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تنفيذ ديكور الدوامه بشكل جديد Implementation of the vortex decor in a new way

Welcome to the new video The swirl decor will be implemented in a new way And the tools used
Meter – pen – isolation 1 cm – filament – chalk In the description box there is all information about colors and tools First you place a point at the top of the wall and a point at the bottom of the wall and connect them together Also put a dot in half of the right side and left side and connect them together A drop is placed in the middle of each part separately It comes with twisting and chalk and draws a circle on the boundaries of the points Then you draw a reverse circle at each angle Each point in the wall is then used to draw a half circle within a large circle Then we work each quarter separately We will scan this line and the like in the corresponding line You must wipe from the corresponding line the same size as the first line So the other side Then take this size in the filth Then you connect this line to the corresponding angle So from the other side Thus in the rest of the wall Then you place a point in the middle of the right side and from the top Then you put the crank on this marker and chalk at half of the wall and draw a quarter of a circle It is supreme So in the rest of the wall Lock this triangle The last layout is .. Use this insulation to draw a quarter of the circle from the top and bottom Place the wick in the middle of the insulation and chalk at the end of the wall and draw Don’t forget to lock the triangle This is the rest of the wall I received the most important thing After that we put insulation Work in each piece individually and create insulation in a small corner Choose your size or random do not forget to subscribe in the channel Then you paint the wall in your favorite color and wait for a few minutes and remove the insulation When you remove the insulation, remove it from the angle of formation of the insulation You should consider the description box of importance Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel Bye


  1. Mzaaaje Oman Author

    مساء الخير
    ادور على فني مصري يكون ممتاز فاعمال الديكور وحاب يشتغل فسلطنه عمان

  2. الحب سر الإبداع Practice Makes Perfect Author

    دا العمل كلما هخش عليه هعملوا شير وتعليق ولايك دنته روووعه

  3. Ahmed hamdy Author

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    لو الجنب عندي مش مظبوط اعمل أي بالنسبه لارتفاع الجنب يعني يفرق 5سم

  4. أبو خالد الدوربل Author

    من غير ما اشوف الفديو اديتك لايك واشتركت فالقناة
    ولما انتهيت من الفديو انبهرت بيك وبطريقة شرحك المبسطة اللي تفهم بيها اي احد
    نشكرك شكرا جزيلا
    ونتمني لك التوفيق

  5. Tal Gne Author

    ماشاء الله تبارك الله
    ربي يسعدك ويحفظك ويوفقك شغل جميل
    واكثر شئ عجبني فيك انك بتشرح بطريقة مبسطة وواضحة وفي نفس الوقت مختصرة .. بتدخل في صلب الموضوع علي طول مش زي ناس كتير تانية

  6. Zaynab Ramadan Author

    رائعة جدا الله يعطيك العافية
    أنا طالبة عمارة
    هذا أول فيديو أشوفو
    ممتع ومفيد وبسيط


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