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ASG Steyr AUG A2 Airsoft Gun Review | Fox Airsoft

Hey guys, Matt here with Fox, for those of
you guys looking for a gun that’s going to be good in all environments outdoor and CQB,
and not breaking the bank. You should check out the Steyr AUG licensees by Action Sport
Games. Now, the cool thing about the AUG A2 here, is that it’s a bullpup design. What
that means is your inner barrel is going to come back alot further then it would on a
conventional M4, let’s say. That allows the users to have that longer barrel giving them
more accuracy but in a very compact platform. Now the AUG A2 also has a lot of other standards
features that Steyr AUG would have, such as the rail mount to put on optics, the foldable
front forgrip here, and it does also feature a version three gearbox, which is one of the
most reliable gearbox on the market. So if you are looking for something a little bit
different, that’s going to turn some heads on the field, while giving you all the performance
you need, make sure to check out the Steyr AUG A2 by Action Sport Games.
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  1. Fox Airsoft Author

    Duly noted. We just passed this info onto the media team here at Fox Airsoft. We will try to add a bit more relevant info to our videos for you and the rest of the community.

  2. Keith lowy Author

    Its also kinda heavy for most of it being metal and BTW there's a part to the gun that holds it together put electrical tape there to keep it to gethere its what I did

  3. Big Projects Author

    How do you fix the foregrip on it because it came a little loose and it was fine then the grip and the innards just fell out but I still have all the pieces and no idea what to do with them

  4. JuGGerJuGGs Author

    I just want the body…I'm converting my paintball gun into an aug, where can I buy just the body, I want a strong body that can really take a paintball hit.


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