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Airsoft War – Operation Door (ww2 Airsoft)

Operation Hydra was a Royal Air Force attack on the Peenemünde Army Research Center on the night of 17/18 August​,​ 1943 to stop Nazi Germany’s V-weapon program. But not all laboratories were destroyed. That’s the history. And now to Airsoft: Allies ​will ​proceed to ​the ​operation D​oor to eliminate all ​remaining ​missile sites and documents. But this time ​the ​Germans were better prepared… We were engaged ​at​ the operation ​d​oor nearby ​the ​village Peenemünde. The w​hole operation was ​about the​ launching​ of the​ V1 and V2 miss​il​​​​​es.​​ All these ​were long range missiles​ and they threatened Great Britain mainly. During this operation​, we​ destroy​ed​ all ​the ​missiles​ sites​ O​nly ​one rocket was launched to London. We didn’t know what happened. We found the maps, but we weren’t able to loca​te​ some of the sites. It was tough. This is a classical map of fighting. You know this kind of diagram. These are the Germans, not these.. These are the Americans. These are the Germans. It was ​hard​, because it was before our troops land​ed​. We could not ​rely on​ ​additional ​supplies, tanks or heavy machinery. We had considerable problems captur​ing the​ German positions. We had to be still moving. Otherwise we would have a problem. When we tried to capture ​the ​missile site​,​ I met with my biggest problem. M​y mom called me during the heaviest fighting​!​ She asked me if I ​had eaten​ the toast which she prepared ​for ​me that morning. I was quite confused, because bullets ​were flying​ everywhere​.​ I​t was heavy​ fire​ and ​the ​sergeant ​yelled “Move!” and I had to deal with the phone call. The enemy heard the mobile​ phone ring​. Our position was ​exposed​ and ​fight​ started. I told my mother not to worry​.​ I would eat t​he toast ​after a while. And we kept on fighting. Fire! Fire! He spotted a fire in the forest probably. They couldn’t seize that hill. They initiated​ several attacks, but they were beat back. So headquarter decided to call me. I was shot three times. It hurt ​like​ shit, but I didn’t call the hits. It was terrible. The r​e​spawn was so overcrowded, there wasn’t any ​space​. People had to re​spawn​ in the bushes, along the road, ​in ​public. It was disgusting. They were kept fighting, but they were attacked from another side. ​The ​situation on battlefield is that, ​the ​German forces lost their HQ​. T​he ​enemy was able to interrupt ​our missiles​ launches for​ V1 and V2. We succeed in launching one missile to London. The ​German forces retreated and regroup​ed​ nearby around the bridge to face other attacks. Bullshit! It was​ a​ trap. They didn’t retreat to the bridge, they​ planned​ a counterattack. Fortunately, we found a lot of grenades in the German tranches, so we used them. We ​are hoping for​ the final victory. Here we go with the diagram again. It was ​a ​massacre at the bridge. Even I had to call the hits. It’s hard to translate. I have to go to the bathroom. Thank you for watching! And don’t forget to subscribe.


  1. ZiGi CZ Author

    hej kluci tudle sobotu je v Mordový rokli v Milovicích army den pro děti nechtěli by jste se přijet kouknout moc rád bych vás viděl 🙂 budu tam na jednom ze stanovišť 🙂

  2. Konrad Sommerlund Author

    i saw the german use a ppsh and a type 99… germans use mp40, stg44, kar98k and mg42, not ppsh and type99. the russians used ppsh, the english and japanis used type99

  3. Plz Kill Me Frend Author

    Lmao the toast guy!! You should of done a flashback and showed the toast on a bayonet charge when his mum calls and in the background his teammates are like stabbing people and getting shot! 🙂

  4. Napult Lord Hol Author

    to attack nazi position you have to throw smokes genades on their position to blind them and then assault by 2 or 3 directions… no other way, except with mortar, drones or night attacks

  5. ou812 ou812 Author

    you're complaining about the computer voice how about the fake ass m********** grabbing about acting like they're doing something. you should be more upset about somebody reenacting bravery when they are a coward if they wanted to be in war they would go to war. this is really gay you people that do this stuff or really gay if you wanted to go fight a war go sign up two the government and let them so you for cheap. so stop playing paintball you guys are like how old now grow up get a job you're still enslaved.

  6. nigga scrotum fungus Author

    I want to like it because the effort they put into it but I wanna dislike it because this fucking annoying computer voice

  7. Ben Smith Author

    I don't think many people realize the text to speech translations are for the most part, a joke. That guy most likely didn't get called by his mother asking if he ate toast.


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