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20 kills victory,M762&M416 very uesful!🎀‖PUBG mobile‖AGBaozi

Watch carefully Amazing grenade prediction *I got supplies* *Form up on me* T: Bro, fall back this way *I just marked a place* T: No gun T: Let’s go T: Number 2 Why do i hear a girl’s voice? *I just marked a place* Didn’t i run the lucky draw? I didn’t, it’s running, 6 kills I watch your back T: Two guys No panicking Shot my teammate? *I just marked a place* Do you have extra 5.56? Do you have extra 5.56? I have only 19 rounds left T: Here *I just marked a place* So naughty How was that? T: Don’t go there I’m rich now Rich [Talking about lucky draw things] [Talking about lucky draw things] [Talking about lucky draw things] T: Is he a devil? T: I shot him so many times but he’s still alive Let’s go kill someone T: Get a vehicle Do you guys use 6x scope? If you don’t, get one for me It’s looted I want a 6x scope, i don’t care [Talking about lucky draw things] Come *Push together* *Get in the car* *I got supplies* T: Let me loot for a while Number 4 Are you a boy or girl? You look like a boy “I’ve got leg hairs” but you voice is Girly T: There is a car T: Save me T: Bro, do you have med? Give me some, i don’t have any T: Nope, I’ve got nothing T: Close the door T: Bro T: Why do you pick up my med? F**k [Congratulating winner] T: He’s running away T: F**k I’m flanking, be ready to get in the car T: Good prefiring T: I haven’t peeked yet but he already shot me T: Nice shot T: No med T: We all have no med Get in the car, one of them is down, two are low on health T: Let’s go, get in The car is beside you I’m flanking T: There is a guy near to the gas tank T: A yellow shirt prone guy *I just marked a place* T: They’re pushing Come here fast otherwise i would be dead *Danger ahead* I feel bad This is too hard T: He’s running away T: Number 2 is a streamer This is so hard T: Are we on TV? T: Number 2 Try to guess T: Give me some energy drinks We heal when we get out of here, get in *I need a muzzle* So upset Really Just now If i didn’t win against him, i would be dead [Talking about lucky draw things] We’re lack of med Only med, we don’t actually need other things Oh my god No med and we crashed, we would die T: Does anyone want med? I have one Nope, we slowly recover ourselves Use painkiller to recover it completely They wouldn’t be able to kill that easily when i’m carrying random players But it seems like I did everything by myself Let’s go get the airdrop T: I’ve been talking for a long time but i didn’t realize my mic was off T: So awkward How did you realize? T: There is a car here Where? T: It’s moving T: See that? On your left T: Looks like it’s moving right T: It’s moving T: There is a car in front T: In front of us, right side T: So fast Prefire T: Number 2, there is a grenade Where is my 6x scope? Give me a first aid kit, hurry up Add oil, beware of their grenades T: Number 2, save me T: There is a guy outside T: Someone’s throwing grenade Catch him I feel sad I’m so sad, why? 98k, i think No bullet loops Rubbish Get in Girl Get in T: A car is coming T: Not sure if it has stopped Is it gone? Get in Why are you shooting? *I just marked a place* T: He’s chasing us Bro, hang on, don’t worry T: Why am i always the one who get hurt? Because your ID isn’t right T: A car is coming Let’s go Let’s kill I can feel that they’re gonna get that airdrop I’m going, i need a vest There must be a guy in there This buggy is so fake T: It’s looted AWM is taken There is a sniper suppressor there so it must be a sniper rifle It’s either AWM or MK14 Not here, we go Rozhok My prediction is good Nobody’s here Little garden They must be there If nobody’s there, i eat poop 10 jin of poop T: There are enemies here 10 jin T: A car is moving Nope, a car is coming from up there One guy is inside that wizard tower Stop running Wait for them to come here But it seems that they don’t plan to do so There is one more in the building One guy is left Aggressive We’re still in the circle, invincible I wanna go back This car…it’s suspicious Maybe there is a camper hiding somewhere here Nobody’s here We can fight them There is a shed over there, they have to take cover there Kill them all T: There is a guy in that building Everyone must die Don’t try to come here It hurt There is only one guy left in that building, i just knocked one of them The… Here T: He’s dead already T: Two guys should be now at where we stayed just now T: One guy Is he dead? I don’t know where the last player is I don’t know where the last player is Guys, subscribe to me if you haven’t done so Top right “subscribe” button, click it One more Where? T: Why couldn’t i run over him? Luckily, clutch save


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