1. Bartimaeus Mr lit like bic Morris Author

    And what is the point of all of this I mean it doesn’t hurt doesn’t leave a marker indicating you have been hit unlike paintball sooo

  2. crevanille Author

    well the Hakkotsu is the winner here others just aren't good for splash damage on multiple targets since they only spit them in one direction or just trow them in specific directions the Hakkotsu actually explodes.

  3. Tylon Walters Author

    Impressive, I would prefer the hakkotsu thunder, that's some good airsoft power right there, happy New year's by the way guys have a good one🙌

  4. Communist Maus Author

    We have a stiel handgranate in our Airsoft field and it's basically Strong af, one incident occured when one was mistaken as a dummy in a shooting range and came to pick it up, it exploded causing 2 BBs to lodge into his eye and went deep… Battle was postponed and we payed our respect… One of the guys were his bff's and obliterated my team and making me pissy Kevlar ( we use Kevlar as our armour)


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