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24 kills but lost. nice play,both me and my enemy.‖PUBG mobile‖AGBaozi

the monkey.. this grenade…don’t laugh. u guys will also made the mistake are u dare to say u won’t made the mistake? also threw out by itself right. u guys too come here player: Bao, i’m beside u player: someone come over player: u have a look on right side, then i have a look on left side player: cheating guy is his weak teammate player: he is cheating bro, don”t play with your weak teammate so weak and scolding people he is really weak. don’t play with him next time what a pity why he will play with this type of guy? this kind.. after u shot them, then they say let’s be a team don’t believe them. is fake ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) thank you ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) let’s go to shot the signal gun there was many people that will say someone cheat when they lose they don’t find the questions from themselves. actually they are weak lose then said others cheat weak there is someone next door he was moving player: bro, can u hear me? player: BaoZi, can u hear me? yes. i can hear u what’s wrong? player: bro, can u let us go? player: I’ve been watching your live broadcast for a long time then u go, i don’t shot u player: really? player: then i go. don’t throw grenade. i know that u are on the stairs then why don’t u go faster player: definitely u will shot me if i get off u go, i don’t shot u don’t touch my car player: i go first don’t touch my car i will shot u if u come back again come again? u still wanna to come? player: can u bring me victory? cause i’m your fans no. quickly get off player: bro, don’t throw the grenade quickly get off player: i go first, he is fierce still wanna to come? don’t got some idea to my car didn’t come right? let’s pick the airdrop first this grenade can let him can’t hear anything he also threw the grenade i abandoned the MK-14 i decided to pick it back i heard that there were 2 cars came, so i don’t dare to picked it okay let’s go two teams right? people in my live broadcast is better don’t to form a group if form group with others account will be blocked so i’m scared if u want to have a screenshot okay these people are too fierce 10 fingers? yes 6 fingers at the back. 4 fingers in front I’ve been using 10 fingers to operate for a long time don’t know how many finger that in front for u guys bro in my live broadcast, subscribe me, if u haven’t the last match i will get off after this match lack one of the subscribe fly on the sky slanting no one how u subscribe all the day? open an account every day? and ask who am i? there is someone on the mountain shit shit god of the grenade? i got bomb by two grenades confused still wanna to save your teammate? thanks, bro. thank you is not the time for the car to come player: bro player: don’t kill me. he is coming too late for u to say it out u should have think that before u chase me shot for a cockroach car is fine actually can. but i have shot it i should shot it later to be honest, i wanna to go to toilet hold it if there is another MK-14, should i take it? i ask u guys first if or Groza how? take it? okay. Groza another sniper again take things too hard already till the final stage impulse is the devil final stage switch on the mic nice. didn’t victory mission done


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