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AIRSOFT REVIEW Today you’ll discover a product of the APS brand that is the UAR501D equipped with its gearbox HYBRID So beware, two versions exist on this model, the second version dating from the month of August 2013 received some technical changes that you can find in the following video Let’s start by detailing the APS package, which includes a replica, two charger HIGH CAP 150 bbs UMAG receiving the logo HAKKOTSU an additional spring Type M130, a bag of BBs, a cleaning rod, an APS manual No visual replica of the cardboard, and a brief but sufficient packaging to delivery Now for the external details of the AEG: This replica is within the range bullpup like many other models such as the P90, TAR21, Steyr Aug and property of others It is currently available in two colors (Black or TAN) but also model WATER TRANSFER (Kryptek, Multicam, ATACS AU and FG) with of course a difference in selling price The UAR501 D consists entirely of reinforced PA6 polymer and plastic and weighs 3 kg and measuring 640 mm Discover this replica in more detail It is composed of a flash hider CCW 14 mm that will allow you to install a silencer or an extension outer barrel We arrive at the Upper Receiver not revealing little trace of casts and equipped with four Picatinny rails and 2 locations to tether QUICK DISCONNECT that is provided in a single Then there are several items on the ambidextrous lower receiver as the magazine eject button, the fire selector offering SAFE SEMI and FULL mode Continue on the lower or we find a metal relaxation easily accessible thanks to the play in front of her, and a handful with a slot for storing your batteries for tactical or other lamp It then reaches the rather massive butt equipped with a third ejector button feeder, two locations for the attachment strap QUICK DISCONNECT then easily removed and positioned in right as left-handed dummy lever arms after removing the protective cover The cocking lever will also access Set hopup and repositionable with its button on the top of the stick Then we end with the butt pad etched plastic logo HAKKOTSU typical in APS Turning now to the internal features of this UAR 501D The hybrid gearbox reinforced type V3 thus receives – High speed motor and mixed couples
– Reinforced Polycarbonate Piston
– Cylinder head and tappet plate reinforced
– Nozzle reinforced aluminum
– M100 Spring – Spring guide on steel bearings
– Cylinder Steel
– High performance gears mounted bushings 7mm.
– Reinforced Wiring This gearbox Hybrid is a sign of strength even in use in battery 11.1V LIPO The UAR 501D also receives a 6.04 precision barrel steel 385 mm and a single metal block hopup this model can be adjusted by a zipper adjustment Then attack the element very useful for upgrade or downgrade of this replica is the quick spring change What improvements have been made on the model came out in August 2013 ? – Setting up the wiring to the back that will make it easier to install LIPO battery type, the wiring is thicker and covered with a protective sheath – A modification of the well charger that will use all types of charger M4 MID-CAP to CAP HIGH – A modification of nozzle that prevented proper operation in HIGH CYCLE which allows for play without lipo 11.1V for shots without bbs The UAR501D will be very easy to remove thanks to its 3 quick pins, discover this video Now to test Chrony bbs 0.20 and 7.4 v LIPO battery
(Stock spring) Let the test target at a distance of 20 meters and 30 meters test target at 20 meters (measured) 0.20 gr BBs test target at 30 meters (measured) 0.20 gr BBs At a distance of 30 meters, the UAR501D loses precision BBs 0.20, it will most certainly use more weight as High BBS 0.25 The manufacturer announces a maximum of 80 meters working distance with the M130 spring provided in the package, so let’s test performed to determine the maximum distance with the original spring (M100) shooting test on dummy 50 meters in 0.20 BBs It achieves the 50 meters with a steady precision but with proper hopup setting if that distance will not be achieved with the M100 spring, for against the M130 spring we get very much more than 50 meters Time to negative and positive points of this replica Negative:
– An absence of the sights
– A cheek piece a little too high
– No battery supplied Positive:
– A very nice look (personal opinion)
– A gearbox very good with the quick spring change
– A replica 100% ambidextrous (which is very rare)
– Operation lipo battery 11.1V Here is the review of the UAR501D Gearbox APS HYBRID completed APS brand is only distributed in France by the company that supplies DM Diffusion later the French shops, the retail price is 230 euro in black or TAN as shops (available in foreign shops – see the list on the official website APS) Find all the links to AIRSOFT REVIEW in the description of the video Do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook page!
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  1. Hugs Reyrel Author

    Jolie réplique, je dois dire que cette review ma mis l'eau à la bouche.
    J'hésite à acheter ce petit UAR 501, conseillerais tu ce lanceur pour des parties en forets ou plutôt pour du CQB ? 


    Slt GekO ! très honnêtement cette réplique est vraiment prévue pour le CQB mais peu très bien s'adapter à la forêt !
    N'oubliez pas de partager notre chaîne avec vos amis et de vous abonnez si cela n'est pas déjà fait !! merci d'avance !

  3. Nestweapon Author

    Très bonne review continu comme sa , j'ai trouvé cette réplique sur , mais il me semble que c'est l'ancienne version 

  4. Louis Dthl Author

    Je voudrai savoir, sur cette review tu dit que le canon interne fais 385mm mais sur le site taiwangun il est ecris 410mm, est tu sûr qu'il fais bien 385 mm ? au passage superbe vidéo 😉

  5. Louis Dthl Author

    Merci de t'a réponse, mais je vais comme même t'embeter un peut ^^, Il y a t'il de grosses différences esthétiques commme techniques entre la version antérieure et celle ci, les performances varient t'elles ? Et d'après toi, avec le ressort m130, la réplique atteind t'elle les 80m de portée exposé par APS. bonne soirée a toi !

  6. robin BUBU Author

    super vidéo et super réplique mais impossible de trouver la même avec le câblage arrière et les autre modification sur le puis de chargeurou je vais pouvoir la trouver

  7. Rémi Beuvry Author

    +AIRSOFT REVIEW excuse moi une dernière fois qu'elle est la hauteur de la crosse ( pour me conseiller quelle taille de nimh 8,4V ) merci d'avance continue comme ça

  8. Dave Cano Author

    Hi my friends! Are you sure that the UAR V2 is 11.1v LIPO ready? I think a 11.1v lipo will toast your contacts early. I wait your info thanks!

  9. Syx Technician Author

    To anyone who sees this, know that it is full compatible with Ares Amoeba M4 Midcaps – which you can get in the UK for £45 for a set of five, possibly cheaper elsewhere!

  10. Pierre BON Author

    Salut, je t'ai déjà poser une question sur le type de batterie il y a un moment déjà. Aujourd'hui je pense commander cette réplique dans les prochaines semaines c'est pour ça que je voudrait savoir si ma 8.4V nimh "classique" feras l'affaire ou si il faut que je commande un kit lipo avec merci ^^


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