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AIRSOFT Quick Tips #1 – STORM 360° Airsoft Granate von ASG [ENG SUBTITLES]

Hi guys and welcome to Airsoft Quick Tips Today we’ll have a look together at ASG Storm 360° grenade We got it from Airsoft2 Go You can get it for 59€ in their shop You’ll find a link in the description I got the colors lime green and OD green They’re available in red and in grey as well You fill the grenade with normal airsoft gas over this outlet You can fill the grenade here with a speed loader 165 BBs fit in this grenade If you take out the splint, the grenade is sharp But it doesn’t start right in your hand, but you need a markup So if you throw the grenade and it drops the BBs come out of it in a 360° circle The producer promises a range of 10 meters. Let’s go and do the field test So we loaded our grenade now. We did it brimful But if you want to safe some time in the game, you can definetly load less BBs This doesn’t tarnish the quality or function of the grenade Martin is waiting for me in our old office And we’re just throwing it in front of his feet now Let’s throw the grenade in If we look around, there is a BB in every corner of the room Martin did it hurt? No – But you’re hit? – Yes So it serves the purpose See the technical data right here My result for the grenade: Very easy to handle and it’s robust In every case it’s effective and the pricing is okay as well And the advantage of these loud colors is, you can recover it in nearly every area The reason why we introduced this grenade to you Is that we allow it on our Airsoft Helden events So you can get it and play with this grenade e.g. on next Dark Emergency That’s it for today from Airsoft Quick Tips so see you next time


  1. DerKreuzritter1983 Author

    Nicht vergessen die Granate wieder einsammlen wenn man sie auf anhieb gleich findet. Trotzdem nicht schlecht, als MiSlim intererssierter nicht so ganz passend. Für Fun-Games immer 😀

  2. Sören Maiwald Author

    Moin ich hab mal ne Frage, hab mir die heute auch gekauft. Und musste feststellen das die nach dem 2. Mal werfen undicht geworden ist. Ist das sonst noch jemanden passiert?

  3. Fabi Fabi Author

    Ja aber mit dieser Granatate kann man doch unmöglich im Wald spielen. So wie ich sie gehsehen jat dreht sie sich nach aufschlag auf Boden aber im Wald naja:|


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