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Airsoft – Secutor Invicta G-II gas shotgun [ENG sub]

Hear hear young gladiator! Summer is over, Autumn is here and winter is coming it is time to start wood stoves (well, French joke ^^) but let’s discover the new Secutor Invicta just after the intro! before starting I’d like to thank 020Magazine they’re in charge of communication and advertising for Secutor so they’ve sent this Velites to me this is a new series, still made by Golden Eagle some tweaks have been made to make the shotgun more reliable you can check my video, it is from October 2017 some players had leaks on their replicas then Golden Eagle sold their whole range of gas shotguns to some other shops without the Secutor branding and mysteriously there were less problems… then Secutor released spring-action shotguns, made by Cyma and now we’re back to gas with the Invicta G-series Invicta means invincible, well that’s the feminine form of the word in Latin this guys looks pretty manly to me anyway, this is the G-II, as you can see it is the shortest version there are 5 models available : two G-IIs, two G-IIIs and the G-V have a look, and I added the MSRPs modern looks and prices way lower that Maruis’, that’s the goal of those shotguns let’s open the box first of all there’s a test certificate Luis tested the airtightness and functioning of this toy each and every Invicta is now tested before being shipped then there’s the users’ manual written in Spanish, English and French safety rules here and the story of velites warriors, those scouts who cleared the way and so on… you’ll be able to clear the way by shooting 3 or 6 BBs at a time a sachet of BBs as usual, no clue about their weight or if they’re bio too bad, I have loads of these and never use them… then there’s a BB-loader three cartridges Secutor changed the sticker at last it is mentioned that there’s 30 BBs instead of 28 with 3 of them you can have fun already the replica here, a tan and black version I’m gonna show it to you ah no ! There’s also a cleaning rod! That’s nice cleaning the barrels should be your first action! see? I not only say crap 🙂 I tested the gun beforehand, the hop-up is very efficient even with dirty barrels and buckings I hope I won’t have to switch to 0.40 because 0.36 is already a bit expensive this is a fixed hop-up so you’ll have to test which BB is the best for you because productions are not necessarily consistent this Invicta G-II is easy to handle, here are its dimensions there are some external changes the metal-made handguard has now M-lock ports but be aware that there’s no M-lock rails in the box Secutor is used to putting many accessories into the boxes so that’s a bit disappointing there’s still gas from the warehouse this short version can be carried in a back holster there are some specific holsters on the market but there’s also a spot to attach a sling the grip is made of sturdy plastic it is quite comfortable a screw maintains it to the body here are Secutor markings the serial number here, 2019 production the energy sticker well, if you’ve ever had a Remington M870 replica you’re familiar with this design the safety is here if you can see the red ring you can shoot no red, no bang! the cartridge port latch here insert a shell and you’re ready to shoot 5 to 10 times depending on the mode you’ve chosen yep, this shotgun can shoot 3 or 6 BBs in one pump action the switch is here 6BBs 3BBs a metal Picatinny rail is fixed to the top part of the metal body there’s a rear sight but no front sight but we can mount a red dot sight on the rail look at the three inner barrels and the magazine can host one shell not very convenient but it is better than nothing the hop-up buckings are fixed on those guns so you’ll have to test which BB weight is the best for your toy Secutor shotguns are well-known for the fact that you often need to play with heavy BBs this one is potent with 0.36g BBs it is not cheap, some players replace buckings for Marui ones I’ll do this in the complete review but it is currently shooting just fine with .36BBs and I won’t shoot billions of BBS, to me it is a backup gun tell me what BB you use in the comments just know that it is random, some replicas work fine with .25 and others need .40g BBs there’s no rule, test your gun! with cheap mass production like this you can’t ask for consistency so you see, nothing really new for the externals just the handguard but they’ve changed quite a bit of the internals they took players’ feedback and upgraded some parts the spring guide has changed as well as the spring, which is stronger the small O-ring that was responsible for many leaks has been replaces with a silicon O-ring the die-cast cylinder head is now a CNC-machined aluminium part the hammer spring is also stronger that before and all of it is now installed in a reinforced polymer box and screws are now stainless steel so let’s hope it’ll be more reliable the first production was not so many players and professionals refuse to buy Secutor guns any more well, when hundreds of boxes are on a boat for weeks, then more weeks at the customs seals tend to shrink, to damage but some people didn’t do their job here first Secutor, but also many shop owner who sold the guns without checking them and you know how it is now, 2019 as soon as something goes wrong people just rant and cry on the Internet nobody tries to understand the hows and the whys including shop owners who don’t check the products before selling… if you’ve already bought an Invicta, tell me if you had problems or if you’re happy with it. now as long as it is not shipped by plane they put gas inside from the factory to the shops Secutor advises to let gas inside to avoid leaks I only use non-lubricated gas, but once in a while I’ll put a charge of lubricated gas to feed the seals :p I’ve got RWA Airsoft Surgeon gas here it is green gas with a bit of silicon oil shake the bottle so you won’t inject silicon oil only because you wont shoot straight if the buckings are oily ^^ I love the sound of the pump action let’s have a look at the BB velocity! wow, it’s better it seems that Wosport chrono is a bit lost with multi-shots! I’ll try with my Xcortech well, apart from some Wosport chrono issues here, that’s quite good you’ll be able to play everywhere the 6BB mode should be a bit less powerful because the gas quantity is the same to propel 6BBs instead of 3 some people use lighter BBs when they play in 6BB mode that’s it for the Invicta series G-II, the shortest one it is the equivalent of Marui’s breacher but for half the price you can also use HPA if you want to remove the valve and replace it with an after-market drop-in valve such as this one here, JV Tactical mini valve this is how it looks I won’t chrono it because it only depends on the input pressure if you want to play in very cold weather or have a nice autonomy and that the G-II is your main gun, HPA is nice the gun is compact, it hasn’t leaked so far some people will say it’s expensive between 175 and 199€ but it is half the price of a Marui gas shotgun and they’ve worked on the internals of course it doesn’t mean that it will never leak or break, this is a mechanical system… yes, something will eventually break just go to your shop and I hope they’ll know how to fix this… of course if you tamper with the gun the warranty will be void these guns have just arrived to your shops so before commenting, test the new series, don’t talk about the first release from 2 years ago! usually there are three reactions when it comes to Secutor : people who like the whole Gladiator and custom stuff people who can’t stand the brand and people who don’t care 🙂 well for my part it really depends on the guns I was pleased with most of them but some others where not really good I’m thinking Gladius series here… Rudis are cool I haven’t had problem with spring-operated shotguns and the Beretta was quite good too chose your gun wisely, look at the Internet, read and watch the reviews keep in mind that we often see people complaining, the ones who’re pleased just enjoy and don’t comment I guess you’re going to see a lot of videos about the Invicta series watch them, make up your own mind and when in doubt, ask questions! I’m gonna go in game with it within a few weeks and I’ll post some feedback on Facebook thanks again to Secutor and 020Magazine don’t forget to like the video you can also tip me for my work join me on Facebook and for more news pictures on Instagram too if you go to the field next weekend remember play seriously without taking yourself too seriously and I’ll see you in the Lair xoxo


  1. Vinc AAB Author

    Invicta et y'a le mec ? C'est qu'il doit être non binaire lol.
    Bonne video, ce petit pompe est sympas ça rappel les pompes RS des F.O pour éclater les serrures.

  2. Sasori77 !! Author

    Il sera pas mal de voir si il est possible de caler une lampe torche dans le puit de chargement au lieu des cartouches. Mais valable que pour les versions ou l'on peut mettre 2 cartouches à l'intérieur ! À tester.

  3. fig4tellu Author

    La question est, niveau performance, ce genre de petit pompe est-il similaire à un breacher Marui ? Que ce soit en gaz ou hpa. Vu le prix.

  4. Yo Dzilla Author

    Ça aurait été bien de faire ces changements avant, ça m aurait évité de renvoyer 2 fois mon 1er pompe en sav et que 2 fois il y ai fuite en sortie de boite…

  5. OVA93 Odin Valhalla airsoft 93 Author

    Pour ma part j'ai acheté la version de chez golden eagle production de 2019 rien à redire bonne performance de la sortie boîte je ne sais pas si golden eagle a directement fait les modifications que tu as présenté ou si ces secutor qui les modifie eux-mêmes et je joue à 0,25 donc production de joints nickel pour moi

  6. Aizen 001 Author

    Ils sont cool mais ça reste toujours presque le double d'un Golden Eagle pour deux marquage
    Donc bon un Golden Eagle à 108€ vaux plus le coup

  7. LE PONK ARMS Author

    Invicta et pas invictus car c'est déjà pris ! Mais vu que la plupart des gens se foutent du latin (moi aussi d'ailleurs) ça passe crème.

  8. Jérémyfr hydra Author

    petite astuce pour le hop up j'ai fais une modif : il y a 2 ergots sur chaque hop up, il faut limer ou couper le 2éme et apres sa va mieux à la 0.25.

  9. Margi Author

    "En 2019 dès qu'il y a un truc qui va pas on vient déverser son fiel sur les réseaux sociaux" mais tellement…
    Content de voir la base de fusils à pompe dans ce genre s'étendre ou se renforcer 👌🏻

  10. ektomorph Author

    Jai un ami qui en a acheté un de chez golden eagle il en est extrement content si ce n'est de temps en temps des leger dégazage entre la poignée et le corp de la replique. En effet lorsque vous tenez la replique a une main tout le poids de celle ci ne tient que par cette poignée, meme probleme avec un sangle un point.
    Donc soyer vigilant et pensé a bien le prendre a deux mains.
    Sinon niveau performance rien a redire avec de la 0.25g.

  11. tonton blue Author

    Salut merci pour la vidéo! Moi je suis déçu par cette marque il sont même pas amélioré le block nozzle dont le mien qui à casser. Je racheter marui plus cherre mai plus sur et pour la vie 😉 .

  12. Smart garden design Author

    Intéressant quel est la pression psi Max pour ce modèle . Pourquoi 1 joules Max pour le Secutor et 1,4 joules pour le Golden Eagle ?

  13. Major Blood Author

    c'est la base de toujours laissé un poil de gas lubrifié dans ses chargeurs;;; après ben je comprends pas cela fuit..ouinnn c'est de la mer..

  14. Vincent Lefebvre Author

    L'antre du dingo j'aurais une question s'il te plaît c'est très urgent est-ce qu'on peut enlever l'aide à la visée qui est d'origine au bout du canon sur une M4 camo ??? Merci d'avoir ta réponse au plus vite sinon je kiffe tes vidéos continue comme ça c'est super car je faisais du paintball et tu m'as attiré dans le airsoft et justement j'hésite à m'acheter une M4 mais j'ai vu qu'il y a l'aide à la visée au bout du canon l'espèce de triangle à l'aide à la visée qui ne me plaisait pas donc je voulais l'enlever et avant d'en acheter une je voulais savoir si c'était possible si on peut pas tu me conseilles quoi en attendant sachant que mes arme préférée fusil d'assaut c'est tout ce qui est comme une M4 donc si on peut pas enlever les de la visée en triangle d'origine au bout du canon de la M4 tu me conseillerais quoi ??? .

  15. Toozie .__ Author

    Super vidéo ! Je voulais savoir s'il était possible sur le garde main mlock d'y mettre un poignée ? Psk j'ai l'impression que y'a pas trop d'espace entre la pompe et le canon externe et j'ai peur que ça frotte

  16. Encelin Haym-Rick 33 Author

    Sympa mais je trouve bien mieux les spring classiques (un prix bien plus reasonable, ça marche bien et ça fonctionne peut importe la situation )


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