A List of Gun Control Laws


Are you wondering what are the main gun laws in california? If you are curious to find out the facts on a gun and california gun laws, then continue reading the blog as we have mentioned some of the fact that you don’t know. If you are wondering about the rules pertaining to guns in California, then you can stop your research as in this blog, we have compiled a list of the fact that you don’t know. You will find a wide range of blogs available on the internet, however, don’t waste your precious time reading irrelevant content. We have made a list of the most important rules that you must know about the laws of gun control.

A List of Some of The Rules of a Gun Control Law In California

If you are fed up and exhausted of finding all the important rules of gun control under one section, then you can relax as we have discussed in this section. We have compiled a list of the important laws that exist in California about gun control. Below you will find some of the gun control rules that already exist in California:

  • According to a report, you will be surprised to know that 31% of the population of California owns a gun.
  • Most of you must already know the fact that a firearm safety certificate is mandatory if you are planning to buy a gun. If you are really excited to own a gun or get the certificate, then an individual must give a written test on firearm safety and qualify it.
  • You will be shocked to know that there is a waiting period of getting the firearm and owning it. It takes up to 10 days after you purchase the gun.
  • If you have a felony record or you are a convicted criminal, then it is not allowed to buy a gun. According to the Department of Justice Bureau of California, an individual cannot own a gun if they have committed a crime.

California Gun Laws

  • If you are not a legal citizen of California or you are an illegal resident, then according to the federal law, you cannot buy a gun. It will be considered as an illegal activity.
  • If an individual behaves abnormally during the court trial, then also they are not allowed to buy a gun.
  • If an individual is carrying a gun near a school, then it will be considered as an illegal activity.
  • If you are a criminal, then you cannot buy a gun till 10 years from the date of your crime. Whereas, in some cases, Federal law bans people from owning a gun for a lifetime.

The above are some of the gun laws in california so make sure you read every point as it has important information that you must know if you are planning to get a license. It is recommended that you go through every fact as we have listed only the important rules. If you are curious to find the unknown facts about the gun laws, then read every point and discover the unknown rules. It will help you have all the relevant information that you will be needing if you plan to keep a gun with yourself. Just make sure that you don’t rush into getting the gun without having all the necessary information. If you are aware of every important factor, then it will help you make a wise decision so just make sure that you go through them before buying the gun. This way, you can avoid making common mistakes and prevent yourself from getting into legal trouble.

In this blog, we have made a list of the important factors that will help you know all the information about the laws of a gun in California. It is recommended that you read the entire blog if you are curious to know some exciting rules about the gun. We have mentioned all the important rules about the gun so that you don’t get into any legal problem. Some of us are not aware that there are proper rules that exist and a person cannot own a gun without legal permission. Make sure that you read the rules before heading out to buy a gun.


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