,
waste piles. But a good spot to score it is in the Treasure Room. Check out our video
on farming the Treasure Room. Next is the Sheriff’s Badge relic. Like the
class mod, this badass relic also amps up pistol damage.
With the +22% pistol damage from this relic, the +51 from the class mod, and the +33 from
the I’m you Huckleberry skill that’s around +106% pistol damage alone. HOLY MONKEYS THAT’S
IMPRESSIVE!!! And that doesn’t even include the additional overall weapon damage that
comes from other skills on the tree. The awesome Sheriff’s Badge doesn’t stop there.
It has another great feature. It also really bumps up fire rate. Wow, that’s about 53%.
Huge! As my great Gram-Gram used to say… more bullets, more damage, more death! Mmm.
So wise. You can score this relic from the Sheriff
of Lynchwood. Let’s look at the “Boss” tree. It’s very similar
but the small tweaks can make a big difference. Taking on a single Boss the Kill Skills become
useless. So move those points to other skills, like so. Finally, our gear. My first choice of pistol
is the Unkempt Harold. This is just simply one of the most powerful weapons in the entire
game. And you’ll definitely want to get the Double-Penetrating version so you can unleash
two deadly shot spreads. The best way to score this pistol is from the Torgue vending machines
in Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage DLC. You can double up with two Harolds but I prefer
the Grog Nozzle as my second pistol. The Grog Nozzle doesn’t do much damage but
it’s an excellent addition because of its self-healing effect. It heals at a rate of
65% percent! DAMN THAT’S INCREDIBLE! What’s also great is the Grog Nozzle heals from other
non-gun damage like grenades, melee attacks, and elemental damage. Plus! This son of a
bitch has an awesome 40-50% chance to Slag. With that in mind, I think this is a must-have
pistol! You get the Grog Nozzle from Tiny Tina’s Assault
on Dragon Keep DLC from the “Beard Makes the Man” mission. BUT DON’T TURN IN THE MISSION
or you’ll lose it! Keep the gun for the rest of your gameplay. The shield I use most with this build is the
Antagonist. It has good capacity and high damage reduction. It can also deflect bullets
with up to 880% damage to enemies and it shoots homing slag balls at attackers. So you can
slag and kill enemies with a shield! SWEET! You can farm the Antagonist from the Seraph
vendor in Flamerock Refuge. Finally, the grenade mod I use most often
is the Quasar because it pulls together enemies so you can annihilate those bastards in batches.
You can score the Quasar from Ultimate Varkids or from farming the Treasure Room and the
Loot Midgets of the Wildlife Preserve. For the last two weapon slots I usually pack
two Norfleets to quickly get me out of Fight for Your Life situations in case I go down.
Not everyone has Norfleets lying around so you can use any heavy rocket launchers. But
for me these two spaces are not set in stone. So you can get creative with the other two
weapons. Maybe another pair of pistols or elemental weapons specific to the enemies
you’re going up against. Now let’s talk about some alternatives to
the gear above that work well with this build. Additional options for pistols are Infinity
pistols. With their endless supply of ammo, there is endless damage to be had. Lady Fists
are another great choice. This pistol has an unusually high bonus of critical hit damage
at +800%. Also reverse recoil, good accuracy and rate of fire. Other shields to use are The Bee shield with
its ability to greatly amp up damage. And The Sham is a good option with its extremely
high chance to absorb bullets and add them to your backpack. For another class mod, I always have the Hoarder
class mod with me. Now this is not an alternative to the Suave Renegade it’s actually a companion
mod. Salvador is able to regenerate ammo but sometimes, even with this ability, your supply
can’t keep up with the number of bullets you’re putting out. Equip the Hoarder when you’re
low and you can regen ammo even quicker. If you don’t have the Sheriff’s Badge Relic,
a good alternative is the pistol version of the Aggression Relic which can boost your
pistol damage up to 39%. Finally, I always have the Magic Missile Grenade
mod, first because it slags but also because it regenerates grenades. Any grenades you
use with your Grog Nozzle armed not only do damage but heal at the same time. Get good
at this combo and you can save yourself in some really tight spots. Options for this
use are the Storm Front and the Fastball. In closing, here are some great battle uses
for this build. It’s excellent for taking down large groups of enemies, for badass enemies,
and a huge number of bosses. I’ve also been able to successfully solo some of the harder
challenges in this game, like the run to score Over Power 8, making it through the super
tough Magic Slaughter: Badass Round, murdering a number of the Invincibles, victory over
the Ancient Dragons of Destruction, and more. Hey, if you have any other favorite items
that you like for this build, please feel free to share. Thanks for watching everyone.
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And good luck on the battlefield Vault Hunters. Oxmonkey out.


  1. Joe Sherman Author

    the middle tree third row down right side skill is next to useless because your cool-down rate is practically negated by your skills so the points would be best spent in inconceivable for the renown moneyshot chains. Another tip is when you were killing verm using two infinity pistols you were losing a lot of dps because when gunzerking the bee shield only boosts your right hand gun so i would recommend the lady fist in the other for a passive critical bonus so you deal much more damage. The off hand gun shares stats with the fore-hand gun which is why the critical boost carries over. Also on the far left tree top right skill it only boosts about 10% critical damage and that is not really needed when you could put the skill points into all in the reflexes which gives about a 15% reload boost if i remember right. The less time reloading is more time killing things.

  2. Wolf 567 Author

    Don't get me wrong I like there channel, but how do you have so many norfleets, oh I know because you guys cheat and duplicate weapons you guys are noobs

  3. SoylentGamer Author

    The boss build adds inconceivable which has a chance to cause money shot chains by not consuming ammo while you're on that last shot, something that is overkill outside of boss fights, but is great inside. Very well thought out!

  4. tcsmcd Author

    1O6%? pfffffft. My klieg build has 82O% melee damage without any items. xD
    This guid is really good. it helped a lot with figuring out how to farm bosses

  5. PlutoPlayz Author

    I play Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel on PS3. I've played the game for a while but recently started a new character on Borderlands 2. I'm a level 15 Zero and have a couple of DLCs. ( Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty, Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage, Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day, and Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax. I'm buying another soon. I want someone to play with that can help me level up really fast. If you're interested, my PSN is xZyTec- ( Yeah, I know, stupid name.) Message me/add me.

  6. PreserveBigCats Author

    Subscribed… Can't wait for your BL3 vids. BTW where can I find "The Antagonist Shield" ? I just got the Handsome Coll. after about a 2 year layoff from BL2 so I'm still early game.

  7. Pointless Author

    ▕╭┻┻┻┛┗┻┻┛ㅤ▕ㅤ╰▏ THIS A BOB,
    ▕╭╮╰┳┳┳┳╯╰╯▕╰╯▏COPY AND PASTE HIM,
    ▕╰╯ㅤ┗┛┗┛ㅤㅤㅤ▕╮ㅤ▏SO, HE CAN TAKE OVER

  8. TheLastVoodooMan Author

    You forgot to mention, that the Nosle can make you drunk lowering your firerate, however multiplying the amount of bullets you shoot without additional ammo cost

  9. Argent Fane™ Author

    The money shot skill with salvador should work with infinity's because technically the first shot fires is the last because theres only 1 round in the magazine

  10. Denzel De bruyn Author

    i really like your vids, you guys always explain everything so damn well do you know exaclty what to get and do.. and where and how ..

  11. Specular Mage Author

    I used all of these builds and gere and it fucking sucked I can't take out fucking crawmerax and I can fuck him over easily

  12. Kit Carson Author

    Warning………Grog Nozzle will vanish!! So off you go at the end of TVHM to get the Grog Nozzle to use in UVHM……….wrong…….just as soon as you do make the choice to begin UVHM the game takes the Grog Nozzle away from you and all the time you spent getting it is now gone……..and if you want it back you will once again have to spend the time to go get it in UVHM…… it seems it must be obtained each difficulty level…………..

    So another item that requires too many hoops to jump through to obtain. And lots of time each time you want the weapon.

    This game and its loot system……..will cause you to want to set your game system on fire……..and hey cheer up…… even in UVHM you will be rewarded once again…..with……the Mask of Jack. Hey just think ahead of the thrill you will have with another Mask of Jack.


  13. MrMollusk7 Author

    …Why would you use the infinity on sal? He has base ammo regen, and you can't proc locked and loaded with it. Just use an anarchist.

  14. cody3545 Author

    Can anyone let me know if these builds are still viable as of August 25 2018 I’m gonna buy the game and want to use Salvador any help will be appreciated.

  15. Read my bio. I'm sorry to anyone I ever hurt. Author

    In a non pervert way I feel like it's nice to see more female gamers idk why it just seems like less females play games

  16. AngryAtheist Author

    Just got into BL2 because it was on sell on Steam. I played the original. Anyways, I have been focusing on a pistol build since I picked Salv and I have been tinkering with different weapons etc. My question is this, with the Slog Nozzle. Don't you have to keep pressing the trigger in order for it to fire? I really hate that. I seem to be dying more often now that I have tried your build. I am only at level 53 though. The antagonist doesn't seem to deflect crap! Anyways, is it possbile through gibbed weapon paste codes to get a grog nozzle that is automatics as suppose to semi?

  17. zachorryy Author

    Surprised you didnt mention this and I know I am way too late to this video with borderlands 3 being out, but the heralds can be farmed easily in the third main area in the game by savage lee; (if you count the intro map where you fight knuckledragger) I say if you count because uvhm skips the first area. This being said it will take several attempts for him to drop the double penetrating heralds but as this guy in the video said it is very worth your time.

    As a side note, to the creator of this video, thank you so much, your video made me realize that I was an idiot in setting up my salvadore. I used to think ultimate vault hunter mode was the hardest thing ever even started to farm the snowman in the christmas dlc for better gear. Respeccing salvadore and following your build really helped me with uvhm and now I am having the easiest time. In normal and true I beat midgemong on the first attempt, in uvhm, my build was god awful and i couldnt deal enough damage to counter regen. Farmed the heralds in true and respecced, and now going through uvhm actually seems possible to me so thank you.


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